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Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection Updates

Michael Schiavo marked Terri's Grave with Scientology Death Doctrine 6/27/05

Judge Greer's Scientologist Campaign Manger 6/23/05 

Terri's Killing: Marked by the Number of Death 5/28/05

Scientology - The Secret Force Behind Terri Schiavo's Murder?  by Zen Garcia 5/20/05

The Truth About Getting Justice For Terri 4/28/05

Scientology's Already Dead Doctrine: Michael Schiavo said Terri Died 15 Years Ago 4/18/05

George Felos Recast the Holocaust and Terri's Death in a Positive Light  4/13/05

Everett Rice Awards Scientologists During Terri's Death Process 4/08/05

update Scientology, Clearwater Bar, and Judge Greer 4/04/05

Exposing the Conspiracy to Kill Terri Schiavo is Not Hate 4/03/05

Terri's Death Process Ends March 31st: Tribute to L. Ron Hubbard 4/02/05

Michael Schiavo Cruelty Continues In Death 4/02/05

Prayers For Terri Marked With an Eight 3/31/05

Greer's Feb. 25, 2005 Court Order Does Not Apply To Terri 3/25/05  

Greer's Feb. 25th Court Order Lie 3/24/05

Greer's New Order Deems Terri's Ability to Swallow Irrelevant 3/23/05

Michael Schiavo on Larry King Live: Doublespeak 3/22/05

Judge Greer and Attorney Gibbs: Death Order Doublespeak  03/16/05

Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case 03/10/05

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah? 

Businessman Offers $1 Million to Keep Terri Schiavo Alive 03/10/05 Lisa's note: If this businessman was serious about helping Terri, why doesn't he give the Schindlers the money so they can hire attorneys who will stand up to Judge Greer and tell him the Feb. 25, 2005 court order is ILLEGAL? 

According to George Felos, attorney for Michael Schiavo, Terri has to die even if Michael did change his mind:

"Terri has a constitutional right to have her medical wishes honored," said Felos, who contends that even if Michael changed his mind, the court is bound to carry out the order.

(Quote source: Stay of Execution

SCHIAVO JUDGE TAKES INJUSTICE TO NEW LEVEL 03/10/05 Florida law has nothing to do with what is being perpetrated against Terri Schiavo:

“Somebody some day will say ‘this is illegal.’  By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not.”


- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 4 January 1966, “LRH Relationship to Orgs


(Quote source: Dispose of Quietly)


Terri Schiavo Has Hydrocephalus: Probably Due to Head Injury

Medicaid, Medicare Fraud Evident In Schiavo Hospice Certification 03/08/05

Prior Schiavo Abuse Allegations Covered Up By AG Crist 03/01/05 

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah?  02/23/05

Five Minute Video of Terri Terri has been illegally denied therapy since 1993, but the sparkle in her eyes as she vainly but determinedly tries to speak proves that Scientology's code word for death, "no consciousness," does not apply to her. 02/26/05

Judge Orders Schiavo Feeding Tube Removed March 18 02/25/05

Quote from article: "Florida courts have concluded that Schiavo, who suffered a heart attack in 1990 as a result of a chemical imbalance, is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery."

Terri did not have a heart attack or a cardiac arrest. She sustained an extraordinarily rigid neck and as a bone scan revealed one year later, numerous fractures.

Schiavo Husband Says Will Ignore One-Day Stay Of Death Order 02.22/05

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube could be removed Feb. 22, attorney says (February 22nd is a Scientology High Day!) See: Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case 02/09/05

Terri Was Advised Not To Go Home The Last Night 02/09/05

Scientology marks its stuff: link to Florida's Six Circuit Death Capital of Nation 02/03/05

Why Won't Michael Schiavo Let Terri Go Home? Michael Schiavo Refuses Settlement Offer that Includes Granting him all of Terri's Money 1/28/05

Over 70 Court Documents Have Vanished From 1/27/05 Court documents reveal that in Terri's case, "the orgs [Scientology] say what is legal or not.” - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 4 January 1966. [update--June 2005--the content of was removed as well.]

