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Interview With Dr. Hammesfahr: Startling Revelations

Listen now to the Highway2Health broadcast with Dr. William Hammesfahr. 

Margaret Juneman's Notes: Interview With Dr. Hammesfahr

These are notes from the January 7, 2004, Highway 2 Health Internet broadcast featuring Dr. Hammesfahr on

These notes were written by Margaret Juneman. Parenthetical statements were added by Joe and Margaret Juneman. [Lisa's comments are included in brackets.]

Dr. Hammesfahr is the first physician to treat patients successfully to restore deficits caused by stroke. His technique is approved by Medicare, and he was nominated in 1999 for a Nobel prize for this work which he started in 1994.

Dr. Hammesfahr has great success. Most doctors think a brain injury that has been there awhile is not treatable. He has had success with these cases and he is convinced Terri would improve. (Improvement should not be required for Terri to be allowed to live).

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo's behavior indicates that he is also convinced Terri would improve. He is so sure Terri would improve with therapy that he not only illegally prevents her from receiving rehabilitation, but he keeps her under armed guard for fear someone will give her  unauthorized sensory input! The phony persistent vegetative state ruse is being maintained at all cost. It is no wonder that Michael, with the blessings and protection of the court, defies Florida law by denying Terri her legal right to rehabilitation.]

According to Dr. William Hammesfahr, world renowned neurologist:

Terri's feeding tube is for the convenience of nurses; not because Terri needs it. Terri does not drool. Liquid is the hardest thing to swallow, and she swallows 1 to 2 liters of saliva a day.

Terri is not in a persistent vegetative state or coma. She is a living, thinking person who makes choices and decisions. This is terrible. They are trying to kill her. While Dr. Hammesfahr was examining her, he observed Terri chose to ignore her husband Michael and the person taking the video.

When Terri heard her mother's voice, she smiled and tracked her. Terri moved her arms and legs as Dr. Hammesfahr requested her to.

[Lisa's note: Dr. Hammesfahr mentioned that during his ten hour examination, Terri responded well to verbal requests to move, and even moved to the point where it caused her pain in order to comply with a request. He indicated that such movements are definitely not reflexive.]

(Videotapes show Terri reacting to people. These are at Scroll down to Videos of Terri.) A persistent vegetative state, by definition, allows no awareness of the world or ability to interact with the world. 

[Lisa's note: Judge Greer LIED and "found" Terri in a "persistent vegetative state" in clear violation of the Florida statue, which defines the term, "persistent vegetative state":

"Persistent vegetative state" means a permanent and irreversible condition of unconsciousness in which there is:

(a)  The absence of voluntary action or cognitive behavior of any kind.

(b)  An inability to communicate or interact purposefully with the environment.

[Real Player is needed to view the videos.]

(The video entitled, "Asked to open her eyes" allows you to see and hear the examination. When she opened her eyes on command, the doctor said, There you go, good. Good! (Laughing) Good job! Good job, young lady, good job!) 

(The video entitled, "Tracking a balloon" allows you to see and hear the examination. When she followed the balloon, the doctor said, Look over here, Terri. There you go. Can you follow that, Terri? There you go. Can you follow that at all? Can you see that? OK. Look over here. That's fine. That's it. Now come over here. You see that, don't you, huh? You do follow that a bit, don't you, huh? OK, look up here. That's good!)

Dr. Hammesfahr said the doctor who complimented Terri for following the balloon later testified in court that she was in a persistent vegetative state. Dr. Hammesfahr stated this is medical malpractice and attempted murder. 

[Lisa's note: The doctor who told Terri she did a good job following commands obeyed The Plan when testifying in court that she is in a persistent vegetative state.]

Terri did not have a heart attack. There were no cardiac enzymes in her blood, and no abnormalities in her EKG.

Terri was admitted into the emergency room with a very, very stiff neck consistent with brand new injury to her neck. 

[Lisa's note: Testimony given at a 2002 evidentiary hearing revealed that Terri was presented at the emergency room with an "extraordinarily rigid neck" described by one physician as "consistent with attempted strangulation." See: Court to hear petition to remove husband as guardian]

Dr. Hammesfahr had seen the combination of injuries Terri suffered (spinal cord injury, brain injury, and neck injury) one other time. That was in an attempted strangulation case.

