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Keeping Terri Disabled: Michael's Illegal Pretext to Kill 

Liberty To The Captives'comments are in brackets.

According to Michael Schiavo, Terri would not want to live in her "current condition":

Terri told me on several occasions before this happened that she would not want to live in her current condition. 

[Judge Greer's willingness to go along with Michael Schiavo's illegal refusal to permit Terri to have any rehabilitation services or stimulation for over a decade serves to keep her in her current condition!]

If we had been older, I am sure she would have signed a living will making it clear that she did not want to be kept alive on tubes and machines. She never had the chance.

[Terri is on a single gastric feeding tube. The reason she is on the feeding tube is because Michael put her on it and refuses to permit her to be weaned from it even though Terri can swallow! She used to eat soft foods from a spoon until Michael put a stop to it. Terri is under guard right now to prevent anyone from giving her food orally or stimulating her in any way. I wonder which security guards or police officers have no qualms about colluding with the illegal agenda to keep Terri Schindler Schiavo in a state of disability?]

That left me to carry out her wishes. It has been hard. In fact, it is the hardest thing I have ever done. In the end, I did what I believe Terri would have wanted me to do.

(Statement by Michael Schiavo)

[Would Terri have wanted Michael to abuse, exploit and neglect her in order to keep her in the disabled condition that he claims she would not want to live in?

Would Terri have wanted Michael to discontinue her therapy sessions as soon as he was awarded a huge sum of money earmarked for her rehabilitation? NO!

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