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The Church and the New World Order

This page is an ongoing collection of news links, commentary, and articles that exposes how church and parachurch organizations are shaping attitudes in preparation for the one world government/ one world religion. 

Some of the individuals cited might be outspoken against the New World Order. Nevertheless, if they supply the just-what-the-government-ordered leaven, their public anti-New World Order stance serves to enhance their credibility in the conditioning process.

I will include other articles that are related to the subject of attitudinal changes that are conducive to the New World Order.

Articles of interest:

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Todd Strandberg's NWO Conditioning Forums are Run By Employees

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Zeph Daniel: Beware His Net

TAKING THE FIRE OUT OF HELL --NOTE: Steve Wohlberg, author of Endtime Delusions, is a Seventh Day Adventist PASTOR and as such, follows the teachings of Ellen G. White.  Steve does not believe that the lost suffer in an unquenchable fire for eternity. He also does not believe that a man known in the Bible as "that wicked" or "man of sin" that is commonly referred to by Christians as the Antichrist, will rise to power during the Tribulation. He believes that Antichrist is a system, not a person. See:  New Age Markings on Ellen G. White's Writings


Comply or Die: New World Order Conditioning

Bob Enyart, pastor, radio host and commentator, believes that anyone who engages in homosexual behavior should be executed:

"Anyone performing homosexual behavior, upon conviction, will be executed."

Here are the first two pages from Bob Enyart's book, The First Five Days. 

I obtained this excerpt from, a website operated by the "Church" of Scientology.

SHADOWGOV.COM is a fictional essay which describes the takeover of the existing American government by a shadow government of the Christian religious right. The United States becomes a theocratic dictatorship overnight. In their first two days in office, the new government issues two proclamations, implementing a number of basic changes in the country:

  • All inmates currently on death row were to be publicly executed on the second day of the new government.
  • "The penalty for murder is death, as is the penalty for attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, advocacy of murder and all other capital crimes," such as homosexual behavior.
  • Individuals convicted of performing an abortion would be executed. Painless executions would be abolished. The victim's families would have the right to kill the convicted murder, by stabbing, shooting, strangulation, etc.
  • Persons convicted of advocating access to abortion would be executed.
  • Feminists Pat Schroeder and Gloria Alred were arrested and tried for the new crime of advocating access to legal abortions.
  • Jury trials were suspended; all trials are by judge. The accused are tried almost immediately without having any time to prepare their case or hire a lawyer. The rationale is that the community has a right to a speedy trial. The penalty for being in contempt of court is flogging.
  • Homosexual establishments (e.g. bars, publishing facilities, support groups, etc.) are closed and padlocked
  • "Anyone performing homosexual behavior, upon conviction, will be executed."
  • The media debates whether the death penalty requires gay or lesbian sexual activity, or whether it would include the mere state of having a homosexual orientation.

Only two out of the first five days of the new administration are available online. The full manuscript of The First Five Days are available for  $24.95. The Webmaster writes: "Your order supports the spread of these godly ideas!"

my comments: It is obvious that Bob Enyart's ideas fit into the New World Order paradigm. He spoke of a theocratic dictatorship. The New World Order will be a dictatorship, headed by a person who will kill off all the "problem people" just as Bob advocates in his "Christian" shadow government thesis. 

According to Bob Enyart, "Christian" government means death to all who do not conform in thought and in deed to the moral dictates of the theocratic society. This is exactly how the New World Order, the real shadow government, will rule society. Misfits, people who do not conform to the demonic "morals" of the government of the beast, will be "scratched from the game" or eliminated.

This is dangerous, "Christians are terrorists" conditioning because it promotes the lie that Christians want to KILL those who do not follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

The New World government considers Christians to be bad for their New Age society. In the not-too-distant future, they will kill enormous numbers of Christians in order to govern their version of a theocracy: the kingdom of Antichrist.

Bob Enyart's "shadow government" fictional essay is New World Order conditioning.

Christians Depicted as Terrorists

Pat Robertson's remarks about placing a nuclear device in the State Department's main building serve to reinforce the idea that Christians are terrorists:

The State Department has protested to televangelist Pat Robertson about his "despicable" suggestion that someone blow up the department with a nuclear bomb, an official said on Thursday.

(Quote source: Reuters posted on The Fatty Newsroom News Article)

Also see: Dangerous Diplomacy: Author Discusses the State of the State Department (CBN transcript)

Paul Hill - The Abortion Movement's Osama Bin Laden

Paul Hill's murders, which he claimed were the will of God,  have caused many to categorize Christian activists as terrorists. 

The Left Behind Series depicts Christians behaving exactly like terrorists. See: Murder For The Cause; George Sebastian is Not an Example of a Believer Living By Bold Faith!

The "Christians are terrorists propaganda" is being  promoted via many avenues. Christians must repent of sin and worldly living and put the Lord Jesus Christ first in order to work to counter this wicked propaganda. 

Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network

Pat Robertson defends forced China...for a "good reason." "The end justifies the means" is New Age relativism, and is antithetical to Christianity, which is absolute truth. A follower of the Lord Jesus Christ never does wrong in order to do right. 

In 2001 Robertson infuriated pro-life Americans with comments seeming to justify China's horrific coercive family planning program. He said, "Well, you know, I don't agree with it. But at the same time, they've got 1.2 billion people, and they don't know what to do. If every family over there was allowed to have three or four children, the population would be completely unsustainable. ... So, I think that right now they're doing what they have to do. I don't agree with the forced abortion, but I don't think the United States needs to interfere with what they're doing internally in this regard."



What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?

New Age change-agents work to destroy the Christian via many vehicles. For example, author Connie Neal hopes that Christians will ignore God's warnings in the Bible against sorceries and instead, believe her assertion that being a Harry Potter fan can be a "biblically viable position":

"If you are a Harry Potter fan, I will explain how this can be a biblically viable position and give you insight to ways you can profitably use these stories."

(Quote source:

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