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New King James Version and the One World Church

The New World Order planners are working with prominent Evangelical church leaders to bring in the One World Religion and One World Government. [Click here for one example.] One of their main goals is to convince you to exchange your King James Bible for the New King James version. The NKJV, which falsely poses as a true-to-the-Received-Text revision of the King James, makes theological changes to the text that serve to merge Christianity with the One World Church:

The truth of the matter is that the New King James Version represents Satan's ultimate deception to oppose God's remnant in the closing days of the New Testament age. (William P. Grady, author, Final Authority)

Some reasons that Christians who sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ have exchanged their King James Bibles for the New King James Version:

(1) They have been told that the NKJV is the fifth revision of the King James Bible. The truth is that there have been several editions of the King James Bible but no true revisions have been made. The word "revisions" is often used in reference to the several editions of the King James 1611. This is not a problem as long as you understand the textual changes often had to do with updating spelling and fonts. Note: The 1769 King James Bible is the final edition of the Authorized Version.

(2) They have been assured that the NKJV conforms to the Textus Receptus. This is a partial truth that is a whole lie:

In the margins of the NKJV, they reference the following texts:

NU - This is an abbreviation for the following texts:

(N) Nestle-Aland Text - Twenty-sixth edition

(U) United Bible Societies Text - Third Edition

These two are the Hort and Westcott Texts!

(Quote source: Dr. Ken Matto's


(3) They are told the NKJV is easier to understand. Actually, the NKJV contains a lot of words that are at a higher reading level than the King James Bible.


Important: Notice some changes in the NKJV text that serve to make this translation friendly to the one world religion agenda. Also see my CHART that cites changes in the NKJV text that reveal this translation is not an innocent revision of the King James Bible.


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(Note: While we commend the stand many fundamentalist Baptists have taken to defend the KJV, we warn against the false doctrine of unconditional eternal security and Dispensationalism as taught by Baptists and other denominations.)

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