Terri's Law: An Ominous Euthanasia Inroad NOTE: Governor Bush has failed to reprimand...  1/27/05

Terri Schiavo's Law Rejected at Supreme Court, Few Options Remain 1/24/05

Why, Michael? Twelve Questions For Michael Schiavo 1/8/04

Appeals Court Refuses to Re-Open the Schiavo Case 1/02/05

alt.religion.scientology post:  Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection--It is No Coincidence

High court lifts stay in Schiavo case; no action imminent 12/04/04

Announcement: 31 Court Cocuments Have Been Recently Removed  From! 11/20/04

Terri has been moved back to Woodside Hospice located at: 6770 102nd Ave, Pinellas Park, FL (Terri is not terminal and therefore her admittance to this hospice facility is not lawful.) 11/04/04

Judge spares Terri Schiavo – for now Removal of feeding tube postponed amid appeal 10/28/04 

Judge Greer: Friends With Scientology Attorneys From Way Back

I would like to share a quote and a picture that "Ptsc" posted on the soc.rights.human forum:

Indeed, Greer is a long-time crony of various Scientology lawyers.

His bias is no surprise. is a picture of him from years ago.

Left to right: Chief Judge David A. Demers, Tim Johnson, Probate Judge George Greer, John Blakely, Bruce Bokor, and then Wally Pope. Wally Pope was (at times) listed as Scientology's lead counsel in various parts of the Lisa McPherson-related cases. Blakely and Bokor are or were both partners in the law firm Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel, & Burns, which often represents Scientology.

Quote source: 

soc.rights.human forum

Florida Governor Appeals Court's Decision Overturning Terri Schiavo's Law 10/05/04

Altered Picture of Terri Schiavo Looks Like Lisa McPherson's Autopsy Photo! 10/01/04

Lawyer for Terri Schiavo's Parents Quits, Religious Rights Attorney Added 9/30/04

Read the Florida Supreme Court's Decision on the constitutionality of Terri's Law

Terri Schiavo's Law Struck Down by Florida Supreme Court 9/23/04

New Hope in Terri Schiavo Case - 9/15/04
Schiavo v. Gov. Bush will not end Terri’s fight for life

Florida Supreme Court Hears Terri's Law: Real Audio; Transcript  8/31/04 

Free Republic thread: Scientology and Terri Schiavo, Is There a Connection? see thread #46; new posts added 8/23/04  last post #120

8/10/04 Gov. Jeb Bush Knew Terri's Law was a Sham 

8/10/04 Appeal filed to 2nd DCA in Terri's guardianship case If this appeal does not work, Pat Anderson has a  list of Florida statutes Michael has broken while acting as Terri's guardian that she can bring to the judge's attention. If Judge Greer won't listen, she can take further action. She has prosecuted judges before. 

Michael Schiavo Fails to Show for Deposition, Terri Possibly Hospitalized  

Michael Schiavo is once again in contempt of court. But then this is simply one more staged event in a staged case. 

Press release: Many citizens Decry Weaknesses in Florida’s “Terri’s Law" 8/04/04

Judge: Terri Schiavo's Husband Can be Deposed in Guardianship Battle 7/18/04

Judge Greer dismissed the Writ of Quo Warranto! What went on in the June 16, 2004, Writ of Quo Warranto Hearing? The hearing transcript—which exposes the fact that Judge Greer refused to permit the Schindllers' expert witness to testify— has not been  posted to WHY? 