A police report was sent to homicide. There was no follow-up; no investigation by police. Dr. Hammesfahr said Terri's situation is unique. He consistently sees wrong things happen to Terri. There is no law enforcement follow-up now for fear of stepping on toes.

[Lisa's note: There is no law enforcement because the police fear the people "in high places" who are trying to pull off this very obviously ILLEGAL murder plot. Everyone closely involved with this case knows that the plan to kill Terri is a government operation, and they are either actively helping them with this agenda or passively helping them by refusing to stand in their way.]

Terri's bone scan revealed Terri was a victim of multiple traumas - doctors were mandated to report it. There was no history of trauma prior to her marrying Michael. The fractures had to happen after marrying him. First lumbar vertebra fracture is common when thrown against a table.

At first, Terri had physical therapy, rehabilitation, and speech therapy. Electrodes were planted in her brain stem. A month or two later, she was more responsive. She got better with rehabilitation. She spoke appropriately at times, saying such things as, "I am hungry."

When electrodes are implanted, there needs to be follow up because the electrodes could be the source of possible infection and hydrocephalus. If there is no follow up, one is risking further injury. No follow-up was given. 

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo is causing Terri further injury by not permitting her to have necessary medical follow-up after undergoing experimental surgery! Of course this is illegal too, but he trusts the governmental euthanasia planners to see to it that he suffers no repercussions for habitually breaking laws in order to harm Terri.]

Dr. Hammesfahr said he never has seen so many people and institutions fail someone in so many ways.

[Lisa's note: When an extremely important facet of The Plan is in process, everyone falls into step...or else. Some, however, fear God more than certain governmental officials with satanic agendas.]

Terri's 1996 brain scan shows 75% normal brain tissue; not scar tissue. It is not all fluid. That report is bogus. Her cortex is not missing; not at all. Some areas are thinned, probably due to hydrocephalus, with the fluid pushing against her brain. She is functioning. That is what is important. I have seen people a lot worse than her, and they are talking. A brain scan taken two years ago showed improvement.

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo and George Felos' remarks on Larry King Live about Terri's total lack of consciousness are obviously fallacious. Lying is actually a propaganda technique. It is often the case that the bigger the lie, the more easily it is believed.]

The EEG (electroencephalogram, which is a test of brain activity) showed there was no recognizable brain activity. However, three doctors said she was restless. Muscle activity gives a reading, just as the brain does, producing artifact. By filtering out the artifact, the brain activity was also filtered out. The EEG should have been taken at her bed where she could relax. Judge Greer refused further testing. Dr. Hammesfahr said no further scan is needed because Terri is functioning, which obviously shows brain activity.

Judge Greer would not allow an eye examination, even though she is legally blind. She can only see objects 12 to 18 inches away.

[Lisa's note: Terri would be more responsive with eyeglasses. Of course such increased responsiveness would conflict with the judge's "finding" that Terri is in a persistent vegetative state, so Terri is not permitted any help with her visual difficulties.]

She is isolated even though her condition demands sensory input. 

[Lisa's note: Michael Schiavo's insistence upon Terri being (illegally) kept in isolation is all for the purpose of making her appear as "vegetative" as they possibly can. Even with such outrageous abuse, Terri is still much too responsive for the euthanasia planners' comfort level.]

Terri's medical records, which are legal documents, were falsified. Detailed records of Terri's responsiveness were thrown away. Nurses who were not even on duty wrote fraudulent reports as though they had been caring for Terri.

[Lisa's note: Truth is an enemy when a "persistent vegetative state" agenda is being imposed on a person who is not in such a state.] 

Why is it that Terri has to prove herself worthy of living? This is against the law in Florida. She is not in a persistent vegetative state. She is not terminal, even though she has been (illegally) in a hospice.

[Lisa's note: It is all about conditioning for the global government which is being instituted in stages in the United States. Worthy people (people who further the globalist agenda) live, the unworthy (people who do not further the globalist agenda) are deemed worthy of death. People are being conditioned to think of life and death in these terms.]

(If the judge were to order a swallowing test, strict care would be needed to ensure Terri were not sedated to the point she could not swallow. )

[Lisa's note: Excellent point. Terri could be sedated at times it is "crucial" for her to appear as "vegetative" as possible, such as during examinations. Perhaps she is sedated on the whim of the people managing her care. (This could be the main reason Michael will not permit Terri's parents to see her medical records!) If Terri is sedated, it is easier for them continue to perpetrate their "persistent vegetative state" ruse. I think it is amazing that even with all these ploys against her, Terri's natural beauty still shines through.]

