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Todd Strandberg Says Defense of KJV is Devil's Handiwork

Todd Strandberg, professed Christian and employer of individuals who maintain control of no less than 14 of his endtime websites, (including Rapture Ready) denies that Satan is working through his followers to corrupt the bible and considers a Christian's defense of the King James Bible the devil's handiwork:

Distraction is one of Satan's favorite tools for hindering the work of God. If he can't pervert or stop the message, he does his best to sidetrack the messenger with trivial debates. After studying the issue of King James Version Onlyism (KJVO), Iíve concluded that we have yet another prime example of the devil's handiwork. (1)

Todd Strandberg sent the message that there is not enough evidence to support the allegation that the modern 'bible' versions are the result of a conspiracy:

Because the consequences of being wrong are so high, I think the critics of the new translations should build a stronger case against the non-KJVO crowd. I've yet to find one KJVO person who bothers to speculate about how this massive conspiracy might have been pulled off. (2)

Todd's remark is not surprising considering the fact that his Rapture Ready forum administrators typically ban discussions that link world events with the unfolding New World Order and shut down such conversations by calling on-target observations 'conspiracy theories.'

A conspiracy is a group of conspirators who band together to achieve some harmful (or illegal) purpose. The conspiracy to bring in the One World Order (which includes a One World Religion) is real. It is called The Plan.

Gail Riplinger built a compelling case against the corrupt message, men and manuscripts  which birthed the modern 'bible" versions. Consequently, Todd Strandberg sought to convince his readers that finding globalist catchphrases in their bible is nothing to be concerned about:

Riplinger goes totally overboard in her "new age," "new world," "new order," "old order," and "former order" examples. Of course, these words are all highly satanic (I'm being sarcastic) and any appearance of them in a Bible translation confirms its evil origin. She put together a nice little list of how these praises appear in non-KJV Bibles. To assemble this list, she needed to reference 18 translations, and in most cases the offending praises only appear once in the various translations. (3)

[Important:Todd Strandberg referred to the words, "new world," "new world order," "old order," and "former order" as praises. The spelling, 'praises' was used twice in one paragraph and the fingering used to type it indicates that the use of the word, 'praises' is not a typo. The only people who praise the new world order are Satan's agents.]

Considering the fact that Todd Strandberg's Rapture Ready forum administrators' posts often serve the NWO agenda, it is not surprising that he ridiculed Gail Riplinger's citations of New Age terminology in the modern 'bible' versions.


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