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 Everett Rice Awards Scientologists  During Terri's Death Process

On Thursday, March 24, 2005, Florida State Representative Everett Rice presented Governor Jeb Bush's New Age Points of Light award to four Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay, Florida. Gov. Bush's Points of Light certificate honored these Scientology "Hurricane Heroes" for the work they did during the Hurricane season of 2004. 

According to, signers of the Points of Light certificate were:

"Governor Jeb Bush, Lieutenant Governor, Toni Jennings, Points of Light Foundation representative, Robert K. Goodwin and Volunteer Florida representative Cynthia Asia."  

(Quote source: Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Tampa Bay Honored By Govenor Bush as “Hurricane Heroes”)

Cynthia Asia heaped lavish praise on the Scientology Volunteer ministers for making a difference and Everett Rice remarked:

 “We were all very impressed with what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers did during the Hurricane season of 2004.”

(Quote source: same as above)

A picture of Florida Representative Everett Rice and the Scientology recipients of the Points of Light award is presently displayed on's "newsroom" page. The caption reads as follows:

(Left to right): Lead Scientology Volunteer Minister Gerhard Haag, Florida State Representative Everett Rice (district 54), Volunteer Minister Coordinator Louise Cournoyer, Volunteer Ministers Judy Fagerman and Larry Byrnes. 

It is not surprising that the occult Points of Light award was presented to the Scientology Volunteers on Student Day, a Scientology holiday. As often as possible, Scientology marks important occasions by arranging for them to occur on their "special days."

However, it is noteworthy that the presenter of this award waited until Terri Schiavo's dehydration death process was underway to award Scientology volunteers for hurricane heroics performed last year. 

This award, which Representative Everett Rice presented in his office, could have been given at any time, yet Rice chose the time that Terri was being put to death to rejoice in Scientology's heroic accomplishments. 

Gary and Lisa Ruby


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