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Jerry B. Jenkins Revealed Left Behind Agenda:

Jerry Wants You To Believe it is "Truth With a Capital T"

The Page Turner's Journal, copyright by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., contains "the inside story of authors of moving fiction." In Issue 3 July 19, 2002, (shortly after the release of The Remnant) they conducted an online interview with Jerry B. Jenkins. It is here that Jerry B. Jenkins finally revealed in no uncertain terms the real agenda of the Left Behind series.

 (If you need this documentation, save the linked page. Sometimes links disappear. Note: they did remove this page from the internet for a time.)

PTJ: Do you think the fact that you use fiction to convey the biblical perspective on the end times has much to do with the series' popularity?

JJ: Yes, I do. Fiction has a unique role in conveying Truth. In fact, only fiction that is Truth with a capital T is worthwhile.

Ironically, in today's marketplace successful nonfiction has to be unbelievable, while successful fiction must be believable. Left Behind takes what to some people may be unbelievable predictions from the Bible and shows how they might play out. It makes the events of biblical prophecy understandable and thus believable.

Good fiction must be entertaining, but what makes fiction special—and True—is that the realness of a novel allows it to carry a larger message. Our goal for Left Behind was to make the most cataclysmic events that will ever happen-the Rapture of the Church, the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming of Christ-come to life for the reader. As long as we don't violate the reader's proverbial "willing suspension of disbelief," we have captivated a mind with Truth.

Jerry said, "In fact, only fiction that is Truth with a capital T is worthwhile." He referred to the Left Behind series in this statement. The apostate and larger message of the Left Behind Series is that it portrays Christians outwardly merging with Satan's manifest kingdom on earth (the New World Order)—even to the point of losing the testimony of Jesus and denying Him before men—and not forfeiting their souls in the process. This is impossible according to the Bible, but Jerry B. Jenkins says it is "Truth with a capital T." Says Left Behind is Truth Too!

The unnamed writer of an article called "Why Read Left Behind?" is aggressively promoting the notion that readers should take the teachings in the Left Behind Series seriously: 

The discussion guides can be used for your own study or in small groups. They can be very helpful in drawing out scriptural truths from the series. [bold emphasis mine] 

As we have already pointed out, each book also contains an abundance of teaching, most of it by characters using and explaining passages from the Bible. [bold emphasis mine] 

So, something that Left Behind brings to all readers is an appreciation for the Bible. The series brings to life much of the symbolism that seems so difficult to imagine. In addition, woven into each book is a rich amount of teaching from the Bible—using the teaching of left-behind pastor Bruce Barnes (based on material prepared by Dr. Vernon Billings of New Hope Village Church) and especially that of Dr. Tsion Ben-Judah, which develops as the series progresses.[bold emphasis mine.] (Quotes source: Why Read Left Behind?

Children Targeted Next: Left Behind Study Books

We have started introducing discussion guides for the Kids series, scaled for the younger audience and the smaller size of each of those books. This summer, Moody Press will introduce a new series of Bible study books related to the Left Behind series. (Quote source: Why Read Left Behind?)


Fearing Man and loss of Mammon More Than Fearing  God

The church largely sits back and trembles with fear and cowers before the Left Behind rich and powerful empire while apostasy and blasphemy is called "Truth with a capital T."

How do we think we will escape God's judgment (judgment begins at the house of God) if we allow His character and holy word to be blasphemed in the Left Behind Series while the author boldly states that it is "Truth with a capital T"? No longer is there any hiding behind the often used excuse that the "Left Behind Series is only fiction!" Jerry B. Jenkins gave you their official position, and is openly reinforcing it.

They have finally openly stated their goals. What will you do about it? If you refuse to take a stand against obvious apostasy that is being marketed as Christianity, how can you convince yourself that you are standing in the evil day? And that you care enough to help others stand too?

This is Truth With a Capital T?

The example that a Christian may "pretend" to worship the beast is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example that a Christian may have the mark of the beast forced on his person (because he refused to confess Jesus Christ before men) and remain saved is "Truth with a capital T"?

The teaching that if a Christian has the mark of the beast he is still saved because "God looks on the heart," relates Jerry B. Jenkins. "He was a believer first, and thus, always" is "Truth with a capital T"? (See FAQ)

The teaching (via a sermon!) that Jesus' death on the cross was a martyrdom is "Truth with a capital T?"

The example that an unmarried Christian is ashamed of being a virgin is "Truth with a capital T?"

The teaching that if you do not disappear before the tribulation begins you can be certain you are not a real Christian is "Truth with a capital T"?

The teaching that the Bible teaches that real Christians will have visible cross-shaped marks on their foreheads during the tribulation is "Truth with a capital T? 

The teaching that God will lead his people to work for Antichrist and use Satan's tools of sin is "Truth with a capital T"?

Christians behaving like terrorists is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example of Christians acknowledging Antichrist as lord is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example that a Christian may practice Transcendental meditation to gain a sense of peace under duress is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example that a Christian can confess Antichrist as the risen lord in order to serve God is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example that there can be a special category of Christian during the tribulation: one that has the seal of God and the mark of the beast is "Truth with a capital T"?

The example that God will lead a Christian to deny Jesus Christ in order to save his own life (and not repent of this sin) is "Truth with a capital T"?

The teaching that abortion might be justifiable in the case of rape or incest is "Truth with a capital T"?

God's Wrath on Left Behind is replete with documented proof of these and many other antichrist teachings in the Left Behind series. There is no longer any excuse to defend this series as being a work of God. Apostasy is being promoted as "Truth with a capital T."

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