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Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection

Scientology is a network of corporations, individual entities, associations and companies composed of members who have dedicated themselves to promote, support, and defend the late L. Ron Hubbard's teachings and goals. The aims of the Scientology New World Order network include using their "spiritual technology" to structure society so that the able can prosper:

A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.

(Quote source: Scientology Founder: L. Ron Hubbard)

Hubbard's doctrines ingrain a new definition of morality into his followers. According to an alt.religion.scientology post by Alex Jackson,

"The ONLY concern for a Scientologist is to do every thing he or she can to help Scientology. All other concerns such as family, profession, society and even the law of the land, are trivia unless they might impact on Scientology." 1

Scientology demands that society agree with or at least be subservient to the policies of their "church." Whoever objects to Hubbard's teachings is considered to be a criminal in the eyes of the organization:

"People who attack Scientology are criminals."
--L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, author of Dianetics 2

Hubbard had no tolerance for bad publicity. Read his "beat their teeth in" ethics policy penned on Halloween Eve here: Hubbard's Ethics Policy

Gerry Armstrong made Hubbard's handwritten policyas well as other damaging information about the organization known to the public even after he reluctantly signed an agreement which required him to remain silent about Scientology. He was awarded a large sum of money as settlement for the horrible abuses he has suffered due to Scientology "fair game" tactics. Read about this in Gerry's own words here. Furious at these disclosures, Scientology has been legally retaliating against Armstrong for many years.

Scientology's reputation for revenge usually enables them to accomplish their goals with little resistance. It is time to obey God and expose and oppose evil no matter who the perpetrators may be. God will protect us as we walk not after the flesh (self), but after the Spirit.

L. Ron Hubbard's idea of ethics included no compassion for followers who turned out to be an embarrassment to Scientology:

"You're here so you're a Scientologist. Now we're going to make you an expert auditor no matter what happens. We'd rather have you dead than incapable." (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 7 FEBRUARY 1965 REISSUED 15 JUNE 1970). 3

Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist who served Scientology from the age of 18 until her death at age 36. Shortly after Lisa decided to leave Scientology she got in a minor car accident. When the police arrived on the scene she behaved outlandishly in a desperate attempt to cause them to take her to the hospital where she could get help. Scientologists arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter and took her back to the Fort Harrison Hotel where she was forced to undergo the Scientology Introspection Rundown. As a result of her forced 17-day stay at the Fort Harrison Hotel, Lisa died due to complications resulting from severe dehydration. See: The Life & Death of a Scientologist

L. Ron Hubbard's "we would rather have you dead than incapable" remark was in reference to those enslaved in Scientology, but its relevance to the drama in Clearwater Florida is evident. Indeed, Hubbard's death philosophy was echoed by the 2nd District Appeals judges who indicated that Terri Schiavo has only two choices: A miracle or death! See: Disability is not an Option in the New World Order.


Scientology and Death

Scientologists do not view death in the same manner as the general population:

Of course death is not a big deal for Scientologists. It is called "dropping the body" and the body is regarded as a hindrance and a distraction. 4

Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, believed that when a man dies it simply means that his thetan (spirit) separates from his body. The thetan then "picks up another body" and lives again. L. Ron Hubbard's belief in reincarnationwhich George Felos sharesis the foundation for his frightening doctrines about death and the disabled.

Scientologists believe that it is only through Scientology that the mechanics of death have been thoroughly understood. L. Ron Hubbard  boasted about Scientology's supposed superior knowledge of death:

"We are actually the first people that do know a great deal about death. It is one of the larger successes of Scientology." 5

The online book, The Phenomena of Death, reveals that L. Ron Hubbard believed that death, which he called "losing your body," was on the same level of importance as losing your pocketbook! 

In the book, History of Man, Hubbard wrote, 

"The possession of a ... body is a liability for through that body the being can be given pain, can be regimented by the routine demands of eating and care from harm ... Today we live in a vast cult called Worship the body. Medical doctors, school teachers, parents, traffic officers, the whole society unites into this war-cry, Care for the body." (Chapter 4) 6

Do Scientologists, who favor death rather than disability, play a significant role in the Terri Schiavo case? I believe the answer is "Yes." Clearwater Florida, especially downtown Clearwater, is Scientology's worldwide spiritual headquarters and main training ground. The Flag Service Organization, located in Clearwater, provides the highest level of Scientology training and is the largest single Scientology "church" in the world! Scientology brochures claim that Clearwater Florida has the "largest community of Scientologists in the world." Back in 1998, Scientology generated from 1.5 to 2 million dollars of income per week! This material success enables them to maintain ownership of tens of millions of dollars worth of property (about 40 buildings) as well as many businesses:

To date, the church owns more than $50-million in Clearwater-area properties and is nearing completion of a $50-million Mediterranean Revival-style building nicknamed "Super Power." Additionally, the church now has 565 hotel rooms in and near downtown for visiting Scientologists who consider Clearwater their spiritual mecca.

