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  Oscar Schindler and a Ham Sandwich: Why They Really Want to Kill Terri Schiavo

Members of Satan's realm are keenly aware of the reason a person with the last name of Schindler is being targeted to set a precedent which could pave the way for mass killings in the near future. People involved in what insiders call the network know exactly why George Felos made the ability to request a ham sandwich the litmus test for personhood.

Schindler is a despised name in Nazi circles because the name reminds them of Oscar Schindler. Near the end of World War II, this Schindler managed to prevent 1,200 people from being exterminated by the Nazi regime. Whether or not Terri's family is related to the Schindler who prevented the deaths of twelve hundred people is unimportant. The name is symbolic and Satan uses symbols to mark his doings in the world.

The people Oscar Schindler saved were Jews. That is the reason George Felos mentioned a sandwich that no Jewish person could ask for in good conscience: a ham sandwich. The symbolism is obvious. The New World Order planners are exacting revenge for a "wrong" Schindler committed in Satan's most recent attempt at global government. Oskar Schindler's "crime?" He outsmarted the Nazis by rescuing those who were being killed by their fascist regime.

[update 4/13/05 George Felos Recast the Holocaust and Terri's Death in a Positive Light

Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, has been following the Scientology plan to exterminate a particular Schindler that he claims wishes to die rather than live in a state of disability. Of course there is zero proof that Terri wants to die other than the testimony of her husband and his relatives, but this makes no difference when the most important death precedent since Roe vs. Wade is in the works. 

George Felos believes the litmus test for the right not to be starved/dehydrated to death is the ability to bring a spoon to one's mouth. Also, to be counted among the living one must  have the ability to "ask for a ham sandwich": 

According to Cooper-Dowda, Felos expressed "great horror" that anyone "in [Terri's] condition" – as he put it – would want to be photographed, especially someone who ate with a feeding tube. He further inferred that to be counted among the living one must at least be able to "ask for a ham sandwich." This is a recycling of the argument he used at an earlier hearing in August 2001, when he told the appeals court: "The litmus test is whether a person can bring a spoon to their own mouth." (Quote source: Fight-for-life bombshell: Woman 'trying to talk'!--World Net Daily) [bold emphasis added]

George Felos is an attorney and makes his living by the skillful manipulation of words. "HAM" is the code word that insiders  interpret as confirmation that singling out a Schindler for public execution on Halloween week is deliberate. 

If Governor Bush had not intervened through the means he felt most politically comfortable with (Terri's Law), her death would have probably fallen on Halloween week. That is likely the reason Judge Greer ordered her feeding tube removed on October 15, 2003. They know her will to survive is strong and that she would have lived for at least ten days. This would put her death right in the time frame to qualify as a Halloween human sacrifice. In the eyes of Satan and his followers, Terri's death would have been a public human sacrifice, filled with meaning. Her death would represent revenge on that lone Schindler who actually did something at great cost to himself to stand against unspeakable barbarism, but it would have signified more. 

The killing of Terri Schindler Schiavo, by illegally depriving her of nutrition by mouth, would open the floodgate for the government to demand the deaths of all disabled people. The options, as clearly laid out by the judges who backed Judge Greer's decision to illegally allow Michael Schiavo to try to ensure Terri's death are clearly these: miracle or murder. There is no place for disability in the New World Order regime. (See: The Plan Revealed in Terri Schiavo Case: Disability is Not an Option in Scientology's New World Order)


Halloween Guardian Ad Litem Appointee Keeping in Step With The Plan

Dr. Jay Wolfson was conveniently appointed guardian ad litem on the highest satanic "holy" day of the year: October 31st.

Jay Wolfson, in perfect step with The Plan, claims that Terri will recover, but is willing to agree to swallowing tests if the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo would agree in advance as to how the tests would be used:

Wolfson said there could be value in swallowing tests and therapy being administered if Michael Schiavo and the Schindlers agree in advance on how the tests will be used. (Quote source: Court Guardian Says Terri Unlikely To Recover)

This sounds like Dr. Wolfson wants Terri's parents to agree to assent to Terri's death if she fails the swallowing test. His "bargain" with Michael would likely be that Terri be permitted to live if a "miracle occurs" and suddenly, she was able to eat on her own. [update: See: Doctor claims Terri Schiavo could eat on her own if court allowed it)

This coincides with what 2nd Appeals Court Judge Altenbernd stated are Terri's options: a miracle or "natural death":

…the difficult question that faced the trial court [Judge Greer in 2000] was whether Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo, not after a few weeks in a coma, but after 10 years in a persistent vegetative state that has robbed her of most of her cerebrum and all but the most instinctive of neurological functions, with no hope of a medical cure but with sufficient money and strength of body to live indefinitely, would choose to continue the constant nursing care and the supporting tubes in hopes that a miracle would somehow recreate her missing brain tissue, or whether she would wish to permit a natural death process to take its course and for her family and loved ones to be free to continue their lives. (Quote source: Fight-for-life bombshell: Woman 'trying to talk'!--World Net Daily)

People without death agendas call these options miracle or murder, and that is exactly what they are. According to The Plan, which Dr. Jay Wolfson's decisions promote, the disabled get a miracle or they get murdered. This is not presently legally permitted, even though many people are being quietly eliminated. 

But if The Plan continues unhindered through Judge Greer's court-appointed agent,Dr. Jay Wolfson, this massive death door will be opened and result in not only the swift illegal extermination of Terri Schindler Schiavo, but eventually, all disabled persons. Appeals Court Judge Altenbernd's words are on record for all to read. This is not restricted to the matter of being able to hold a spoon and swallow. This is about all people who are disabled. No miracle for the disabled equals "being permitted to die a natural death." Any thinking person knows this means mass medical killings. (See: Medical Institutions and the New World Order)

Why use Terri—a disabled woman blessed with a family who loves her and wants to care for her—to try to set this landmark precedent? In order for this devilish plot to succeed, it has to be blatant in order to acquire the energetic cooperation of Satan's unseen spiritual realm. 

