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Warning: This article is intended for adults only.

Christianity Today Article: Promotes Evolution and Soft-Pedals Porn

"Holy Sex," an article that was published in the October 2003 edition of Christianity Today, promotes a form of "Christianity" that is foreign to the Bible. "Holy Sex," written by editor at large, Philip Yancey,  promotes evolution and minimizes the sin of viewing pornography. This is done by the use of calculatingly constructed sentences that work as print subliminals. (1)  The article as a whole is needlessly graphic and explicit. While titled "Holy Sex," (2) Yancey's article contains decidedly unholy messages.

Philip Yancey made it clear that he believes that human beings are animals:

"Only in technologically advanced cultures do people reduce sex to an act of pleasure we perform like any other animal." ( page 47) 

Yancey did not say that people perform like an animal. He chose to use the print subliminal "like any other animal" instead. In doing so he sent the message that human beings are animals. Here is another example in which Yancey refers to human beings as animals:

"Unlike other social animals, humans prefer privacy for the act."

The following sentence gives the impression that Philip Yancey believes people do not fall into the category of animals:

"The more we learn about human sexuality, the more it differs from how the animals do it."

But then he picked up the evolution leavening again:

"The human male has the largest penis of any primate, and the female is the only mammal whose breasts develop before her pregnancy." [bold emphasis mine]

Philip Yancey chose two words evolutionists use to place people into the category of animals: mammals and primates! Let us review the definitions of both words that Yancey used in reference to people.


Any of various warm-blooded vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including humans, characterized by a covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young.


A mammal of the order Primates, which includes the anthropoids and prosimians, characterized by refined development of the hands and feet, a shortened snout, and a large brain.

Primate is a term that refers to an order of mammals. Mammals are animals.

Porn is the Norm for Today's Christian?

Philip Yancey casually mentioned that at times, he has "given in" to lust:

"At times I have given in to lust. I cannot deny that nude women, whether in art museums or magazines or over the internet, exert on me a power like gravitational force." (page 50)

The second sentence explains the sins Philip Yancey, a man known as a Christian writer, engages in to make provision for the sin of lust. He views nude women in art museums, in magazines, and on the internet. 

The Bible does not call the willful indulgence of fleshly lusts, "giving in" to sin. It says it is making "provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. (See Rom. 13:14) Yancey is deliberately minimizing the abomination of setting a wicked thing before his eyes by using the phrase, "giving in to lust." Taking the trouble to seek out pictures of unclothed women is not "giving in" to lust. It is going after, or pursuing lust.

Philip mentions resisting temptation, but the way the sentence is constructed is spiritually dangerous to the reader:

"Our culture has mastered the disconnect 'technique' of sex, and I have fallen victim. I must also say, though, that when I resist the temptation, and pour sexual energy into my marriage—a much more complicated and less selfish transaction, to be sure—the obsessive power of sexuality fades away."

Notice the message Philip Yancey presented in the statement above: Mr. Yancey states that he has fallen victim to the disconnect 'technique' of sex but WHEN he resists the temptation (to engage in the use of porn) the obsessive power of sexuality fades away. Philip Yancey's chosen wording sends the message that porn is his norm but good things result when he resists the temptation.

Philip Yancey, following the example of psychology, referred to himself as a "victim" of the same sin our culture runs after: the willful sin of viewing images of unclad men and women in magazines and internet sites. The Christian reader, who in this stage of the falling away is statistically likely to be guilty of the same sin in his or her own life, is being conditioned to minimize this damnable sin by placing himself or herself into the category of "victim" rather than facing up to the fact that he or she has made a choice to submit himself/herself to sexual uncleanness and the resulting demonic bondage.

Philip Yancey reduced the sins of uncleanness and lasciviousness—and what Jesus labeled adultery—to a selfish, "disconnected" way to release sexual energy. The implication is that porn makes him obsessive and marital sex cures this obsession. He actually trivialized a serious sin that Satan exalts and God hates!

