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"Plainville Baptist Church": Coven Posing as a Church

In 1980 a family of multi-generational black magick witches and a Freemason from Woodland Park, Colorado (Tom and Jane Bonifield and their daughter, Pamela), along with their son-in-law (Harold Crowell) from Plainville, Massachusetts founded a 501(c)(3) corporation under the name, "Plainville Baptist Church" in Plainville, Massachusetts.

Their first public meeting place was in the American Legion meeting hall in the town of Plainvilleclose to the North Attleboro line. Shortly after we began attending there, they purchased a large, old white house at 62 South St. Plainville, MA.

After using this large house for about 24 years they made plans to build a new facility that the current "senior pastor" (David Meunier) indicated "looks like a church" and would generate publicity to give a better air to their "church." (See footnote for exact quote.) (1)

On October 31st of 2005 this small group of people tore down the old white house in order to build a large, 1.1 million dollar building at the same location.

During the better part of a year spent in construction, they met in a nearby Luciferian institution: a Masonic Lodge. (2) (The name of this lodge is North Attleboro Masonic Temple.) The late Thomas Bonifield was a Freemason and member of the North Attleboro Masonic Temple so it is not surprising that they would permit him to use their "temple" for his services.

Reasons why it makes sense that David Meunier is also a Freemason:  

  • He was appointed to his position by a Freemason (the late Thomas Bonifield)

  • He preaches positively about the Masonic lodge

  • The Freemasons of the North Attleboro Masonic Lodge opened their doors to him to hold meetings for close to one year (they don't allow just anyone to to do that)

  •  He uses Masonic terms in his preaching

The leaders officially dedicated their building and opened the doors to the public for a tour and refreshments on January 7, 2006. (3) 

Notice some occult "markings": In keeping with the way occultists typically operate, the leaders who control "Plainville Baptist Church" selected occult ritual dates to demolish their old building and dedicate their new one. They demolished their old building on Halloween [Oct. 31st is the witches' high sabbat] (4) and dedicated their building to the entity they worship on St. Winebald Day (January 7th).

Below are two articles that cite David Meunier's sermons with masonic and witchcraft teachings:

"Pastor Dave's" Positive View of the Masonic Lodge  

The Power of Dave Meunier's god is "Active Energy"

 "Active Energy," the term that David Meunier used in his sermon, is a word used in both witchcraft and Freemasonry:

"Wisdom, or the Intellectual Generative Energy, and Understanding, or the Capacity to be impregnated by the Active Energy and produce intellection and thought are represented symbolically in the Kabbalah as male and female.

(Albert Pike, author, Morals and Dogma: Scottish Rite in Freemasonry; page 113)


A Family Enterprise

Like other wizard/witch-run "religious" operations, these deceitful workers started their family-run "church" as a front for their coven. Operating in the guise of "pastors" and "pastor's wives" (as well as other leadership positions) enables witches to gain direct access to a ready pool of victims, causing them immense spiritual harm. These manipulators are skilled at destroying the faith of Christians and through the vehicle of sex and various other conditioning practices, prime them for eventual initiation into witchcraft.

In the early years: Founders Thomas E. Bonifield (a Freemason and a full-time pharmacist) (5) and his son-in-law Harold F. Crowell (also a Freemason and more) play-acted their public roles as "co-pastors." Tom's wife, Jane Bonifield and their daughter, Pamela Bonifield Crowell (also a pharmacist) were also founders.

The generational witchcraft is from Jane's side of the family. Of the founders, Jane wielded the highest level of witchcraft with Pamela second in line. The mother-daughter team taught "Sunday School," "Vacation Bible School" (VBS), Wednesday night "Bible study" for teens (including overnight camping trips), etc. 

Jane and her daughter, Pamela (Bonifield) Crowell suffered early deaths. Tom Bonifield is also deceased. The remaining founder is Harold F. Crowell.