(This is not about letting her die because she is not dying. This is about deliberately killing her: Murder.)

[Lisa's note: This is about seeking to murder Terri Schiavo, but it is more. It is a crucial test to see how much euthanasia conditioning the American people have already succumbed to. The euthanasia planners have broken laws, manipulated Terri's care and records to cause her to appear as "vegetative" as possible, and aided and abetted Michael in committing felonies, in order to try to have a targeted individual killed. What are you going to do about it?]

Dr. Hammesfahrs contact information:
Web site is
E-mail address
Phone number 1-800-673-6400

Ron Panzer's Notes: Interview With Dr. Hammesfahr

Startling details about Terri Schindler Schiavo Revealed!

Excerpt from the Hospice Patients Alliance Newsletter January 8, 2004 

Notes on Wednesday nights' interview (1/7/04) with neurologist, William Hammesfahr, MD.

WILLIAM HAMMESFAHR, MD was interviewed Wednesday night on by Ron Panzer, President of Hospice Patients Alliance. Dr. Hammesfahr is board certified in neurology and pain management. He has spent many hours directly with Terri Schiavo and reviewed the medical records directly. Dr. Hammesfahr unequivocally stated that Terri is absolutely NOT in a persistent vegetative state and definitely responds to instructions from those around her, that she makes choices and shows decision-making ability in how she responds. 

Dr. Hammesfahr stated that the medical record was in a state of shambles when it was given, that it was out of order by date and that much of the medical record was never given to the Schindlers or Dr. Hammesfahr! NEVER! Dr. Hammesfahr stated that there are notes in the medical record by nurses who were NOT working at the time they stated they were caring for Terri. Also, Dr. Hammesfahr stated that parts of the medical record were completely missing! Dr. Hammesfahr explained that Terri's blood sugar level upon admission to the hospital was about 400 (373). When asked why it would be that high, since Terri was NOT and is not a diabetic, Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that the emergency medical technicians who arrived by ambulance probably gave Terri D-5-W, a dextrose in water solution. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that EMTs would check a patient's blood glucose level as part of their routine, when assessing a patient like Terri who had collapsed. The only reason they would give D-5-W would likely be that they discovered upon testing Terri, that her blood sugar was LOW at the time of the collapse. Since Terri was not HYPO-glycemic and was not diabetic, a POSSIBLE explanation for Terri having LOW blood sugar at the time of her collapse is that she may have been injected with insulin. 

Noted, of course, was the sworn AFFIDAVIT/testimony of a nurse who cared for Terri later on in the early 1990s, that Terri was found shaking, pale and agitated after a visit by Michael Schiavo. In that nurse's affidavit, the nurse stated that she found a vial of insulin in Terri's PRIVATE room. Since Terri did not have diabetes, there would be no reason for a vial of insulin to be in the garbage can in her room at the nursing home. Dr. Hammesfahr and I agreed that we had never seen any nurse or physician bring a vial of insulin into a patient's room when administering insulin. The standard of practice is to prepare a medication beforehand at the nurse's station, note what medication is given in the medication administration record, and then bring the syringe with the insulin in it to the patient, but NOT the vial. 

That a vial of insulin was found in Terri's room is not normal practice even if Terri were getting insulin, but she was NOT and never was on insulin! Dr. Hammesfahr explained that, although Michael Schiavo admits to "shaking Terri up" Terri's injuries and condition are not explainable due to anyone shaking her head ... that her clinical condition would have been different if that was the sole cause of her brain injury. Dr. Hammesfahr stated that the type of injury and clinical condition Terri had at the time of her collapse could be explained by a possible strangulation attempt and/or an insulin injection combined with some form of attack or trauma. 

Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that no police investigation was done to look into Terri's condition, even after a bone scan (13 months after her collapse) revealed multiple TRAUMA and broken bones. Dr. Hammesfahr stated that the broken bones could NOT be explained by any form of bone disease, that these were ABSOLUTELY broken bones and that it must have been done through trauma, injury to her. Dr. Hammesfahr said that other physicians had also come to the same conclusion. Dr. Hammesfahr stated that Michael Schiavo kept these bone scans and other medical records secret for over a DECADE. [They were only released in 2002!] 

