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The website and message forum are used to send spiritually harmful messages and anti-Christian examples to the church of Jesus Christ. This page will help believers, especially baby Christians to understand that the message board does not consistently present the faith of Jesus, and when the faith of Satan is presented in its place, the administrators do not disallow this or counteract it. God's true people do not fellowship with the kingdom of darkness and promote doctrines and examples that will give Satan place in a Christian's life. Period.

Christians Embracing Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings: The Norm at

The occult Harry Potter books and movies and the deeply satanic Lord of the Rings novels and movies are lauded on the message board as acceptable entertainment for Christians!  The "Christian" administration and Jerry B. Jenkins do not counterpost and warn against fellowshipping with these devilish, entertaining creations which are obviously Satan's works. 

Real Christians who stand up for Jesus on the Internet are considered the aberration, and those who enjoy occult-themed entertainment are the norm:

I can't wait for the new book to come out!!! I'm just waiting for all the anti-HP threads to pop up here. Who wants to take bets on when the first one will show up, if it hasn't already???? (Book Cafe Forum-Release Date For Harry Potter 5)

Jerry B. Jenkins has come under scrutiny at Liberty To The Captives for promoting the occult Harry Potter novels. He is continuing to publicly endorse demonic entertainment by praising the dark, deeply satanic movie, Fellowship of the Rings:

My wife and I walked out after an hour, not wanting to see one more ugly thing. Grief, it assualted (sic) our senses.

I'm one who thought the first installment should have been Picture of the Year, and perhaps this one will be. We'll probably give it another chance with our sons when they get here. (Authors Corner-The Two Towers) [bold emphasis mine]

Someone asked Jerry exactly what it was he did not like about The Two Towers movie:

Mr. Jenkins,
you said you walked out, but exactly "assualted" (sic) youe (sic) senses. I mean was it the Orc or the fighting? If it was the Orc well...they don't look any different from part one.
I am not putting you down or anything but I just wanted to know what exactly you didn't like. I loved it. I thought it was even better then the first one. (Authors Corner-The Two Towers)

Here was Jerry B. Jenkins' opportunity to warn about the extremely satanic nature of the film. He did not do that. He did not mention that the movie is a work of darkness and that Christians who enjoy such satanic entertainment are enjoying fellowship with devils. He merely remarked that the film was "noisy unrelentless ugliness":

We probably shouldn't have gone at midnight and sat next to the giant speakers. I usually don't mind loud-in fact I prefer it to missing one syllable-but for whatever reason, we weren't in the mood for that much noisy unrelentless ugliness. We'll definitely give it another chance. (Authors Corner-The Two Towers)

As a result of reading such dialogue, a seeker or new-to-the-faith Christian would think that viewing movies that promote a satanic world view is normal for a Christian. It is not normal and it is not Christian. It is falling-away-from-the-faith-of-Jesus fodder. Do not swallow it. 

I am wondering when a Christian would ever be in the mood for noisy, unrelentless ugliness. Notice that Jerry never even hinted that viewing such movies is sin and definitely not God's will for his holy, called-out-from-the-world people. And of course he did not explain that all Christians who view such movies give place to the devil (they permit demons to have access to their lives)--both now and during the tribulation, when such access will be spiritually and physically fatal.


The Reason Promotes Occultism Under the Guise of Entertainent: Conditioning For the Falling Away

Just as Prospero--the website software that entices posters to sin by providing a place for an astrological sign in their profile--was chosen to power the new message board format, the push at for Christians to accept movies that Satan produced is no accident. Christians must fall away from the faith of Jesus in order for God to allow the revealing of Antichrist and everything that goes along with the implementation of the satanic regime or New Global Order. Deceiving Christians into thinking that grace is reigning in their lives while they consent to fellowship with Satan via his diabolical entertainment is a key way to achieve this.


Occult Bookstores Recommend Tolkien

The Mystic and Mediums Bookstore recommends the Harry Potter and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books, which are listed under the "Books on Mystics, Mediums, Wizards, Psychics & Prophets Occult" heading! Occult card games based on the Lord of the Rings are also available for sale. 

We have seen The Fellowship of the Rings for the purpose of reporting on it, and it is filled with satanic imagery--pentagrams, demons that look exactly like real demons, etc. Gary has seen many demons, and there is no way those "demons" could have been created for the set without somebody knowing what the real ones look like. If you enjoy fellowshipping with the representations of real demons in The Fellowship of The Rings, then you are willingly fellowshipping with devils. You must repent before you are too hardened in the love of this sin to respond to godly reproof.


  Many Posters Choose Worldly and Occult User Names and Signature Graphics

The practice of "Christians" marking themselves with satanic user names and avatars conditions people to think this is acceptable in the sight of God. It is not acceptable for God's people to mark themselves with satanic symbols (Satan's markings), listen to rock and roll (Satan's music) speak in sarcastic and condescending tones (Satan's talk), and read occult and murder novels (Satan's books). All of these unholy behaviors are practiced or promoted on the Left Behind Message Board.

This is normal only for the falling-away-from-the-faith Christian who (if he refuses to repent) will reap what he has sown by coming under the God-sent delusion to believe the lie that Antichrist is God.

This is not normal or acceptable to a real Christian, who is called out from the falling away church and is heeding God's voice and repenting from all sin and worldliness. 

What kind of Christian will you choose to be? A Christian who continues to sin willfully after you have already come to the knowledge of the truth (you will have nothing to look forward to except a certain fearful judgment and the God-sent delusion to believe the lie and be damned) OR a Christian who does not draw back unto perdition but believes unto the saving of his soul? (See 2 Thess. chapter 2 and Heb. 10: 26-39) 

We pray that you will continue in the faith of Jesus until the end. 

Note: After a few visitors complained about the astrological signs in the profiles, the administrators deleted them. It is interesting they did not remove them at the outset, but only after they could see this was not well received.

About link documentation: If the links do not work, you can find the posts by going to the particular forum and typing in keywords.

updated 6/06/03 has switched from Prospero to Agora Media. Continually changing the format of their website gives them an opportunity to remove articles that I have exposed on this site.

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