Replacing Harold Crowell's public position:  Harold Crowell and Tom Bonifield worked together for many years as "co-pastors." During this time, Harold worked through the years to lure certain female members into witchcraft via sexual seduction. The tactics the coven leaders used to silence each victim were successful for years.

They successfully muzzled all the women for years. I was one of those women who Harold was assigned to target. I succumbed to pressure to keep quiet for years but finally spoke up in 1994 about what had taken place with my "pastor." I do know my seduction was a planned event because in the aftermath Harold made this statement to me, (I remember this verbatim), "It took a year." This was in reference to him talking about the length of time spent to prepare me for my spiritual downfall. Due to the publicity this generated, they decided that Harold would "step down from the "pulpit" (for awhile) so they could continue with the church facade.

Tom Bonifield continued his preaching role alone while the next family member chosen to become "pastor" —his other son-in-law, Dave Meunier studied for the "ministry." David (who married Tom and Jane's daughter, Lora Bonifield in 1988) returned to Plainville, Massachusetts in November 2000. (6)

Current state of affairs: The generational witchcraft family line continues through Lora (Bonifield) Meunier. Lora's husband, David Meunier, preaches the sermons and her brother-in-law, stockbroker/financial advisor Harold Fickett Crowell teaches the adult "Sunday School." Insiders Dan and Jan (Janet) Laramore have been employed by them for over 25 years and are key figures in their inner circle. (Jan Laramore is working as a teacher at Grace Baptist Christian Academy in Attleboro, Massachusetts.) UPDATE: They moved to another state -- in early 2019.

Considering the huge cover-up it is not surprising the Plainville Baptist Church website does not even mention Harold—the remaining founder—whose considerable inheritance helped fund the construction of the mammoth new building that, as Dave Meunier put it, "looks like a church," nor does it mention that he (who supposedly "stepped down") still leads by teaching the adult "Sunday School."

Warning: My aim in writing this article is to warn members (who are not part of the occult insider group) that you are not in a real church. You will know only what these skilled play actors want you to know. I can tell you from experience that what you don't know will hurt you and your children. Even when you leave, they can continue to access you or your children spiritually if you don't know how to stop it. 

More Markings:  

Singing at the Grange

Luciferian Sun Spiral


 Sexual and Ritual Abuse of Children

Witches target the saints of Godchildren especiallyfor a specific purpose: to gain rank. Moving up in level is a common denominator in all branches of the occult. Just as Freemasons work to gain degrees; witches work to go up in level. They hasten this process by engaging in despicable actions, some of which are crimes of animal and human sacrifice and by defiling those the Lord Jesus Christ is especially tender toward: innocent children.

Witches who run fake churches are deadly serious about doing whatever filthy thing it takes to obtain higher ranking demons to do their bidding. In order to obtain these demons they spiritually harm those they secretly despise:

Christians in their "congregation"

This particular group of witches that I have personal knowledge of are so anxious to gain power that they will stop at nothing in order to accomplish this. They enjoy preying on Christian families and use their positions of trust in order to break up Christian marriages and corrupt the fruit of those marriagesthe children.

Listed below are some of the ritual abuses Freemasons and witches who pose as Christians do to spiritually and physically violate boys and girls.

Did the witches who ran Plainville Baptist years ago do this? Yes. And I know I am accountable to God for every word that I have written. I have been told that their "defense" of all the evidence I have provided in this article is to say that I am "crazy." I would rather be falsely branded as "crazy" than disobey the Holy Spirit's leading to report what I know firsthand and what I have been made aware of. God's word commands us to "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Ephesians 5:1 Reprove means to expose. We must expose darkness. We must expose evil.

I have eyewitness reports of crimes they have committed against children. Some were sodomized and sexual acts performed on them. A small girl (my daughter) was singled out and especially targeted. She related to me (after reaching her majority) that they threatened her with a knife, put a gun to her head, placed small cuts in her private parts and her left ear and did other heinous things to her. These acts are typical of witches who are seeking to cause a child's mind to "split" and are not unique to this group.

