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Terri Schiavo: Cognitively Able 

The following transcript was posted on Free Republic (1) on by FL_engineer 

The following commentary is based on the "Terri Big Eyes" video. 

Terri starts out apparently asleep. A doctor wakes her to start his tests.

Doctor: Terri. Open your eyes up...

Terri: (Startled at hearing her name. She starts moving her mouth and fluttering her eyes, like a person who is just waking up)

Doctor: Open your eyes, Terri open your eyes

Terri: (slowly at first, Terri struggles to open her eyes, then turns toward the doctor, and opens her eyes a normal amount)

Doctor: There you go, good.

Terri: (then, either to show off (?) or wanting to perform well, she leans further forward toward the doctor, looks straight at him and opens her eyes as WIDE AS SHE CAN. Note the WRINKLES ACROSS HER FOREHEAD caused by her also RAISING HER EYEBROWS as high as possible )

Doctor: [now obviously impressed] GOOD!! GOOD JOB! GOOD JOB YOUNG LADY! Good Job. (Thanks to Melissa S. for alerting me to the pictures and commentary posted by FL engineer.)

Lisa's notes: Terri has been referred to as being cognitively disabled, and this is true. She suffered brain damage when something happened that caused the flow of oxygen to her brain to be cut off for a period of time. Since medical records rule out heart attack, cardiac arrest and potassium imbalance, it is it is likely that her oxygen supply was cut off when her neck was injured to the point of extreme rigidity.

Due to the fact that Terri has been illegally denied rehabilitation for over ten years, she is still cognitively and physically disabled.

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Terri definitely did not collapse due to a heart attack or cardiac arrest and she did not have a potassium imbalance. Dr. Hammesfahr and Robert Schindler (Terri's father) cleared up two of these damage-control-for-Michael-Schiavo rumors during an interview with Sean Hannity:

HAMMESFAHR: But the medical record clearly shows that there has never been a heart attack. Potassium causes damage by causing heart attacks, so we know the potassium is not an issue.

SCHINDLER: That comes from the evidence that there's medical evidence that she had a neck injury. And as the doctor said, she had no heart attack. And her ribs and parts of her body suffered fractures.

(Quotes source: Foul Play in Terri Schiavo Case?)

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed in an interview with Ron Panzer that Terri never had a heart attack or cardiac arrest:

Dr. Hammesfahr revealed that not only has Terri NEVER had a heart attack as widely reported in the major media, she also NEVER even had a cardiac arrest (her heart never stopped)! [she had arhythmias of the heart but not a "stopped heart."]

(Quote source: Ron Panzer's notes: Interview with Dr. Hammesfahr)

Terri was found face down with an extremely rigid neck. Her neck injuries indicate that she was strangled:

Dr. William Hammesfahr, Nobel prize nominee and neurologist, testified that Terri's neck injuries are consistent with only one type of injury: that of strangulation.

(Quote source: State-Funded Agency to Probe Claim of Spousal Abuse in Terri Schiavo Case)

The heart attack, cardiac arrest, and potassium imbalance rumors are meant to steer you away from the fact that Terri had a serious neck injury (indicative of strangulation) which is documented in her medical records.

A cognitively disabled person is below average in intellectual function. He or she often has difficulty reasoning, solving problems, and understanding and using language. 

Cognitive means 

Pertaining to the mental process of thought, including perception, reasoning, intuition and memory.

(Quote source:

To be cognitively disabled does not mean that a person has no mental process of thought and cannot perceive things, or reason, or remember anything at all. It means that these abilities are below average in the cognitively disabled person. 

Terri Schindler Schiavo's responses to the doctor's instructions reveal that she is conscious and cognitive. Because therapy has been illegally withheld for over ten years, her cognition is below average, but Terri is cognitive. She does perceive and reason. She is intuitive and she has memory. Terri made a monumental effort to demonstrate her cognitive ability in response to the doctor's directions. She did this by purposely exaggerating her responses to make it clear to the doctor that she definitely understood his directions! 

This action required perception, reasoning and intuition. At the time this video was taken, Terri was keenly aware that Michael and his accomplices were saying that she was practically dead already and working to achieve that end. Terri knew she needed to demonstrate that she was capable of processing information and carrying out instructions. And she achieved her goal. 

If Terri had been receiving therapy—just like anyone else who has suffered a serious injuryshe would not be demonstrating her cognition by opening her eyes and leaning forward and opening them wider for emphasis.  Instead, she would be opening her mouth and revealing the circumstances preceding her sudden collapse. Michael's refusal to prevent her from having any therapy serves to prevent such a disclosure. 

Thus Terri languishes in a state of solitary confinement with no stimulation while Florida laws are being broken daily (for ten years) to (1) keep her in a state of disability and (2) keep Michael from a criminal investigation. 

Florida law clearly mandates that Terri be given rehabilitation services and physical/motor skill therapy and for Michael to lose his guardianship status and be investigated. Governor Bush has the duty and the authority to see to it that the laws of the state of Florida are faithfully executed. 

Please contact Governor Jeb Bush right away and hold him accountable to insist that the Florida statutes be upheld. Terri has the legal right to therapy, the removal of Michael Schiavo as her guardian, and an investigation into the circumstances of her collapse that left her with an extraordinarily rigid neck.

originally written on 01/27/04

Scientology Vs Terri Schiavo



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