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Terri Schiavo Died of Dehydration Under an Illegal Court Order

Terri Schiavo was forcibly dehydrated and starved for a period of 13 days even though she was was not ill and communicated that she wanted to live.

These videos from Hospice Patients Alliance reveal that Terri Schiavo was not brain dead:

Almost Five Minute Long Video of Terri
This (2280 KB) file may take a while (8-10 minutes to download if you have slow dialup) but it is well worth it! We have tested the file and it definitely works with the REAL Player. You should NOT use other players for this file.

Terri Opens Eyes - REAL video file

Terri: "How's That cold?" REAL video file

Terri's Mum - REAL video file

Terri Music - REAL video file

Terri Swab - REAL video file

Terri succumbed to thirst on the 13th day of dehydration: March 31, 2005. 

Read Judge Greer's new February 25th illegal court order that does not mention medical treatment but instead, ordered the removal of nutrition and hydration (all forms of food and water) from Terri Schindler Schiavo. 

Greer's New Order Deems Terri's Ability to Swallow Irrelevant 

Greer's Feb. 25th Court Order Lie 

Greer's Feb. 25, 2005 Court Order Does Not Apply To Terri 

Death Order Doublespeak 

Michael Schiavo and Larry King Live: Doublespeak

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