Mr. and Mrs. Schindler ask Appeals Court to Reconsider Case 7/09/04

link to: Any idea who this woman might be? 6/28/04

Michael Schiavo's Two Different Accounts About How He Found Terri 6/17/04

Writ of Quo Warranto Hearing: How Did the Judge Rule? By Florida Law or Scientology Policy? 6/16/04  

update: Judge Greer dismissed the Writ of Quo Warranto

link: Florida Supreme Court To Hear 'Terry's Law' Appeal 6/16/04

On Monday, June 14, 2004, the 2nd District Court of Appeals has scheduled time to hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of Terri's Law.  See: Hearing Notice 6/13/04

Judge allows parents to visit Terri 6/08/04

June 4, 2004 Press Release Read the May 26th hearing transcript here Read George Felos' press release and Deborah Bushnell's LETTER.

Terri Schiavo Legal Battle Heads to Florida Supreme Court 6/02/04

Terri Schiavo's Family Granted One Unsupervised Visit 5/27/04

Terri Schiavo's parents open up about their legal battle and daily life watch the video 5/19/04 

Mr. and Mrs. Schindler were finally allowed a supervised visit with Terri for one hour on Sunday, May 23, 2004. 

5/21/05 transcript of Bob and Mary Schindler's May 18th  interview with Greta Von Sustern 

Terri Schiavo's parents open up about their legal battle and daily life watch the video 5/19/04 report

Michael Schiavo's Attorneys: Fair Game Tactics

George Felos filed a Press release implicating the Schindlers of a crime on March 29, 2004 without any factual basis or confirmation of investigation!   Mr. Felos publicly suggests the Schindlers are guilty of a heinous felony act against their own daughter! Deborah Bushnell states in her letter that investigations have already been initiated by the police and the Department of Children and Families—presumably at her request—based on the same fabricated evidence.

Please join us in signing the Petition to the Florida Bar  which is a formal complaint to the Florida Bar Association against attorneys George Felos of Dunedin, Florida, and Deborah Bushnell of Dunedin, Florida, for numerous aggravated violations of Rules Regulating the Florida Bar,section 4, Rules of Professional Conduct.

Petition to impeach Judge Greer--Judge Greer has violated Florida statutes and the Judicial Code of Ethics in order to go along with Scientology ethics. We have signed the petition. 5/22/04

5/17/04 STATEMENT OF SCHINDLER FAMILY must read!  Robert Schindler asks that we show our support by contacting the Florida Supreme Court: 

Clearwater Police Investigation Finds No Evidence of a Crime ; Terri's Parents Exonerated ; Complete Clearwater PD report 

5/12/05  Petition Filed Seeking Emergency Hearing to Restore Visitation  Pat Anderson stated that Judge Greer... "refused to hear the motion on an expedited basis..."  The Schindlers have not seen Terri since March 29th. Suddenly a court date has been set: May 26th. (Judge Greer's rulings consistently reflect a disregard for the laws that protect Terri Schiavo.)  Greer is behaving  more like an agent than a judge.  See: Scientology's Foolproof method of Judge Tampering)

Scientology is "Fair Gaming" the Schindlers by Treating Them Like Criminals


Shortly after Mr. and Mrs. Schindler expressed concerns about Terri's newly-developed bedsore, unexplained vomiting, untidy appearance and missing teeth, Terri was found with "puncture wounds." Michael used this incident as an excuse to immediately ban them from visiting their daughter. This happens to be a typical "accuse the accuser" Scientology tactic! See: Scientology's Policy of Harassment and  Scientologists Defend By Attacking

Michael Schiavo is continuing his Scientology "fair game" tactics against the Schindler family by treating them like criminals. His attorney informed the Schindlers that they must pay an off-duty police officer to supposedly protect Terri if they want to be able to visit her! Terri Schiavo's Parents Forced to Pay to Visit Their Daughter

Scientology's mode of operation includes retaliating against suppressive individuals and groups. The Schindlers might not be aware that the "church" of Scientology considers them to be suppressive. They simply expect Florida law, which mandates rehabilitation for any disabled person—including their conscious and cognitively able daughter—to be upheld. They are actively fighting against having their daughter put to death based on the testimony of a man whose track record of abusing, exploiting and neglecting his disabled wife proves he cannot stand her. 

