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Robert Schindler at press conference Oct. 14 (photo: Gary McCullough, Christian Communication Network)

This picture is clearly altered. I have enlarged it to 400% the size found on the website. Yes, pictures become fuzzy when they are enlarged, but we are not concerned with fuzziness, but rather alterations that have been done to this photo.

An "S" (for Scientology?) was written on Mr. Schindler's notebook, below his hand with the pointing index finger. The person who altered this picture chose to make the "S"—in contrast to the rest of the picture—as clear as can be.

Notice the deep indentations in the hands (including fingers) of each person holding  microphones. Mr. Schindler's index finger has been lengthened and widened at the tip so as to closely resemble a part of the male anatomy.  

 Notice the letters in the sign are distorted: the word Terri has a sloppy-looking "T", the second "r" is not the same thickness as the first "r" and the "I" is not dotted but looks like a lower case "l."

The letters and numbers on the microphone have been altered to look like faces. See: Death Imagery in Subliminal Embeds This is how Satan's followers represent demons in pictures. Anything they can make to look like a face is a demon as far as they are concerned. They love to put faces in the most unexpected place in photos: they will even put faces on lips, in hair, in the eyes, and in trees and shrubbery in the background. 


Compare this photo to the same one that is not altered.


Back to's Altered Pictures Manipulate Public Opinion Against Terri and Her Family


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.


modified 4/18/04


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