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that not only has Terri NEVER had a heart attack as widely reported in the major media, she also NEVER even had a cardiac arrest (her heart never stopped)! [she had arhythmias of the heart but not a "stopped heart."] He explained that Terri's injuries were multiple and showed injury TO her. He stated that Terri had marked injury to her neck which still exists today, and that he has only seen a similar injury, with spinal cord involvement as well as brain injury, in one case where a patient had been strangled. He stated that Terri had an L-1 injury to her spine, which he stated is common among persons being thrown against a table, for example. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Terri could talk and was improving in the very first year when she was getting some rehabilitation (BEFORE Michael got the money), and that the medical records confirm, that after Michael got the money, rehabilitation was completely stopped! 

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that in the early years, Terri had had a very small device surgically implanted into her brain to provide therapeutic very low dosages of electrical stimulation to the brain, which could help Terri, and which DID help Terri when it was first started. However, after Michael got the money, Michael did not allow further attempts to help Terri in this way. In addition, Dr. Hammesfahr explained that the device (or any device) implanted, would normally be carefully monitored so that no infection would occur and no harm come to the patient. However, in Terri's case that was not done and has not been done. 

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that Terri has at least 75% functional brain tissue and that the stories circulating in the media about a head full of fluid "only" are totally false. He has had patients with less brain function doing much more than Terri is doing, and Dr. Hammesfahr believes that Terri is being kept to a lower level of function by her being denied opportunities to do anything, have any rehabilitation, and that she her improvement is being sabotaged by her being kept in isolation, with very few visitors or other input. Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that Larry King had suggested to Michael Schiavo that he let Mr. King's news crew go in to film Terri, to settle once and for all what Terri's condition is, and that Michael REFUSED!

Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Terri has been sedated at various periods of time and that the sedation of Terri would make Terri less responsive, especially during an examination by physicians who would try to see what her condition was. He explained that physician assessments of Terri made when she was sedated would necessarily NOT be accurate, that they would UNDER-estimate her level of cognition and abilities. Dr. Hammesfahr also revealed that Terri suffers from some hydrocephalus, or fluid buildup in the brain. This is a serious condition that must be treated to avoid further damage to the brain. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that Michael has NOT allowed Terri to be treated for her hydrocephalus. [This is in violation of Florida guardian laws]

Dr. Hammesfahr, whose field is neurology, explained that an EEG (electro-encephalograph reading) test which did not show much brain activity was BOGUS! because it was done after Terri had been transported to a facility for the testing and Terri had been restless at the time, moving around quite a bit. Muscular movement during an EEG produces readings on the EEG which must be filtered out. Dr. Hammesfahr explained that by "filtering out" the EEG activity Terri had due to the muscular movements, those filtering that brain activity out had also filtered out Terri's brain activity. In other words, the EEG done was worthless because it was not properly done and several doctors have agreed with that. 

Dr. Hammesfahr pointed out that Terri was also tested with balloons to see if she would follow the balloon with her eyes and head when instructed to do so. Dr. Hammesfahr pointed out that Terri did follow the balloons when instructed, and that she did so, even though turning her head far enough to the side caused her pain. He pointed out that reflex actions are usually to avoid pain, but in Terri's case she turned her head into painful positions in order to follow the instructions of the physician testing her. Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that several experts in neurology agree that Terri could improve, can improve and that everything that should be done for her is NOT being done. In fact, Dr. Hammesfahr confirmed that the isolation and deliberate removal of all stimulation from Terri is harming Terri, depriving her of the input and stimulation which would help her reach a higher cognitive level and ability. He stated that Terri should be getting much exposure to sights, sounds and other forms of rehabilitation. 

Dr. Hammesfahr explained that Dr. Ronald Cranford (who testified for Michael Schiavo and George Felos' side - the right to die agenda) ... that Dr. Cranford was NOT a neurologist and was not an expert in the field. Also, that Dr. Cranford spent less than ONE hour with Terri totally! Yet the court relied on Dr. Cranford's testimony, rather than several other neurologists, including Dr. Hammesfahr. [The court was not gathering information in order to rule based on fact, it was simply following an agenda.] 

Dr. Hammesfahr explained that as a physician and a person, he is outraged at the mistreatment Terri is receiving and that the denial of rehabilitation for Terri violates the standards of medical practice! He can be contacted at: William M. Hammesfahr, M.D. 600 Druid Road East Clearwater, Florida 34616 Tel: 727.461.4464 [end of notes on the interview - Ron Panzer]

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