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Terri Schiavo Has Hydrocephalus: Probably Due to Head Injury

The following quotes are excerpts from the article, Interview With Dr. Hammesfahr: Startling Revelations

At first, Terri had physical therapy, rehabilitation, and speech therapy. Electrodes were planted in her brain stem. A month or two later, she was more responsive. She got better with rehabilitation. She spoke appropriately at times, saying such things as, "I am hungry."

When electrodes are implanted, there needs to be follow up because the electrodes could be the source of possible infection and hydrocephalus. If there is no follow up, one is risking further injury. No follow-up was given. 

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo is causing Terri further injury by not permitting her to have necessary medical follow-up after undergoing experimental surgery!]

Margaret Juneman's notes:

Terri's 1996 brain scan shows 75% normal brain tissue; not scar tissue. It is not all fluid. That report is bogus. Her cortex is not missing; not at all. Some areas are thinned, probably due to hydrocephalus, with the fluid pushing against her brain. She is functioning. That is what is important. I have seen people a lot worse than her, and they are talking. A brain scan taken two years ago showed improvement.

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo and George Felos' remarks on Larry King Live about Terri's total lack of consciousness are obviously fallacious. Lying is actually a propaganda technique. It is often the case that the bigger the lie, the more easily it is believed.]

The EEG (electroencephalogram, which is a test of brain activity) showed there was no recognizable brain activity. However, three doctors said she was restless. Muscle activity gives a reading, just as the brain does, producing artifact. By filtering out the artifact, the brain activity was also filtered out. The EEG should have been taken at her bed where she could relax. Judge Greer refused further testing. Dr. Hammesfahr said no further scan is needed because Terri is functioning, which obviously shows brain activity. 

Ron Panzer's notes:

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that Terri has at least 75% functional brain tissue and that the stories circulating in the media about a head full of fluid "only" are totally false. He has had patients with less brain function doing much more than Terri is doing, and Dr. Hammesfahr believes that Terri is being kept to a lower level of function by her being denied opportunities to do anything, have any rehabilitation, and that she her improvement is being sabotaged by her being kept in isolation, with very few visitors or other input. Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that Larry King had suggested to Michael Schiavo that he let Mr. King's news crew go in to film Terri, to settle once and for all what Terri's condition is, and that Michael REFUSED!

Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Terri has been sedated at various periods of time and that the sedation of Terri would make Terri less responsive, especially during an examination by physicians who would try to see what her condition was. He explained that physician assessments of Terri made when she was sedated would necessarily NOT be accurate, that they would UNDER-estimate her level of cognition and abilities. Dr. Hammesfahr also revealed that Terri suffers from some hydrocephalus, or fluid buildup in the brain. This is a serious condition that must be treated to avoid further damage to the brain. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Michael has NOT allowed Terri to be treated for her hydrocephalus. [This is in violation of Florida guardian laws]

Dr. Hammesfahr, whose field is neurology, explained that an EEG (electro-encephalograph reading) test which did not show much brain activity was BOGUS! because it was done after Terri had been transported to a facility for the testing and Terri had been restless at the time, moving around quite a bit. Muscular movement during an EEG produces readings on the EEG which must be filtered out. Dr. Hammesfahr explained that by "filtering out" the EEG activity Terri had due to the muscular movements, those filtering that brain activity out had also filtered out Terri's brain activity. In other words, the EEG done was worthless because it was not properly done and several doctors have agreed with that. 

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