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A Five in Her Eye: Death in Disguise?

NOTE: The altered images of Pamela Hennessy (former spokeswoman for the Schindlers and current writer for were removed from this website on February 15, 2005 in response to Ms Hennessy's demands that my webhost(s) remove my site from their servers because of the altered pictures exposÚs and the Scientology Vs Terri Schiavo articles.

See: Pamela Hennessy Demanded Removal of Articles That Expose Scientology

Also see: A Hidden Agenda's Altered Pictures Manipulate Public Opinion Against Terri and Her Family

Below is the original "Five in Her Eye Death in Disguise" article without Ms Hennessy's pictures that I had originally posted here in order to document my statements.

The picture below, [deleted on 2/15/05] posted in her yahoo groups profile, is of Pamela Hennessy. Pamela is the spokeswoman for the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, and runs their website: 

Ms Hennessy is (or was) the owner of the yahoo list serve, terrisfight, founded on December 19, 2002. The membership is small and it is almost completely inactive. I obtained this [deleted on 2/15/05] picture from yahoo profile on February 15, 2004. 

The larger picture [deleted on 2/15/05] has been sharpened once and enlarged by clicking once on the "double button" feature in IrfanView. 

I am mentioning the most obvious alteration in the picture Pamela submitted for her yahoogroups profile:

There is an clearly formed number 5 in the inner corner of the white part of Pamela Hennessy's left eye! (Pamela's left eye is on the right hand side of the picture.)

Five has an ominous meaning in the occult realm: 

In the occult world, the number '5' is the number of Death! The symbolic highest possible multiplication of power numbers is to repeat it three times. Therefore, '555' is the highest symbolic multiplication of '5', and literally means 'Triple Death." (1)

Pamela Hennessy has written the symbol for death in her eye!

Pamela Hennessy has computer skills which include digital imaging and photography. She is proficient in many things that have to do with computers and pictures.

It is evident that Pamela has the ability to alter pictures and she has an interest in "computer generated" things. Also see her yahoo profile. [deleted on 2/15/05]

Here is another picture Pamela has posted to the internet. It is also altered and contains a number and picture on her face.

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notes: (1) EVENTS CONTINUE TO OCCUR "BY THE NUMBERS" Note: (1) While David Bay is rightfully given credit for the quote, we do not endorse the website. Some of the reasons are as follows: their promotion of the corrupt Amplified Bible, their promotion of the doctrines of Calvin and the Pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.

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