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  Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo: Collusive Law Breaking in Attempts to End Terri's Life

Judge George Greer broke the law to try to ensure Terri Schindler Schiavo's death:

"I don't want anyone trying to feed that girl," Greer thundered. 

According to "The Conspiracy to Kill Terri Schiavo"—a Highway2Health radio broadcast hosted by Ron Panzer— Judge Greer was so furious with Terri's siblings for obeying the law and asking a nurse to feed Terri by mouth after his April 2001 feeding tube disconnection order, that he obliged Michael Schiavo by denying them visitation rights for five months.[1]

Judge Greer has no authority under Florida law to officially order that Terri be denied food and water by mouth, and did not do so. He ordered the disconnection of the feeding tube and aided Michael in his plans to eliminate Terri. It is Michael Schiavo who unlawfully demanded that his wife be denied food and water by mouth. However, without Greer's protection, Michael would have landed in jail for breaking the law in order to kill his wife. Note: The calculated wording and subsequent overturning of Terri's Law gives Michael even more protection as he seeks to deny oral sustenance to his disabled wife. [update: Judge Greer signed a February 25, 2005 court order to cause the removal of nutrition and hydration from Terri Schiavo.]

The article, Terri Schiavo: Thorough Analysis [2] reveals, 

As of today, Friday, 31 October 2003, I have just viewed a brief by Pat Anderson, Schindler family attorney, in which she claims that the courts did not order the withholding of regular food and water, as I have previously claimed, and do so here, so, when I make these claims below, it is with the caveat that new information shows it may not be true, but I will leave in these sections due to the uncertainty on this point.

Pat Anderson, attorney for the Schindlers, is quoted as saying:

“This Court is aware the removal of the feeding tube is a separate act - in this case carried out pursuant to court order - distinct from the withholding of food and water thereafter. The later was not ordered by the Court but by Michael Schiavo.” (Attorney Patricia Fields Anderson, Esq., Fla. Bar. No. 35287; SPN 00239201, In Re: The Guardianship of Theresa Schiavo, Incapacitated, Schiavo vs. Schindler, File No.: 90-2908GD-003, 6th Circuit Court, Pinellas County , Fla. Probate Division, Brief served on 29 October 2003 )

Judge Greer presides over this case. It is he who is permitting Michael Schiavo to break the law without fear of repercussions. Who ordered the police officers to "stand guard" outside the hospice while Terri was being illegally denied food and drink by mouth? Was it Michael? By whose authority? Certainly not Florida law.

The Florida police are afraid to do their duty and prevent Terri from being unlawfully put to death on her Greer-protected husband's unlawful order, so we had better do ours.

Terri's Law has nothing to do with Terri's present legal right to be fed by mouth. It is time to demand that the laws on the books be kept. What law gives Judge Greer/Michael Schiavo the right to deny Terri life sustaining food and drink by mouth? None! Judge Greer/Michael Schiavo have never had the legal right to prevent Terri from being fed by mouth.

Terri swallows her saliva, so swallowing is not ultimately the issue. CONTROL is the issue. Who decides whether Terri lives or dies: The law, which is no respecter of persons, or the judge, who is biased in favor of Terri's death?

The law is on Terri's side, but the judge is on Michael's side. The judge is required to obey the law, but instead, he is breaking it by aiding and abetting Michael Schiavo as he uses his guardianship position to neglect, abuse, and seek to kill his own wife. Judge Greer deserves to  be prosecuted for permitting Michael Schiavo to put Terri under police guard while she was being illegally denied food and water by mouth. He has no legal right to tell anyone not to feed Terri by mouth--but he did. He is not afraid of destroying his career for obviously breaking laws by keeping Michael in the position to break them because he is doing exactly what The Plan calls for. (See: In Keeping With the Larger Agenda, Lawmakers Ignore Michael Schiavo's Lawlessness)

We had better stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the Scientology Plan and begin to insist that the law that states that it does not condone a "deliberate act or omission to end life" be obeyed. George Felos and others are trying hard to make it seem as if refusing Terri food and water by mouth is the same thing as allowing her to die a natural death, but this is not what the law actually says. The "natural process of dying" does not include withholding food and water by mouth. Read the statute and ignore the rhetoric of "right to kill" advocates.

They do not have a legal leg to stand on. Yet. But they will get the "the first case of euthanasia in Florida's reported case law" which will enable them to later  break existing laws at will if their hand-picked judge is permitted to violate the laws on the books now. and permit a man with an obscene conflict of interest to deny Terri Schindler Schiavo food and water by mouth. 

We must act like patriotic Americans and love our countrymen and watch our government. If it means someone has to sue Judge Greer to get him off this case, then they had better do it. It is evil to permit him to single out this woman for a cruel death that is CLEARLY illegal. If we go along with this evil, we are also in collusion with it.

It is time for the media to expose the fact  that Judge Greer has no legal authority to deny Terri Schindler Schiavo food and water  by mouth via proxy: Michael Schiavo. The phony excuse that Terri might choke does not make the law null and void. Michael Schiavo and his backers are not above the law. 

Terri's situation is a huge moral test staring Americans right in the face. The New World Order political engineers are saying in effect, "We are going to blatantly break the law in order to kill whoever we decide to target for death. The police and the media will go along with us, too." 

Every person reading this knows if God has something in particular for you to do to stop them from hoodwinking the citizens of the United States into believing that judges may violate the law in order to have someone  killed. God works through His people. It is time to expose and stop this satanic "right to die" farce right now.

[Update: Terri Schindler Schiavo died of dehydration under an illegal court order which was quietly amended by Judge George Greer on Feb. 25, 2005.]


[1] "Terri Schiavo Wants to Live"

[2] "Terri Schiavo: Thorough Analysis"


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