(source: Scientologists Settle Death Suit)

It is not hard to understand why this organization wields so much control over Clearwater—including its officials.7


Florida Officials are Holding Hands with Scientology

Many Florida politicians and government officials have an accommodative relationship with Scientology. For example, Pinellas County Sheriff Everett Rice, along with "over 540 dignitaries and guests from throughout the Tampa Bay" attended the gala event on January 18, 2003: the 76th Anniversary of the Fort Harrison, Scientology's international religious retreat.

The guests included the Mayor (Brian Aungst), Deputy Mayor and City Commissioner of Clearwater, the Clearwater and Hillsborough County Commissioners, the Sheriff (Everett Rice) and Deputy Sheriff of Pinellas County, mayors from seven surrounding cities, a representative from the Florida State Attorney's office, two former state senators, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (Johnnie Byrd), hundreds of local judges, attorneys, top business executives and other opinion leaders from throughout the community.

(Quote source: Florida Politcians, Government Officials & Scientology)

Florida Governor Jeb Bush is also on friendly terms with Scientology. He publicly endorsed and legitimized this already extremely wealthy organization by approving grants for one of their front organizations, the World Literacy Crusade—a Scientology reading program designed for public schools:

In October 2000, the World Literacy Crusade of Florida was one of the organizations in the Tampa Bay area to be presented with a grant of $10,000 from Verizon’s “Tampa Bay Reads” program by Governor Jeb Bush. The grant was repeated in November 2001 at an event sponsored by the University of South Florida’s College of Education and officiated by the Florida Secretary of Education, Jim Horne.9

President Bush also assists in public relations for Scientology by endorsing and funding Narconon, the drug rehabilitation program run by the 'church':

The Church of Scientology™'s Narconon® program seems to be fairing well under the President's initiative.10

The current mayor of Clearwater, Brian Aungst, Sr., strongly supports Scientology:

The current mayor of Clearwater is strongly supportive of Scientology, frequently attending anniversary and other public relations events at the Ft. Harrison hotel. (Gabe Cazares on Scientology)

The Florida Bar Association is on cozy terms with Scientology. They have their meetings in Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel!

Scientology is not only extremely litigious, but they also are known for blackmailing judges to get the verdicts they favor. See:  Scientology's foolproof method of judge tampering, What Judges Have to Say about Scientology 

Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, used litigation as a weapon with which to harass an opponent (anyone who resisted the Scientology agenda):

"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win."
--L. Ron Hubbard 11

Litigation: Scientology's Weapon

Florida law mandates that Terri Schiavo receive rehabilitation to help her regain her abilities to the maximum extent possible, but the Pinellas County Court judges have consistently ruled against the law and in favor of Michael Schiavo's lawless agenda throughout the case. Like many concerned Americans, I have been deeply troubled at the fact that the judges in this Clearwater case are violating Florida guardian law statues and permitting Michael to commit felonies in a years-long effort to accomplish a public euthanasia precedent. 

Euthanasia is illegal in all 50 states. How does one get away with committing a public euthanasia when it is clearly illegal? Answer: Trick the public into believing that euthanasia by omission is already legal. This was nearly accomplished! How many "Court-ordered Starvation," Headlines have you read? Assisted suicide is also not legal in Floridanot even in Clearwater.

Interestingly, ex-Scientologists who were high in the organization claim that committing felonies is a matter of "church" policy:

According to sworn testimonies from seemingly countless upper-level management Scientologists who have escaped the business, the "church" commits felonies as a matter of policy. So much so that several countries have designated Scientology a threat to their national security and monitor the "church" like they do any other crime syndicate. You may view many such testimonies at Operation Clambake.

No, Michael Schiavo does not necessarily have to be a Scientologist simply because he commits felonies regarding his guardianship duties. However, Michael's employment of Scientology tech against his incapable wife and his complete confidence that the Pinellas County Court system will protect him while he continually and flagrantly breaks Florida laws strongly suggest that he is involved in Scientology. The fact that he has never received any punishment for abusing, exploiting and neglecting a disabled adult  indicates that someone or rather some organization which largely enjoys "above the law" status in  Clearwater Florida is pulling legal strings on his behalf—and has been doing so for years.


