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The Remnant: Remarkably Anti-Christian

Murder For "The Cause"

The Remnant, book ten in the Left Behind Series, begins with the authors, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins setting the reader up to accept the anti-biblical notion of Christians behaving like terrorists during the Tribulation: 

"I'm ready" Hannah said, making Mac cock his head. Chloe was surprised too. She knew Hannah had warmed to this assignment, but she couldn't imagine Hannah wanted to kill anyone any more than she did. "The gloves are off," Hannah said, looking to Chloe and then back to Mac. "We've gone way past diplomacy. If it's kill or be killed, I'm killing somebody."

"I'm just saying," Hannah said, "this is war. You think they won't kill Sebastian? They very well already could have. And I'm not counting on finding this Stavros girl alive." The Remnant p. 7

"This is war":  Authors' Justification For Christians to Murder

The phrase "this is war" reminded me how the authors crafted the plot to justify Rayford's intention to assassinate a head of state. The justification began like this: 

What would Tsion think if he knew what Rayford had done, starting with abandoning both Leah and Buck, but worse, wanting, intending, trying to murder the Antichrist, then perhaps doing so by accident?" The Indwelling p. 49

After Chloe became aware that her father might have committed murder she "dropped into a chair" and spoke to Tsion about it:

"What if he's guilty? What if he's a murderer? There's no exception to God's law if the victim is the Antichrist, is there?"

Tsion shook his head. "None that I know of." 

"Then musn't he turn himself in? Suffer the consequences?"

"Slow down, Chloe. We know too little." 

"But if he is guilty." 

"My answer may surprise you."

"Surprise me."

"Off the top of my head, I believe we are at war. In the heat of battle, killing the enemy has never been considered murder." The Indwelling p. 90

Rayford's vengeful, premeditated plan to assassinate Carpathia was not in the heat of battle. This was a months-long, carefully planned act of revenge. The authors introduced the idea of a Christian behaving like a terrorist by repeatedly having Rayford think that God might want him to be an assassin! Religious terrorists commit murder in the service of their "god," not Christians who overcome the world.

The Left Behind authors depicted a Christian who had the same "lust to kill" thinking processes:

Would he be willing to kill Carpathia if God made that clear? Assassins p 370

If he was to do this, God would have to orchestrate it. Assassins p. 372

As the crowd flooded out to play, Rayford determinedly marched the miles back to his car, jaw still set, hands hidden by the billowy sleeves. Unless God made him, he would not do anything rash. Assassins p. 382 (The Islamic terrorists' god makes them do rash things.)

Rayford began to spend time near the Gala state where the closing ceremony would be held Friday night. He calculated angles, lines of sight, when to arrive, where to stand, where to move, how to get himself in position should God choose to use him. Assassins p. 393

He was willing to get to the plaza at least three hours before sundown, stay in the middle of crowds, and make sure he was in the spot he had scouted. Past that, God would have to pull the trigger. Assassins p. 396 (Islamic "fundamentalist" religious terrorists pull the trigger for their god.)

The authors chose to have Rayford back out of his plan to ambush and kill his enemy at the last moment because he was afraid, rather than because he repented of his lust for revenge: 

Had God used him in spite of his cowardice? Could he have fulfilled prophecy? Assassins p. 410

The reader is being programmed to think that Tsion Ben-Judah, the supposedly godly spiritual leader of the Tribulation Force, justified Rayford's plot to assassinate a public official as an act of religious warfare. Terrorists serve "the cause" and their murderous actions are justified in their minds as "acts of war" too. 

The "Elena Kill"

It is revealing that the authors chose to have the George Sebastian character determine to never utter a word to his captors. He did not have the testimony of Jesus on his lips, neither did he praise the name of Jesus Christ in the presence of His enemies or pity his cruel captors who he knew were pawns of Satan. Jesus plainly told his followers to pray for their enemies and for those who despitefully use them. The authors had numerous opportunities to present biblical examples of how a Christian should respond if he is delivered up to be persecuted, but they did not use them. Instead, they used George's imprisonment and escape scenarios to present anti-Christian and pro-New World Order messages to the reader.

