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 Judge Greer's Scientologist Campaign Manger

The article, Scientology, the Clearwater Bar Association, and Judge Greer mentioned that Pat Anderson—former attorney for the Schindlers—characterized the irregular rulings in the Terri Schiavo case as "the rule of Terri's case." 

According to Ms Anderson:

"If following a legal procedure will likely result in Terri dying, it will be adhered to. But if a procedure could make that outcome more difficult to attain, it will not be followed."

(Quote source: The Rule of Terri's Case Strikes Again)

Since legal procedures would not cause Terri Schaivo to die, illegal procedures were used. The Scientology-controlled Circuit Court Six relied on illegal procedures and an illegal court order to end the life of a brain damaged, non-terminal woman who displayed enough cognitive ability to communicate her desire to live.

Scientology policy, rather than the Florida statutes, has prevailed in the Terri Schiavo case. Does this mean Judge Greer is a Scientologist? Not necessarily. It is not necessary, and oftentimes not desirable, to be an official Scientologist in order to further Scientology's agenda. Many individuals—especially those in governmental positions—carry out Scientology's wishes without being an "official" part of their network.

Judge Greer, who is known as a Southern Baptist, is a longtime friend of Mary Repper. Ms Repper is a consultant for the "church" of Scientology (1) and though she is reportedly retired, in the past she worked on several of Judge Greer's campaigns. (2)

Greer is not the only elected official Mary Repper has influenced:

Prominent political consultant Mary Repper is shepherding a flock of elected officials and hopefuls for face time at the house that Hubbard built, reports the St. Petersburg Times.

Repper apparently networks with key Scientology leaders and acts somewhat like a proxy priming politicians for them and then ushering them into meetings.

(Quote source: Are Politicians Sucking Up to Scientology in Florida?)

Mary Repper has inspired many elected officials to take a second look at the "church":

"I work with a lot of elected officials who turn to the church," Repper said. "Everyone goes now and visits. Ten years ago, it was a different thing. It's a new day. It's been for quite a few years."

(Quote source: Are Politicians Sucking Up to Scientology in Florida?)

Indeed, the Clearwater Bar Association, which awarded Judge Greer for the way he handled the Terri Schiavo case, holds their meetings in Scientology's spiritual headquarters—the Fort Harrison Hotel. (3)

Mary Repper touted George W. Greer as being the right person to handle the Terri Schiavo case:

"He is such a good and decent man and to have this kind of rap being put on him right now is so unfair," said Mary Repper, a political strategist who has helped Greer's campaigns. "If ever this was to be put into the hands of someone who is going to be fair and do the right thing, George was the right person."

(Quote source: Judge Greer Evokes Admiration, Anger)

Why would Mary Repper, a prominent Scientologist, use her political consulting skills to help Judge Greer win election after election? In what way has this benefited Scientology, the organization that Mary Repper is devoted to?

Scientologists are devoted to furthering the goals of Scientology:

"The ONLY concern for a Scientologist is to do every thing he or she can to help Scientology. All other concerns such as family, profession, society and even the law of the land, are trivia unless they might impact on Scientology." (4)

If Mary Repper has conformed to Scientology ethics, (5) her years of campaigning to keep Judge Greer in his position as Sixth Circuit Court judge in Pinellas-Pasco county has furthered Scientology's agenda.

Mary Repper, like all Scientologists, is Keeping Scientology Working. (6)




3 Scientology, The Clearwater Bar Association, and Judge Greer


5 Ethics: Rationality toward the highest level of survival for the individual, the future race, the group and mankind, and the other dynamics taken collectively. Ethics are reason and the contemplation of optimum survival. (Scientology Abridged Dictionary copyright 1965, 1970)

6.Keeping Scientology Working HCO Policy Letter of 7 February 1965


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