Fair Game Policy 

Pat Anderson, attorney for Robert and Mary Schindler, knows something about Scientologists and litigation. She referred to them as "the masters of Rambo litigation." During the time Pat Anderson was representing the former Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood (Lisa McPherson case) she made a statement about their fair game policy:

If you are not a member of the church or an active supporter of the church, you are fair game for the church. And they will use litigation to silence their critics. They do not tolerate contrary opinion.12 [bold emphasis added]

The fair game policy is used on anyone the Scientology organization deems an enemy:

ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. 13

Terri Schindler Schiavo, a woman that Scientologists consider to be worthy of treatment they reserve for the incapable kind, is definitely "fair game." She is not known to be a Scientologist but she is being treated as though she, like Lisa McPherson, tried to defect from Scientology. Terri is legally married to a man who shares L. Ron Hubbard's philosophy in at least one crucial area: desiring death over disability. Michael Schiavo's illegal pursuit of Terri's death by dehydration instead of her rehabilitation is also in line with L. Ron Hubbard's diabolical value system. 

Hubbard had a particular antipathy for Catholicism and singled out this religious group for possible destruction:

He told one friend that he had not decided whether to destroy the Catholic Church, or "merely start a new one." 14

Michael Schiavo has singled out one particular Catholic for destruction: Terri. His blatant disregard for Terri's religious wishes is obvious. Through the guise of the "court order" and "doctor's orders" his attorney blocked her priest from administering what Catholics refer to as the "last rites":

Attorney Deborah Bushnell told Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski, who has been Terri's spiritual provider for three years, that ''because of court order and doctor's orders, you can't put anything in her mouth,'' not even a morsel of moistened communion wafer.15


Scientology: Against the Disabled

Scientology takes advantage of disabled people to further the goals of the organization:

"Pending charges against more than 100 of its overseas church members include fraud, extortion, capital flight, coercion, illegally practicing medicine and taking advantage of mentally incapacitated people... "As long as the organization's opponents and victims are successfully squelched, Scientology's managers and lawyers will keep pocketing millions of dollars by helping it achieve its ends."
--Richard Behar, "Scientology: Cult of Greed and Power," Time, 5/6/91 16

L. Ron Hubbard had a low regard for the disabled, which he called downstats:

Hubbard considered handicapped people, and especially mentally handicapped people to be degraded beings, suffering from their transgressions in earlier lifetimes. His attitude about blacks is well known. (Ex-Scientologists Speak)

All non-producers are considered to be downstats in Scientology. Downstats are not to be helped (Terri Schiavo is not being given state-mandated therapy!) and are penalized for the crime of non-production or "down statistics": 

The course materials [written by Hubbard] warned managers never to be sympathetic to someone whose productivity numbers, or "statistics," were down. "We reward production and up statistics and penalize nonproduction and down statistics. (Narconon Exposed)

Scientologists have even published textbooks which misrepresent disabled people:

"The books were not approved by the state because they misrepresented the disabled and minorities, state officials said. For example, disabled characters were shown with canes, representative more of the aging process than of a disability, said Ruth McKenna, the state's chief deputy superintendent of public instruction. A disabled character in the texts also was shown in a wheelchair alone, isolated from others. In addition, the books did not depict enough disabled people. 17


The Rule of Terri's Case is the Rule of Scientology

The fact that Terri Schiavo's case is being handled in an entirely different way from other guardianship cases has not escaped the notice of Pat Anderson, attorney for the Schindler family. Wesley J. Smith wrote:

THE "RULE OF TERRI'S CASE" has struck again. The term was coined by Pat Anderson, attorney for Terri Schiavo's parents Bob and Mary Schindler, who complained: "If following a legal procedure will likely result in Terri dying, it will be adhered to. But if a procedure could make that outcome more difficult to attain, it will not be followed."

Anderson's complaint has ample evidentiary support. For example, under Florida law, Terri should have a court-appointed guardian ad litem to exclusively represent her interests. But, Judge George Greer, of the Sixth Judicial Circuit, refused to allow one for Terri in the guardianship case ever since her first ad litem was dismissed after recommending that she not be dehydrated to death.18

The "RULE OF TERRI'S CASE" is a declaration that Terri's case is being handled altogether differently from any other case in its category. This term alludes to the fact that Florida law has taken a backseat to the real power behind the rulings in this case!

Pat Anderson is an attorney, and as such is well aware that legal procedures are not being adhered to in this case. Much to the chagrin of the powers pulling the strings in Terri's case, legal procedures will not cause Terri Schiavo to die. That is why they are using illegal maneuverings in repeated attempts to cause Terri lose what they consider to be her liability: her body. (Actually, her living body with evidences of abuse and serious neck injury is Michael Schiavo's liability!)  It is certain that illegal maneuvers are keeping Terri in a state of deteriorating health with no therapy! It is Michael Schiavo's backers who are are wielding such ominous control over the Pinellas County Court system. 