For example, Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye attempted to sugar coat a cold-blooded act of revenge and present it as service to God:

At the first sensation of skin on skin, George Sebastian called on all his years of training, football, and lifting. As he pushed off the floor with his palms and drove his heels into the back of the elevator, the massive quads and hamstrings in his thighs drove him up and into Elena, who had murdered her last believer. The Remnant p. 167

The phrase, "who had murdered her last believer" indicates George's murderous intent. He chose to kill her rather than easily overpower her tiny frame, confiscate her weapon, tie her up, and escape. The authors made sure the reader knew details about George that indicated he most definitely could have escaped without killing Elena. For example, he had extensive military training, and at 240 pounds, he was twice her size. He used the element of surprise in order to escape; therefore he could have left the premises without killing her in cold blood. The authors chose to portray George, a Christian, as wanting to kill his captor, and never repenting of this sin. 

George's 240 pounds slammed into her so fast and hard that as he wrapped his arms around her waist he felt the top of his head push her stomach against her spine. The Remnant p. 168

Remember, the authors chose to present the scenario in this manner. They could have had George pray and ask God to help him spring out of the elevator, overpower Elena, and then confiscate the weapon without mortally wounding her. Instead, they chose to present George as intending to kill Elena. 

Immediately after George fled the scene of the murder, he planned to steal a car:

He was about to charge out the back door to see if he could find a car to hot-wire when he heard keys in the entry door and looked to see an old man smiling and waving at him. The Remnant p. 168 

Now whether George went through with the theft or not has nothing to do with the fact that the authors presented the theft of an automobile as an option for a Christian who needs to flee the scene of a crime. (Outlaws, not Christians, steal cars.) They justified lying and theft in the earlier books as long as the person on the receiving end of this sin was the antichrist or someone that worked in his service. Now they did not even bother with that kind of bogus "justification."

Incredibly, the authors depicted Christian characters using "terrorist talk" to describe George's murder of Elena:

"What do you make of that, Chang?"

(Mac responded) "I don't worry about it. Sebastian confirmed the Elena kill, and he has her phone. The Remnant p. 175

The authors chose to have Mac use terrorist talk by calling Elena's murder "the Elena kill." Nobody batted an eyelash over "the Elena kill" and there was no further discussion.

Mac, another Tribulation Force member, wanted to go back and take out a few of them as well:

"I wish we could have gone back," Mac said. "I'd like to have taken out a few of them myself." The Remnant p. 196

Terrorists want to "take people out," not Christians. If a Christian is forced to defend his family by taking up arms, he may do so but he must try to avoid violent confrontation rather than seek it. Self-defense is NOT murder. Murder is committed with malice. As you can see, Rayford, Mac, and George had murder, not self-defense, on their minds.

Authors Did Not Portray George Repenting of Murder; Instead, This Sin Was Justified

Rayford noticed George tried to downplay it. "I overpowered a woman half my size."

(Downplay what? The implication is that George downplayed his accomplishment of murdering Elena because she was so small.)

"But she was armed, no? And she had killed people?"

"Well, we couldn't let her keep doing that, could we?"

The propaganda technique of rationalization is at work here. The authors used Rayford to rationalize George's sin of murdering Elena. This act of murder was treated as an accomplishment by the authors' deliberate decision to use the word "downplay." This is a very cleverly done print subliminal. 

They could have depicted George as being sorry he had plotted to kill Elena and confess his sin to God; but no, they want the reader to believe that her murder was justified. Murdering Elena prevented her from harming anyone else. Imagine how the unbelieving world perceives Christians if they heed this heinous representation. 

More Examples of George Desiring to Kill

George's goal formed slowly in his mind. He wanted to say alert, to be aware of every nuance. He wanted to know when the GC finally lost patience and realized he was a hopeless, lost cause. Because when they had finally had enough and his end had come, he wanted to be sure to take one or two with him into eternity. (The Remnnant p 52)

Christians Being Presented as Terrorists

If the world did not know it before, the Left Behind authors have informed them that Christians like to kill and will go beyond self-defense in killing for "the cause."  Do you want millions of people to think that Christians have the qualities of terrorists? Have you ever thought about what effect this kind of widespread conditioning will have upon the safety of Christians both now and during the Tribulation?

Christians do not serve "the cause." Terrorists serve their cause and they will do anything in order to further the cause they serve. Christians serve the Lord Jesus Christ, not "the cause." They serve the Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with His Holy Word, the Bible. 