The Scientology-manipulated Pinellas County Court continually violates Florida laws by permitting Michael Schiavo to deny his disabled wife therapy as well as any kind of stimulation in order to keep her low on L. Ron Hubbard's "tone" scale. Scientology believes that any action against a person they deem to be unworthy is justified:

Scientology uses it [the tone scale] to judge. If an individual, group or country is low on the Emotional Tone Scale it is NOT WORTHY OF CONSIDERATION.

This is very close to the type of philosophy which can regard people as "not quite human". Taken to extremes it can justify any action against another who is regarded as unworthy of rights.

(Quote source: Scientology would exterminate undesirables

The rulings of the Pinellas County Court, which uphold Michael Schiavo's illegal actions against his disabled wife, fit the applications of Scientology like a glove. 

Scientology considers Terri's loving parents to be "suppressive" because their actions are blocking the "church" of Scientology from achieving their goal of gaining rank in Satan's realm by achieving the first public test case euthanasia in the United States of America. They hope to accomplish this via the feeding tube removal and then illegal denial of regular food and water from a conscious, cognitively able woman who has the ability to swallow—as long as she is not sedated for the malicious purpose of interfering with this ability.

Also see: Keeping Terri Disabled: Michael's Illegal Pretext to Kill

Death Imagery in Subliminal Embeds 5/08/04

An "S" for Scientology? 5/07/04

Terri's Law Has Been Overturned See: Florida court voids law in right-to-die case 5/06/04

5/08/04 Scientology's mode of operation includes the exploitation of the disabled: See: Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez Michael Schiavo stole (with the blessings of the Pinellas County Court) hundreds of thousands of dollars of Terri's rehabilitation money to pay for attorneys to carry out her alleged death wishes based on nothing more than the testimony of her estranged "husband" and his relatives. Terri's legal right to be rehabilitated has been illegally disregarded by the Clearwater judges! Theft of Terri's money to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars is the exploitation of a disabled person, and is a felony under Florida statues.

5/08/04 Michael Schiavo's illegal pursuit of Terri's death instead of her rehabilitation definitely lines up with L. Ron Hubbard's diabolical views regarding disabled people. (article in progress...) 

5/05/04 Florida Officials are "holding hands" with the "church" of Scientology! 

5/03/04 Bernie McCabe indicted Scientologists on their "Lucky Day" Banner: Altered...and Altered Again important update 5/02/04 

Terri Schiavo Had Five Teeth Extracted 4/30/04

update 4/28/04 On April 26, 2004, Robert and Mary Schindler petitioned the court for a writ of quo warranto. Please read the entire petition here.

In summary, the reason for the lawsuit is as follows:

Petitioners respectfully submit that the court should issue a writ of quo warranto, conduct a show cause hearing and determine whether Respondent has been acting in excess of any authority he may possess by virtue of his appointment as Guardian of the Person and to restore the Ward's right of visitation.

All that is necessary is for the court to compare the Florida statues with Michael Schiavo's actions, and it is obvious that he has been acting in excess of his authority as guardian and has neglected, abused, and exploited, Terri Schindler Schiavo.

This petition addressed a crucial issue that has been largely ignored in the case thus far: 

"Will the law apply to her [Terri Schindler Schiavo] while she lives?"

If Florida law does apply to Terri while she lives, (it definitely does) then Michael Schiavo's actions as Terri's guardian must comply with the law and recognize rights retained by Terri:

"In exercising his or her powers, the guardian shall recognize any rights retained by the ward." Fla. Stat. § 744.363(6)

Michael Schiavo has not recognized Teri's rights under the law! He has been enjoying nearly total control over Terri for many years. This almost total power over Terri's well-being is not legal, however. It is disturbing that the Schindler family website ( is being used by Pamela Hennessey to promote the dangerous disinformation that current guardian laws allow spouses to have complete control over their mate's life and death! 