Terri is being Held in Scientology-controlled Downtown Clearwater: Her Health is Deteriorating

The Hospice Patients Alliance March 25, 2004 Newsletter informs us of Terri Schiavo's deteriorating condition as a result of being confined in Park Place, an assisted living facility located on Drew Street, in downtown Clearwater, Florida.

"Since Terri's move to Park Place assisted living it has become evident to the Schindler family that Terri's personal care has gone down hill. On several occasions they have questioned why Terri's hair was oily and why she appeared to have not been bathed. Two weeks ago, a tooth in her mouth came up missing. Recently, she has developed a decubitus ulcer in an area on her body which points directly to pressure and lack of her being repositioned. Of course, the Schindler's are still not able to ascertain any answers with regard to any of the concerns they have about their daughter's well-being and medical condition." - 

Downtown Clearwater Florida—where Terri is imprisoned in isolation from the world—is the Scientology training ground stronghold of the world.


Terri is Being Abused/Has Pat Anderson Warned the Schindlers About Infiltration?

By April 24, 2004, someone had removed five teeth from Terri Schiavo's mouth. The reason for this has not been fully disclosed to Terri's parents. They have also been denied answers to questions about Terri's bedsore, unkempt appearance, and unexplained vomiting. 

Michael Schiavo has once again used the Scientology disconnect policy against Bob and Mary Schindler because they are "antagonistic" towards his death goals for their daughter. Terri is being illegally held in isolation in Scientology-controlled Clearwater Florida while Scientology fair game tactics are being used  against her and her parents. What is God leading you to do about it?

The Scientologists do not care if you contact Bernie McCabe. It took Bernie two years to file charges against the Scientologists after Lisa McPherson died of severe dehydration—while in their custody! The two felonies Bernie finally charged them with were: abuse/neglect of a disabled adult and the illegal practice of medicine. 

Bernie chose to indict Scientology on Friday the 13th, a "lucky" day for those in the occult. See: Felony Indictment November 13, 1998  Satan's followers believe that if events are scheduled on satanically-marked days—especially a high satanic day like Friday the 13th—the outcome will be to their advantage. High-level Scientologists knew that since an indictment was inevitable, it was best that it be done on a day in which vibrations (demons) would be compelled to perform in favor of the Scientology organization. (See: Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case)

Not long after the beleaguered Dr. Joan Wood changed her report regarding the cause of Lisa McPherson's death from "undetermined" to "accidental," Bernie McCabe dropped the charges. Bernie chose to free Scientology from all charges on June 12, 2000, a Scientology holiday (highday):

June 12: National Founding Day Scotland, to celebrate the founding of the Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1968.

(The Holidays of Scientology

Note: The fact that June 12th has been a Scientology holiday (high day) since 1968 has been removed from the Scientology websites as well as (as far as I can tell) all other websites on the internet. As of 11/25/2015, even has no record of June 12th being recorded on the Holidays of Scientology webpage. (Url is above.)

Bernie McCabe's refusal to investigate the allegations against Michael Schiavo for the illegal abuse, neglect, and exploitation of his disabled wife is no longer a mystery.

Pat Anderson was one of Dr. Joan Wood's attorneys, and as such, was privy to the "fair game" tactics used against Dr. Wood which set into action a chain of events that ultimately permitted the "church" of Scientology to get away with murder. 

Has Pat Anderson advised the Schindlers about the Scientology fair game tactics that have been continually unleashed against them—including Scientology's often-used practice of infiltrating the opposition? I doubt it.

Scientologists are not threatened if you sign a petition to Bernie McCabe or plead with Gov. Jeb Bush, who gave them money. (However, you should make it plain to him that it is not in his best political interest to allow a certain segment of Florida citizenry to enjoy above-the-law status.) They do care if you picket them on their own turf and use every means available to make it known to the public that Terri Schindler Schiavo is being denied the protection of Florida laws that conflict with Scientology doctrines. 

In the early months of 2004, Terri's supporters scheduled a picket outside of George Felos' office building in Dunedin, Florida, but of course this event was canceled. The  time is coming for someone to lead a picket again in CLEARWATER. But this time it should be led by a person willing to expose and take a stand against the Scientology tech used against Terri Schindler Schiavo and her parents. Do not wait for the infiltrators posing as Terri's advocates to call for this picket. This is the last thing they want to do. Jesus said that his sheep hear his voice and follow him. He will let you know if this is the way he would have you to go. [update]

Scientology Vs Terri Schindler Schiavo

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah?

The Illegal Court Order That Killed Terri Schiavo






4. ibid













Also see: Lisa McPherson's Death: Was She Killed By Scientology? ttp://





First published in March 2004


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