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Jerry B. Jenkins on Harry Potter

Larry King, host of Larry King Live, asked Jerry B. Jenkins his opinion of the Harry Potter books in an interview aired June 19, 2000:

KING: Do you like the "Potter" books?

JENKINS: They're incredibly written books. I had looked at them a little bit askance just because of my belief system. But there's no question that -- talk about a great read. And what a following. It's amazing. [1]

B. Jenkins had favorable things to say about the Harry Potter books! His one slightly negative comment does not remedy his endorsement of witchcraft manuals disguised as pure fantasy.

This was a perfect opportunity for Jerry Jenkins to honor God and influence many people for good by stating that people should avoid the Harry Potter series because they promote demonic skills and a New-World-Order-correct worldview in the guise of fantasy. Instead, Jerry said these books are a great read!

What is particularly disturbing is that Jerry admires the fact that Rowlings has such a large following. May God deliver her following out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of God's dear Son! (See Col. 1:13)

Update on Jenkins and Harry Potter

Jerry B. Jenkins was asked this serious question on December 12, 2002 on the Left Behind Message Board in the thread called Mr. LaHaye or Mr. Jenkins *.*:

Mr Jenkins, do you think Christians should avoid Harry Potter (not children but responsible people who understand fact from fiction)?

Jerry B. Jenkins' response: No

Spiritism in any form is an abomination to the God of the Holy Bible. He forbids dark practices that come from secret knowledge. These practices enable one to have fellowship with Satan and his demons who are the enemies of God and the enemies of God's people. Jerry B. Jenkins has no problem with occultism in the form of Harry Potter

This is consistent with the fact that he placed occult markings into the storyline of the Left Behind Series. Christian, you are being conditioned to think the Holy God of the Bible will look the other way while His people commit spiritual adultery. He will not. He will send strong delusion for them to believe the lie when that Wicked is revealed. (See 2 Thessalonians chapter 2) 

In spite of the Left Behind authors' repeated attempts to deceive the reader into thinking that if he believes "that Wicked" is God and worships him that he can still be saved later this will never happen. Whoever believes that Wicked is God will receive damnation because God himself will see to it. God will not always strive with man, and once man has crossed the line into worshipping the beast, he will be irreversibly damned. 

Beverly LaHaye's CWA Site Sells Books That Says Harry Potter Can Help Advance the Kingdom of God 

The Concerned Women For America ministry, founded by Tim LaHaye's wife, Beverly, sells books that send the message that the Harry Potter phenomenon can advance the kingdom of God:

In What's A Christian To Do With Harry Potter? [2] you’ll explore the valid concerns some Christians have about the series, sort out the fact and fiction at the center of the debate, discover biblical answers that may surprise you, and learn how you can tap into this powerful cultural phenomenon to help advance the kingdom of God. 

Seattle Times had this to say of What's a Christian To Do With Harry Potter

"Connie Neal, a Christian from Sacramento, Calif., who once feared the Harry Potter phenomenon . . .has since become its best-known evangelical proponent" [3]

The Harry Potter books contain real, black magick satanism, and even include human sacrifice.[4] It is revealing that Beverly Lahaye's ministry is selling books by a woman who promotes witchcraft training manuals--the Harry Potter books. (This goes right along with what I have been stating is the fundamental goal of the Left Behind Series: to condition Christians to merge with Satan's manifest kingdom on earth--the New World Order-- and believe they can do this without forfeiting their souls.)

It is disturbing that Connie Neal's countering-Harry-Potter-critics book entitled The Gospel According to Harry Potter [5] is also sold on the CWA website. I noticed that occult imagery — the thunderbolt — is is on the cover of Connie Neal's book. [The lightening bolt symbol also marks the original In Plane Site DVD that was produced by the Power Hour.]

Publisher's Weekly remark about the The Gospel According to Harry Potter, sheds light on their syncretist views:

 "Still, Christian fans of Harry will be glad that someone is countering the critics, and Neal's earnest writing may win both Rowling and the Gospels a few new readers." [6]

Why would the organization founded by Beverly LaHaye sell books that counter Christian opposition to Harry Potter and possibly win Rowlings more readers? Remember, Jerry B. Jenkins admired Rowlings' following, calling it "amazing." It makes sense that Beverly LaHaye's CWA organization is cooperating with this agenda and selling books that counter Harry Potter critics and help Rowlings gain more readers. 

Let's face it. The point of books of this nature is to give Christians excuses not to repent of sin. It deceives them into feeling secure in their spiritual adultery and preps them to fall completely away from the Christian faith and come under the strong delusion to believe the lie. If God's people believe fellowshipping with devils in any form can be used to advance the kingdom of God, then they are literally being set up to believe that Wicked (antichrist) is God.

The statement: "...learn how you can tap into this powerful cultural phenomenon to help advance the kingdom of God" is sending the message that Christians should read the Harry Potter books so they can learn how to advance the kingdom of God.

This is deliberately mixing up what is of God and what is of Satan which is exactly what the Left Behind series does. The god of the Harry Potter series is Satan, just as the god of the Left Behind Series is Satan. 


Removing Links to Protect the Guilty

Note: Within minutes of posting this article to my website, the link named "What's a Christian To Do With Harry Potter?" at the CWA website was renamed. I found it again and fixed the link. If you find the link not working again, go to and scroll down to shop CWA and click author and type in "Connie Neal." Then you will find the page unless they remove it entirely. I have saved the pages to prove they are selling these books.

The link that proves Jerry's statements on the Larry King Live Show was mysteriously removed too. update: 7/12/03: The link I cited originally was removed, but now the quotes are online at At least for the present.


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