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Terri's Death Process Ends March 31st:

A Tribute to L. Ron Hubbard

Terri Schiavo was subjected to what George Felos and other insiders call the "death process" until she succumbed to the ravages of thirst on the 13th day.

At about 8:45 am on March 31, 2005, shortly before Terri's death, her siblings were forced to leave the room so that Michael Schiavo, his older brother, his attorneys and other insiders in favor of her dehydration "death process" could be alone with her. 

Later George Felos mentioned some of the insiders who remained in Terri's room while she died:

Mr. Schiavo stayed out of sight, but his lawyer, George Felos, said he had cradled his wife as her breathing ceased and her limbs grew cold, while his older brother, his lawyers and some of the hospice workers who tended to Ms. Schiavo for years looked on.

(Quote source: Schiavo Dies; Ending Bitter Feud Over Feeding Tube)

Terri's siblings were not welcome to be at Terri's side when she drew her last breath but David C. Gibbs III, attorney for the Schindlers was there:

Gibbs was in the room when Terri Schiavo died.

(Quote source: Schiavo attorney ministers to church)

The fact that Terri's "death process" ended on March 31st is an obvious tribute to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology—the controlling political power of Florida, especially Clearwater.

Satan's followers believe in the principle of reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols. The number "13" is often referred to as a "31," and "31" serves as a "13."1 

March 31st is a Scientology "holy" day. Scientologists celebrate the founding of their first "church" in Austria on this day. (See: Scientology Holidays)

The finalization of Terri's "death process" on March 31st is an "achievement" that serves to honor L. Ron Hubbard—the founder of the New World Order "religion" that seeks to delete the disabled from society.

March 31st is a mirror of L. Ron Hubbard's March 13th birthday, which is Scientology's most important annual holiday.

The birthday of the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, March 13, 1911, is commemorated each year with a major celebration honoring L. Ron Hubbard’s achievements and his continuing contributions to mankind. Outstanding churches and missions are recognized for service to their parishioners and communities during the previous year.    (Scientology Holidays)

Considering the fact that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, was "more interested in numerology than any other aspect of magic"2 I am certain that it is coincidence that Terri Schiavo died on an exact mirror of his birthday.

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(2) Hubbard and the Occult

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