Lusting to kill people, including persecutors, is not a true depiction of Christianity. The patience of the saints does not include terrorism. True Christians are not terrorists who, in their service to "the cause," pose as satanists, illegally "appropriate" planes, helicopters and fancy communications equipment, infiltrate government buildings, and plan and carry out assassinations. 

False I.D.'s a Way of Life For Terrorists

According to Paul Hudson, executive director of the advocacy group Aviation Consumer Action Project, "Identity theft and false IDs are a way of life for almost all smart terrorists and criminals." (Quote source: Government Poised to Begin ID Program for Travelers and Transportation Workers

The Tribulation Force committed identity theft too. They did this in their quest to serve "the cause." Zeke was the Tribulation Force's fake identity expert. The authors supplied many elements in the storyline that portrayed the Tribulation Force as behaving like terrorists. Assassins even went so far as to have Buck, seeking a fake I.D. card, ask Zeke to identify him with SATAN'S religion:  

"Yeah, make me a card-carrying member of Enigma Babylon Faith." And an organ donor. Why not?" (Assassins, p 189)  

The Tribulation Force Dubbed The "Force"

So far they had lost no one but Steve Plank, who had never officially been part of the Force but was mourned as if he were. The Remnant p 268

The highlight of his day, beyond hearing the teaching and keeping up with the scattered Force, was the evangelistic message delivered every day by one of the two preachers. The Remnant p. 271

"Oh, but that's just a shortening of the name, Tribulation Force!' some may angrily protest. If shortening the name of a supposed band of Tribulation saints identifies them with Satan (The Force is one of his names) then that name must not be shortened. You may have heard of the phrase made famous by Star Wars: "May the Force be with you. This "Force is none other than Satan.

While we are on the subject of the Tribulation Force, I think it is revealing that the qualifications necessary to join this band had nothing to do with biblical qualities of Christians. I suppose this makes sense because the Tribulation Force fought their enemies with carnal weapons, not with spiritual weapons as befitting true Christians. 

Let us examine how the authors depicted the Tribulation Force:

(Bruce said) "I'm looking for people of unusual intelligence and courage." Left Behind p. 419

Rayford was intrigued but not sure. Chloe was more eager. "A cause," she said. "Something not just to die for but to live for." 


"A group, a team, a force," Chloe said.

"You've got it. A force." 

Chloe's eyes were bright with interest. Rayford loved her youth and her eagerness to commit to a cause that to her was only hours old. 

(Quote source: Left Behind p 420)


Serving "a Cause" is Totally Different From Serving the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ

Please notice the authors chose to have this group of Christians commit to "a cause." This is unbiblical. Christians do not serve a thing (a cause). They serve the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God Almighty. Being committed to a principle or cause (or denomination) is far different from being committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge His followers for the works they do in His mighty name.

Terrorists commit to a cause and will do anything to serve their cause including committing sins such as lying, hypocrisy, guile, stealing, murdering, etc. True Christians serve the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they serve Him in holiness according to His will as revealed in the Holy Bible.

The goals of the Tribulation Force were to oppose and speak out against the Antichrist, false prophet, and evil counterfeit religion. The methods in which they carried out these plans often mirror the way terrorists serve their cause. Christians must get busy countering this evil, terrorist-like depiction of Christianity. The Left Behind series is a Trojan Horse in the Christian camp. Who is willing to go outside the Left Behind camp and sound the alarm? May you obey God as He directs you to serve Him using His tools of holy living, not "a cause" using Satan's tools of sin.

Terrorist Groups are Forces

This article is very interesting. The Chinese government's label for terrorist groups is "forces." One is a force, two or more are forces. What is more, they are presented as evil forces. These separatist, extremist forces fight in what they believe is a holy war. 

The Tribulation Force fights in a "holy war" too, and whatever manner of sin they commit to further their cause is justified in the novels because they are at war. This fits terrorism mentality to a "T."  

The point is the way terrorists are being portrayed to the public: They are termed forces and they fight in a holy war just like the Tribulation Force.

The authors' use of terrorist terms (Force, serving the cause, this is  war) to describe the heroes of the Left Behind series is dangerous. With the climate of fear in this country and the linking of Christian Patriots with terrorists, this is ominous indeed.

The Left Behind novels could have been written in wholesome ways that glorify Jesus Christ, but they were not. Instead, the writers unnecessarily linked Christians with terrorists by using words the government already uses to label terrorist groups. 

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