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Florida Law Mandates That Terri Receive Rehabilitation Services

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 42 U.S.C. Sections 12101 provides that necessary and appropriate rehabilitation services and physical/motor skill therapy may not be denied a substantially disabled patient in the United States of America.

Cf 28 CFR, Ch 1, Subpart B, Sect 35.130 States "Nothing in the Act or this part authorizes the representative or guardian of an individual with a disability to decline food, water, medical treatment, or medical services for that individual."

FS 744.474 (2) requires that the guardian protect the rights of the ward, provide for her health and safety, properly manage her financial resources and help her regain her abilities to the maximum extent possible.

Terri has the right to receive "palliative care" which is the comprehensive management of the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and existential needs of the patient. FS. 765.102. 

(Quote source: Very Good Reasons to Remove Michael Schiavo and Open a Criminal Investigation)

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