Mr. Yancey expressed no godly sorrow for this sin. He simply called it is a selfish 'disconnect' technique of sex. He wrote, "when I resist the temptation" something positive results: "the obsessive power of sexuality fades away." He did not warn the reader that not resisting the temptation to view porn is to place one's feet into the fires of hell.

He treated the viewing of pornography, which is one of Satan's primary modern devices to spiritually destroy Christian men and women, as a minor spiritual issue! The ramifications of an article like this are obvious:

Philip Yancey is sending the message that a Christian's indulgence in porn will not lead to his eternal damnation!

He is presenting the notion that fellowship with devils in the form of porn is merely a diversion from the way God intended things to be. A person who reads Yancey's article is being led to believe that porn is not an abomination in the sight of God. Instead, the reader is presented with the idea that porn is simply a "disconnected" alternative to his marriage relationship!

Yancey's message to his readers: the temptation to indulge in porn should be resisted because it will make you obsessed with 'disconnected' sex, not because it will send you to hell. The reader is led to think that the use of porn is not extremely spiritually dangerous. The "Christian" writer Philip Yancey "gives in" to lust and views porn at times, partaking of the "disconnect" version of sex. This porn user writes books for God, including the study notes for the corrupt, New International Version "Bible"! The occasional use of porn has seemingly not slowed Philip Yancey down in his "Christian" walk. And so the reader is primed to justify the pursuit of this sin to the destruction of his own soul.

[There is no such thing as an occasional porn user! Porn is extremely addictive, and any Christian who is ensnared in this sin must, after he has sincerely repented and forsaken this sin, renounce the evil spirits that he invited into his life through the use of pornography, and order them to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.]

Grace does not abound while a Christian continues in willful sin! Any pastor who tells you otherwise working for Satan. Whoever the Christian yields himself a servant to obey is his master, whether of sin (Satan) unto death, or of obedience (Jesus Christ) unto righteousness. (See Romans chapter 6) 

Yes, Christians can "believe" in Jesus (the devils believe and tremble) and yet continue to serve Satan if they continue to serve sin. Contemporary falling away doctrine does not negate the biblical truth that God is not mocked and that whatsoever a man soweth (including the Christian) that shall he also reap. (Gal 6:7) It is those who are led of the Spirit who are not under the law (and its condemnation), not those who indulge in the works of the flesh. (Gal. 5:17) 

Occult Tantra Doctrine: Sex Makes One God-like

Philip Yancey even inserted blatant occult leavening by including the statement that people are Godlike during the act of sex!

"In one sense, we are never more Godlike than in the act of sex." (page 49)

Yancey then went on to talk about risk, vulnerability, entering into the other in communion, and how this most human act reveals something of the nature of reality and similar thoughts. 

But his sentence, "In one sense, we are never more Godlike than in the act of sex" does not belong in Christian writing, and the context, which you may read for yourself online at Christianity Today, in no way Christianizes this concept. It is New Age, Tantric philosophy:

In the sexual rites of tantra, unity is achieved when the two involved become godlike. (Quote Source: The Benefits of Tantra

Through intercourse, it was believed, man could "for a direct link with divinity, for, by partaking in a sacred act, man inevitably becomes sacred."

(Quoted from page 520 The Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, by Dr. Cathy Burns which was quoted from page 78 of Satan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America by Arthur Lyons)

There are other issues in the article, "Holy Sex" that need to be addressed, but due to lack of time to go farther with this, I am pointing only a few major concerns. Please "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." (Proverbs 4:23) Although God is calling out his remnant, we are in the time of the falling away. What is considered to be Christianity today is almost always apostasy today. Prove all things and hold fast to that only that which is good.


(1) "Print subliminals are sentences constructed in such a way that they send messages to the reader's mind without his being aware of what has occurred. They work on the person's mind in a manipulative fashion because the message has bypassed his conscious mind."  (Quote from God's Wrath on Left Behind p. 12)

(2) "Holy Sex" is an excerpt of Philip Yancey's book, Rumors of Another World: What on Earth are We Missing?
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