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Selected Alt.Religion.Scientology Posts


Lisa Ruby's note: I have been posting on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup since October, 2004. The time spent there has been profitable because I have learned about Scientology, the concerns of Scientologists, the attitude of Scientologists and Scientology critics toward Christians, and most revealing of all, how the "church" of Scientology maintains a degree of control over the critic movement in order to 'handle' the way they want their organization "exposed.'

Most of my posts directly conflict with the ARS AGENDA. The ARS agenda is a term I have coined for the dynamics that are going on at the alt.religion.scientology Google news group. The newsgroup that bears Scientology's name predictably furthers its agenda by doing what Scientology is well known for: controlling the opposition. The fake critics on this forum also help Scientology by being hateful to Scientologists and incessantly ridiculing them.

Links to some of the threads I have posted in are linked for you below. Click on "view as tree" and then look at the left hand side of the page for the name, Lisa Ruby or

Scientology's Plan for Genocide by J. Swift and others

Kill With a Thought

David Rice is Afraid of Speech By Others (This thread is an obvious example of how the ARS damage control movement works. Right now three posters are attempting to counter my posts about the satanic nature of Scientology.)

Training Routine Zero (TRO Confront)

What Scientology REALLY Thinks of the Christian/Judeo God

"Flunk!" is a Scientology trigger word that is used frequently on ARS


If There Were Any OT's...  Scientology critics are determined to keep Scientologists in the dark about the demonic nature of their Scientology Training.

Does Mental Illness Exist? (My Oct. 15th and 16 posts are about Terri Schiavo)

Lisa's request: I need Scientology magazines and mail with current CoS policies please

 GABRIEL WILLIAMS - Scientologist and Child Rapist

Is it a Coincidence a Film Was Made About New Orleans Disaster BEFORE it Happened? saved article here

It Wasn't Katrina--It Was the Levees

Hurricane Katrina: Martial Law and Mercy Killing  The article, Did Doctors Euthanize Critically Ill Patients In New Orleans Hospital? is saved here. 

Christian Hatred at its Worst (Scientology and many of the posters who represent themselves as Scientology critics promote the "Christians are haters and terrorists" One World Order conditioning.)

Broussard on Meet the Press: FEMA caused the deaths of thousands of people by turning back and refusing help for those they were honor bound to help. FEMA is honor bound to the goals of the New World Order --not to the American people. NOTE: Be sure to read the article: FEMA: The Secret Government

I Just Got Back From a FEMA Detention Camp 

Scientology is the only "religion" FEMA allows in New Orleans

Scientologists IN New Orleans

Daily Show Does Tom Cruise (This thread  reveals several Scientology critics' attempts to vilify Christians and associate them with terrorism)

Hubbard and the Creation of Satanic Ability

so...abortion is ok? (L. Ron Hubbard's non-personhood doctrine regarding the unborn and newborn is conducive to population reduction, which is one of the tenets of

Thread: Has Anybody Seen a Body Thetan?

Thread: Killfile (This thread reveals that Scientology "critics" are being told not to respond to my posts)

Thread: What $cientolology Wants From You

Thread: Auditing = hypnosis so this is why its easy to manipulate a CO$ me

My posts in this thread are about:

the trance state is the basis for auditing, examples of drills resembling Scientology Training Routines, The Battle For Your Mind, Scientology Training Routines are flat-out mind control.

Thread: Hubbard's affirmations

my post is about: Hubbard's affirmation called, "The Blood Ritual."

Thread: The sickness of the ARS news group

my post is about: It is wrong to trick people into engaging an occult methodology

Thread: Parent of a Sea Org Member

My post is about: "altered tech" has been The Plan all along'

Thread: Books Exposing Scientology and Dianetics

My post is about: L. Ron's own writings reveal that he had "plans to subjugate the masses, and plots to take over the world ("clear the planet".)

Thread: Kassandra makes a capricious jab

One post is about: Scientology uses occult "white light" symbolism

Another post is about: The spiritual "awareness" Scientologists seek after results in spiritual destruction.

Thread: Charlie Manson Has Great Respect for L. Ron Hubbard

Thread: Photographed By Satellite: Jesus (Blasphemy in title deleted) This is a very revealing post that reveals Scientology critic Fredric L. Rice's contempt for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thread: Scientology Death Ritual

Thread: Tom Cruise: Problem with Scientology church is horse manure 

Thread: Worth of an Individual

Thread: Prayer is Powerless: Fundies Pray It's Not True

Thread: What Happens to Body Thetans

Thread: Homosexuality and Hubbard (repost) 

Thread: Scientologists Chained Woman to Basement Floor

Thread: (I can't find the link!) Kit Course: my post is about how L. Ron Hubbard and Walt Disney (both occultists) shared a common methodology

Thread: Jesus and Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard's son, Ron Jr. rightly said, ""Scientology is black magic that is spread out over a long time period." )

Thread: Scientology: Silly, Moronic, BS

Thread: Scientology Front group: Sterling Management Domain

Thread: What is Considered "Copywritten" in Scientology? 

Thread: Scientology and Hollywood

Thread: The reason Psychs Get Away With it

Thread: Disconnection is Church of Scn Policy

Thread: Scientology Documents HELP!

Thread: Scientology Print Shop Incident

Thread: Keep Scientology Working (Scientology's RPF has traits of a concentration camp)

Thread: Scientology a religion?

Thread: My husband really did it (The Xenu story serves at least two purposes and Hubbard used trigger words from the Wizard of Oz for mind control)

Thread: [OT] Terri Schiavo Autopsy

Thread: Terri's Fate

Thread: Schiavo Autopsy Vs McPherson

Thread: Terri's Law: An Ominous Euthanasia Inroad (see posts under

Dr. Ronald Cranford and Scientology Doctrine

Thread: Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection

Thread: NEWS: Independent Medical Examiner Must Attend Schiavo Autopsy (note: An independent medical examiner did NOT attend the Terri Schiavo autopsy)

Thread: How Horrible Can it Get? The Schiavo Case

Thread: Greer Targets Scientology Highday to Begin Terri's Dehydration Death

Thread: MD Hammesfahr stated that Terri Schiavo Could Have Been Rehabilitated

Thread: The ARS chaplain says there is no such thing as the New World Order. (See post 25)

Thread: Fred Durks and Scientology Misinformation



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