If we had only known how my innocent little child could be both spiritually and physically accessed even in the safety of her own home we could have intervened and protected her through prayer. I prayed about her "nightmares" but it was only when she was in her late teens that I learned they were more than nightmares.

Please take nightmares very seriously. We should have fasted and prayed until we found out what was going on. I was just too ignorant to understand what was happening. Due to my ignorance, I failed my precious little daughter by not adequately protecting her from things I had no frame of reference to even understand. And since those who did this were practiced in programming, they were able to keep her in a place where she was not able to even verbalize what was happening to her -- not until many years later.

I would have stayed with my precious daughter all night -- anything to keep her safe from the female leader who was astral projecting into her room if I had known what was going on. I would have prayed to close the portal if I knew it was there. I didn't even know what a portal was or how it got there. My child was being hurt by things I did not understand! That is the reason I am sharing the information in this article with those of you to whom this information might be needed: to WARN YOU so that you will know some of the ways that witches can supernaturally access you or your children if they have a motive and if certain preparations are set into place beforehand.

Most of what I know about how witches are able to gain an inroad into a Christian's life to spiritually harm them, I learned first-hand from these people and others like them. That is how intense the malevolence directed toward our family was. . . and continues to be. God is requiring me to speak the truth, out of love for his people and a desire to protect you from the kind of people who keep their evil tactics hidden so that you won't know what hit you until you are almost irreparably damaged.

There are covens that run "churches" all over the United States. Furthermore, witches tend to infiltrate true churches, so if you are in a doctrinally sound church it might be infiltrated. Be sober and vigilant and don't assume that being in a place that identifies itself as a church means that you or your children are automatically protected by God.


Wizards and Witches Sexually Abuse Children in Order to Gain Rank

  • Children entrusted to their care may be subjected occult rituals (ritual abuse) where they are raped—sodomized especially— as a means to create alters and cause evil spirits to enter their bodies. Any child (or teen or adult)—regardless of his belief system—who is methodically traumatized for the purpose of opening him/her up for demonizationwill receive demons into their lives. The filthy acts of witches who traumatize innocent children must be exposed by someone who knows about it firsthand as I do.

  • (The Freemasons and witches who own and operate "Plainville Baptist Church" have definitely programmed children and placed demons into them. Conveniently, they have a "statement of faith" that teaches that Christians can not go on the offense against Satan. Of course they don't want Christian parents to know they most definitely can and MUST undo the filthy things (including programming) that have been done to their children.

  • Freemasons and witches who operate out of a religious setting target the children of godly people so they can place demons into them and subject them to mind control programming. They like to work in pharmacies, hospitals and other places where they can easily obtain powerful drugs for this purpose.

  • This is another example of how witches operate: According to the testimony of over 200 women, Hephzibah House traumatized their charges in the name of "God." Several of the former Hephzibah House girls revealed that they were subjected to forced vaginal exams, frequent painful physical beatings, deprivation of food, not being allowed free access to the toilet, being made to wear diapers, and more. It is obvious how such treatment would grossly distort a girl's concept of God. (Note: Beatings are commonly used to execute a fundamental component of mind control: breaking the will.)

  • They slip in witchcraft terminology and teachings in "Sunday School lessons" and "children's church" sermons. For example, one of my children reported to me that the "Sunday School teacher" at Plainville Baptist Church used the phrase, "as above, so below." (They mark the adult sermons for the occult too!)

Do not entrust your precious children to the care of anyone you have not thoroughly proven. Witches who "play church" especially covet time alone with the children of Christian parents. They are capable of taking your child out of the so-called "Sunday School" class or Vacation Bible School or overnight camping trips and do in a few hours what one would think would take much longer to accomplish. They also like to access children for malevolent purposes in the nursery, daycare and Christian schools. (See the Masonic Child Abuse By Design link at the bottom of this article.)


