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-- God’s Wrath on Left Behind, by Lisa Ruby, makes the case that the popular novels are driven by anti-Christian and Satanic subliminal messages

NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA – Lisa Ruby has heard it all, and she knows the odds are overwhelmingly against her. Yet, she pushes onward; convinced she has uncovered something truly sinister within the pages of the wildly popular Left Behind book series.

She knows she’s waging the good fight, and she is determined to make as many people as possible aware of what’s really going on.

Put simply, Ruby’s new book God’s Wrath on Left Behind methodically outlines evidence indicating the Left Behind series is not what it appears to be. Moreover, Ruby lays out -- through clear Biblical examples and critical examination -- a compelling argument that the best-selling novels are virtual propaganda tools teeming with anti-Christian gospel, anti-Christ messages, and radical New Age teachings.

"The Left Behind series is a promotion of Satan’s broad road leading to destruction in the guise of ‘tribulation-style’ Christianity," says Ruby. "Cloaked under the label of ‘entertainment,’ the fact is that careful review of the Left Behind books reveals a frightening hidden agenda that is sending harmful messages to millions of readers."

Some of the shocking points Ruby makes in her book include:

"All I ask is that people consider the evidence I present, and step away from the fanfare of the Left Behind series," adds Ruby. "By doing so, you’ll discover that things are not what they appear, and that people are being ‘entertained’ at the expense of Christ."


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