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Scientology: New World Order Operation

A Better Title For Hubbard's Book: The Creation of Satanic Ability

L. Ron Hubbard's Mission: Usher in the New World Order

Scientology's Demonic Technology: Control of the Human Spirit 

The Bridge to Scientology "Freedom"

Scientology Vs Terri Schiavo

alt.religion.scientology posts  Many of my posts serve to counter the ARS Critics movement which either does not understand the true spiritual nature of Scientology or seeks to obscure it. Many of the ARS critics also mock Scientologists rather than help them.

BEWARE: Narconon is a Scientology front. (There are many others.)

Scientology Vs Christianity

outside link: Scientology Training Routines

Watch Gerry Armstrong expose Scientology's Suppressive Person Doctrine

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