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Terri Schiavo's Bone Scan Medical Record


Terri Schiavo's 1991 bone scan: Taken 53 weeks after her collapse

See highlighted entries and definitions of medical terms below

Also see Terri's 1990 medical report. Dr. Baras wrote, "Patient is awake and eyes are open." "She does give eye contact to family members." 

Note that the bone scan revealed that Terri had a broken pelvis, broken femur, broken ribs, broken knees and broken ankles!

Read Judge George Greer's order that denies investigation of Terri's bone scan.

definitions of medical terms: 

thoracic - pertaining to or affecting the chest

sacroilliac joint - the joint between the sacrum (5th lumbar veterbrae) and and the illium (large part of pelvis)

trauma - injury ("The patient has a history of trauma.")

vertebrae - one of 23 bones that comprise the spine

femural diaphysis - the shaft of the femur (large bone in thigh)

compression fracture - a spinal fracture, specifically, of a vertebrae, which results from compression on the vetebrae

radiograph - xray

offification - bony substance or bone

subperosteal - under the periosteum (the membrane which covers the bones)

hemorrhage - escape of blood, bleeding

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