The Christians of the United States are the key to whether or not Satan will be permitted to enter this particular doorway. If this doorway is opened, it will undoubtedly pave the way for mass killings of all disabled people, and then the categories of the "unfit" will broaden as time goes on. Disability was not an option in Nazi Germany, and it will not be permitted in an America that tolerates Nazi values either. 


It is Time To Put The "Miracle or Murder" Would-be Precedent Setters on the Defensive

It is time to put THEM be on the defensive rather than Terri. Let THEM explain why a Schindler is being earmarked for an illegal public execution because she cannot ask for a ham sandwich at this time due to the fact that the pro-Scientology Pinellas county court system has allowed her husband/guardian to deny her rehabilitation and to use money awarded for Terri's therapy to pay those who are plotting her death.

The fact that Michael is so afraid the Terri will respond positively to stimulation that he forbids her to receive flowers is public knowledge. The fact that he will not pay to have her wheelchair fixed so that she can go outside is commonly known. The fact that Michael will not permit Terri to have any purposeful stimulation is not a secret.

The New World Order planners want such blatant displays of Michael Schiavo's lack of love for Terri to be known by the public. This serves their purposes because they want the public to be aware that putting Terri to death is not really about fulfilling Terri's wishes at all. This is actually about public policy changes that they want the citizens of the United States to go along with. The way they manipulate the public into cooperating with this is by giving a bogus reasons for new, immoral laws that they want to pass. If the public will knowingly go along with their excuses to kill people, then they have aided and abetted the government in eventually bringing about their own demise. This is exactly how the German people were conditioned to accept and later condone mass killings of Jews and other segments of the population that were considered not worthy of legal personhood.

They knew that Michael's conflicting court depositions about how he found Terri and and Judge Greer's violations of Florida statues and judicial canons would become public knowledge someday. In their estimation, the more that could be done to demonstrate that this was a planned conspiracy to murder Terri Schindler Schiavo, the better. They are used to getting their own way, and since the church is usually silent on moral issues in these dark days, they did not fear that their "murder in broad daylight" plans would ever backfire. 

They wanted this precedent to be thoroughly marked with evil intent, from the lack of investigation surrounding Terri's highly suspicious injuries, to Michael's blatant and unafraid abuse of his wife, adultery and misappropriation of rehabilitation funds. All these actions, which prove that love has nothing to do with Michael Schiavo's desire to end his wife's life, fit their agenda and so they let Michael do as he pleased regarding his incapacitated wife. 

One thing they did not plan on was God's intervention. Just as Satan, a mere created being, works through his human agents to accomplish his will in this world, God works through His own people to intervene in the affairs of men. What is God directing you to do to put a stop to this "Miracle or Murder" precedent-setting plot to kill Terri Schiavo?

The Schindler's attorney, Pat Anderson said: 

"The fact that Terri Schiavo cannot bring a spoon to her mouth should not be a death sentence." (Quote source: Fight-for-life bombshell: Woman 'trying to talk'!--World Net Daily)

The fact that Terri cannot put a spoon to her mouth is directly due to the fact that her legal right to rehabilitation (which was mandated by court order) has been illegally denied by Judge Greer! In a conspiracy with Judge Greer and others, Michael Schiavo has twice been protected from arrest while he attempted to exterminate his wife through illegally stopping any water or food from entering her mouth. [update: See Judge Greer's NEW and illegal Feb. 25, 2005 court order.]

What is Michael's piece of the pie? He is being allowed to escape a murder attempt investigation of which the evidence points heavily towards him. [Fifteen years ago when the police found Terri face down on the floor, they routed the report to HOMICIDE.] The "system's" piece of the pie? They seek to gain the precedent to kill hundreds of thousands of people if we do not expose this obvious revenge/"miracle or murder" plot to the American public.

Now that you know the real reason the authorities have still not investigated the sudden collapse of a healthy woman, you can begin to demand that it be done. By the way, Michael Schiavo claims that Terri was bulimic. One thing is certain: bulimia does not cause neck injuries consistent with strangulation! It is criminal that Michael Schiavo is being shielded from scrutiny regarding Terri's injuries simply because his plans toward Terri match those of the New World Order planners! 

Indeed, Bernie McCabe, the State Attorney for Pinellas County, Florida is protecting Michael by refusing to investigate allegations of abuse against Terri Schindler-Schiavo. Why has he refused to do his job in this matter? Why are abuse charges against Terri Schindler Schiavo being swept under the rug? Conspiracy is the only logical answer. When one learns about Bernie actions after Lisa McPherson's death, things begin to make sense.

Why is Michael Schiavo being treated as if he is above the law? See: Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection.

Please join us in signing the online petition that demands that Bernie McCabe investigate well-founded allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation against Terri Schiavo.

Since Michael Schiavo was the only person around at the time Terri suffered what her bone scan reveals were serious injuries, he must be investigated like anyone else who was at the scene of a probable crime. He must not be shielded because the "powers that be," who see an opportunity to settle an old score, want a Schindler to die under circumstances that will open the floodgate for future mass killings.

It is time to expose this wicked, positively illegal, revenge, cover-up, death plot to kill an innocent woman which, if accomplished, will serve to open the door to euthanasia, genocide and finally, democide in the United States of America.

updated 4/13/05

Death By Dehydration: Terri's Wish or Hubbard's Hurrah?

See: Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo: Collusive Law Breaking in Attempts to End Terri's Life 

Scientology Vs. Terri Schiavo

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