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The New World Order Church: Against Polemic Evangelicals

Jerry B. Jenkins' statements about his method of sharing the gospel line up with The Plan. The New World Order Church rejects absolute truth, and thus shuns polemics.

Jerry stated that being a "polemic evangelical" is offensive. He sent the message that Christians who unwaveringly stand on absolutes (polemic individuals) are smug and condescending. The Lord Jesus Christ is the epitome of truth and love. He does not have a flippant attitude of "that's too bad for you," when an individual rejects him and chooses hell instead, and neither do his real followers.

Jerry B. Jenkins' characterization of Christians as being unloving if they stand firm on the absolute truth of the gospel is exactly what the One World Church leaders want people to think:

I think it behooves evangelicals to find some way to express that what we believe is the truth, yet we want people to know it breaks our hearts, too. We can't just be smug and condescending and say, "Well, Jesus is the only way to God. That's what the Bible says. Good for me, too bad for you." That's going to turn people to the point where they don't want to hear any of it.

We can't shrink from that truth, and yet we have to find ways to say it, because the truth of it alone is offensive.

In fact, the success of Left Behind has given you a media platform where you're regularly asked to defend that position.

I think some interviewers are halfway hoping that I'm going to be the sort of polemic evangelical who sits there smugly and says, "That's what it says, too bad for you." Instead, I say, "I realize this is offensive, and I realize that not everybody is going to accept this, but I feel my job is to share this news and what they do with it is up to them. But if they reject it, I would still pray for them, still love them, still associate with them."

(Quote source: The Dick Staub Interview: Jerry Jenkins's Solo Apocalypse)

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