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Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series

Dr. Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind Series, made the following statement regarding the Scripture's place in the Left Behind Series

"As the series enlarges [to 12 books], I give Jerry an outline of the Scripture for each book, and he hangs the story on the outline." 

(Pentacostal Evangel, May 28, 2000.)

Tim LaHaye asserted that his part has been to provide a scriptural outline for each book, and Jerry Jenkins' part has been to hang the story on the outline. The Left Behind readers have been assured that the novels are based on scripture. Jerry B. Jenkins has even gone so far as to say the novels are being used to teach "Truth with a capital T."

I am compelled by God to differ. I have written over 50 investigative articles and a book, God's Wrath on Left Behind, that expose the dangerous and soul-subverting messages promoted in the series that, if not consciously rejected on the part of the reader, will cause him to lose his soul.

My main focus is not on the author's eschatological bent, but rather, the apostate thinking and behavior of the supposedly saved characters.

There is no vehicle that a true believer may use in good conscience that misrepresents the  holy character and holy doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever we read goes into our minds and stays there, whether it is fact or fiction. The ideas that have been planted remain in our thoughts, waiting to be drawn upon when the circumstances warrant it.

In a time of crisis, the teachings and examples absorbed from the Left Behind series—whether the doctrines are true or false—will be involuntarily recalled as we struggle to make sense of the chaos ensuing. We will not have time to sift through our prior programming to see if it passes the test of biblical accuracy. Now is the time to cast down vain imaginations and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Now is the time to prove all things and hold fast to what is good--not to a mixture of light and darkness.

Several of the false, soul-subverting doctrines promoted in the Left Behind Series are reinforced in Tim LaHaye's nonfiction books, such as the Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible: King James, Revelation Unveiled, and Are We Living in the End Times?

The following is a list of articles with my "tip of the iceberg" observations about the Left Behind novels. The book, God's Wrath on Left Behind, containing almost all new material not found in these articles, is more detailed and reveals the New Age counterfeit "Christ" that sits in the Left Behind Series as if he is God. This false Christ produces sinful, hypocritical "Christians" who commit even the ultimate sin against God to survive. These examples prime the reader to merge with the global government of antichrist.

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Jerry B. Jenkins wants you to believe the Left Behind Series is "Truth with a capital T"!  

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