Pamela wrote:

Current guardian laws can allow a spouse to have complete control over a loved-one's life and death and can clear the path for euthanasia of that loved-one, against the immediate family's objections. [bold emphasis added]

(Quote source: Goals of the Foundation)

The fact is that the Code limits any guardian's ability to act...the guardian shall recognize any rights retained by the ward:

"The Code limits any guardian's ability to act, with regard to rights retained even by a person judged wholly incapacitated: In exercising his or her powers the guardian shall recognize any rights retained by the ward." Fla. Stat. § 744.363(6)

Michael does not have the right to deny rehabilitation and visitors to Terri. He does not have the right to subject Terri to cold temperatures that cause her to be more susceptible to illness. He does not have the right to refuse to treat her for infections or fail to prevent such infections if possible. He does not have the right to refuse to allow her the pleasures of life such as outings and the enjoyment of family members, friends, and animals. Terri has many rights and protections under the law as a disabled adult in the state of Florida. Even in Clearwater, Florida.

This petition cites some of Michael's actions which legally disqualify him from having authority over Terri.

Among these are his failure to ever receive advance approval for an annual guardianship care plan, his refusal to provide mandated rehabilitation services, his repeated actions to block Terri from having visitors, and more. Schiavo's failure to file the annual guardianship care plan should have resulted in the loss of his guardianship position years ago!  

"In the absence of a court-approved care plan, then, the guardian has no authority to to exercise dominion and control over the ward nor to act in her stead." 

On March 29, 2004, Michael went all the way with his "disconnect policy" and barred Terri from having further visitors:

For years, despite the lack of a court-approved care plan, Respondent has denied the Ward any therapy and has sought to isolate her socially. Finally, on March 19, 2004, despite the lack of a current care plan and his authority to do so, Respondent informed Petitioners the Ward could receive no further visitors, including her family members."

Of course this is illegal as are most of his actions against his wife. But then Michael believes that lawlessness is his right in the Pinellas County Court system:

"By permitting Respondent to ignore his obligations under the Code, the court has not applied to law to Respondent, such that he now apparently believes the law does not apply to him."

This petition does not merely cite Schiavo's lawlessness. It firmly holds the court accountable to check Schiavo's actions to see if he has been acting in excess (going beyond legal bounds) of his authority as guardian:

Petitioners respectfully submit that the court should issue a writ of quo warranto, conduct a show cause hearing and determine whether Respondent has been acting in excess of any authority he may possess by virtue of his appointment as Guardian of the Person and to restore the Ward's right of visitation.

new! 4/25/04 Bernie McCabe dropped felony charges against the Scientologists on June 12th, a Scientology holiday 

new! Judge Baird ruled against the Schindlers' attempts to fight against the constitutional challenge to Terri's Law  on March 13, 2004, Scientology's "most important annual holiday marking the birthday of the late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard." (Quoted from See: The Holidays of Scientology and Judge: Schiavo's parents can't join fight

Scientology and the Number 8  

Scientology: Against the Disabled and Terri is being Abused/Has Pat Anderson Warned the Schindlers About Infiltration? 

new! In the occult world, Five is the number of death. Fives keep cropping up in this case. Someone has removed five teeth from Terri Schindler Schiavo's mouth! The unidentified writer of the brief article linked above wrote:

"Ms. Bushnell offered no reasonable explanation of why this was done, if Terri was appropriately anesthetized, what follow-up care is being prescribed nor if any restorative dental work was to be provided to her." 

Why did the writer fail to reveal the explanation that was given? Instead, we are given the writer's opinion about the undisclosed  explanation. 

Altered Pictures

new! Scientologists alter  pictures for the purpose of furthering the goals of their organization. See: Scientologists admit to altering New Year photos

Also see:Altering Pictures: Not a New Practice For L. Ron Hubbard Followers and Altered Pictures on 

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