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George Felos and Scientology OT VIII Doctrine:  Kill With a Thought

George Felos, attorney for Michael Schiavo, related an incident in his book, Litigation as Spiritual Practice, which reveals his ability to "kill with a thought":

"About a half-hour into the journey [plane trip] the thought crossed my mind, I wonder what it would be like to die right now? The thought particularly intrigued me since I felt so "conscious" at the moment. I indulged the thought by imagining the plane starting to lose its trajectory and descend. As the nose of the aircraft headed down, I distinctly felt concern arise and swiftly shift to panic among the passengers. My visualization was particularly vivid. As we went into a free fall, I heard screaming everywhere and saw objects frenziedly flying and smashing all around the cabin."

"As the plane plunged, gravity pressed against my body, and I felt death grasp us. Only a few moments remained before the earth would break our fall. I turned from the chaos around me, calmly looked inside, and asked, 'What is this death?'"

Felos then went on to relate the passengers' fear as the plane continued its downward descent:

"We felt a pulse of downward acceleration, which transformed our fear to near panic. At that moment, when the rumblings of incipient screams began to be heard, the nose started to lift and the craft quickly resumed its even path." 

It was then that George Felos promised himself, "No more visualizations for me on this trip."

About twenty minutes after this incident, George heard the voice of "God" speak to him in a slightly stern voice: 

"Be careful what you think. You are more powerful than you realize." (Quotes source: Litigation as Spiritual Practice, pages 181-182)

George Felos' "kill with a thought" ability is shared by high-level Scientologists. Scientologists who have acquired enough demons to achieve the level of Operating Thetan VIII also claim to have the ability to "kill with a thought":

An OT VIII (the highest OT level released so far) can purportedly kill with a thought.

(Quote source: Scientology Jargon: OT)

"Kill with a thought" really means that demons are sent on assignment to accomplish a killing. 

Scientology Attorney Not Comfortable With "Kill With a Thought" Line of Questioning

Ex-Scientologist Arnie Lerma, under direct examination in the Scientology Flag Organization vs Lisa McPherson Trust case, was about to elaborate on L. Ron Hubbard's "kill with a thought" doctrine when Scientology attorney Wally Pope objected. Mr. Pope conceded that "kill with a thought" is a Scientology religious doctrine, but he tried to prevent the opposing attorney from even mentioning this subject.

Judge Thomas Pennick chose to allow the "kill with a thought" line of questioning to continue:

17 A The Scientologists that are sitting in this 

18 courtroom have a belief that if they do everything

 19 they are told as directed by L. Rob Hubbard, at some 

20 point they will gain amazing spiritual abilities? 

21 Q Well, what kind of abilities? 

22 A Well, perhaps you can kill with a thought? 

23 Q Is that something that Hubbard promised? 

24 A Well, Hubbard didn't -- 

25 MR. POPE: Objection. Your Honor, we're 


1 getting into all sorts of religious doctrine 

2 here that doesn't have anything to do with an 

3 issue before the court. 

4 THE COURT: Well, the court kind of 

5 drove it out there because to hear what 

6 picketing, what they were chanting and as it 

7 or wasn't it really picket or was it taunting 

8 or what. I'm going to allow it to see what 

9 this is all about. Go ahead. 


11 Q What other powers other than killing with a 

12 thought? 

13 A They should be able to telepathically read 

14 your mind, to leave your body and see what's happening. 

15 Q Is that called exteriorization with full 

16 perception? 

17 A Yes, it is. 

Public relations "technology" is essential to the propagation of Scientology and everything that comes under the auspices of the Religious Technology Center. It is no surprise Wally Pope tried to prevent Scientology's "kill with a thought" doctrine from being brought up in Lisa McPherson's wrongful death lawsuit!

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