 Mind Control Programming of Children

Programming and multi-generational witchcraft go together. They start their programming by sodomizing the child for the express purpose of sending demons into him or her. The act of (anal) sodomy (whether perpetrated by witch or non-witch) causes the child to receive demons that function as "alters" -- especially if it is done when they are about 3 years old. The opening up of the "third eye" (which is in the middle of the forehead) via the act of (anal) sodomy, causes the child to "split" and to be especially open to the demonic realm. Sodomy is critically important in programming. The only way the "third eye" (portal to the demonic realm) can be opened is via anal sodomy.

Other typical programming methods are to point a gun in the child's face and then to "shoot" the child. The child hears the simulated sound of a gunshot and splits off due to the trauma. They strip the child naked and place him/her in a dark room (or basement) and shine bright lights into their eyes; subject /her to traumatizing visual images and repetitive audio messages; and more in order to cause them to believe that what they are seeing and hearing is real.

Shapeshifters (witches who can change form) are used in the programming process because they can assume whatever "identity" is needed to accomplish the programmer's goals. Because of the shapeshifter's ability to look exactly like the child's parent, they are able to cause the child to believe their parents don't love them or understand them. They put images and ideas into the child's drugged mind that the God of the Bible is evil and the witches' god (Satan) is the real God.

Their quest to get your children into their "Vacation Bible School" has nothing to do with winning them to the real Jesus Christ. They have a "Christ" yes, but it is a false Christ, a "Christ" the witches serve. They present a twisted Luciferian "Christ" to the children. They can do more spiritual harm to your child in "Sunday School" and "Vacation Bible School" than you could ever dream could be accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Usually the programming does not come into effect until it is triggered at a certain age or ages: 13, 18, 22 and 33 are common ages. I know people who have been at Plainville Baptist Church since they first started who eventually became witches. I know a Christian man who told me his daughter (who had been to PBC all her life) changed drastically when she came of age. My family is not the only one who has been harmed by these people.

For programming purposes and for spiritual control they often place cursed implants into the bodies of their victimswho usually have no memory of what has been done to them.) And yes, the demons that function as alters, the programming, and the implants can most definitely be removed by the prayers of the saints who have the faith to do this. (Stay away from witches that pose as deliverance ministers. Virtually every single "deliverance ministry" out there (Youtube is full of videos about "deliverance") is run by witches. Witches run "deliverance ministries" for the purpose of transferring demons to themselves so they can have them for their own use. This is exorcism which should never be confused with biblical deliverance.

This programming results in fundamentally changing the child—the changes becoming more noticeable as adulthood approaches. Many children have rejected Jesus Christ (and their parents) and followed the "god of this world" as a direct result of programming. Some fight harder than others to resist what has been done to destroy their souls but they still need God to remove the programming and completely heal them. 

The witches need their victims to believe they have no spiritual authority to "un-do" the curses, mind control programming and sheer trauma they have suffered. That is the reason they want Christians to think they have no spiritual authority to effectively counter Satan and his devils. The coven that operates under the guise of "Plainville Baptist Church" teaches the deluded Christians under their charge the following lie:

Christians have no spiritual authority to go on the offensive against Satan

These plunderers of Christian families hope that God's people believe their self-serving twist on Scripture! Christians definitely can and must go on the offensive against Satan (and his followers) by countering and destroying his/their wicked works. Effectual fervent prayer (especially with fasting) is an offensive weapon against Satan. God is willing to reveal to his peoplewho abide in Jesus Christhow to successfully pray to undo what the witches have done to their children. The Lord Jesus Christ is willing to deliver and heal from such harm if his people are willing to get serious and follow him with a single eye:

 "Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6"


Judge Religious Leaders by their Fruits, Not Their Professions

Even though these pretenders targeted our family as well as other Christians in their "congregation" (including stealing money from a mentally handicapped man) for spiritual shipwreck, there is ultimately no excuse for our lack of discernment. God graciously gave us his word, the Holy Bible. Jesus said,

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15,16)

If we had submitted ourselves to God's word, and judged their authenticity by their fruits rather than by their profession, we would have known from the start that Plainville Baptist Church of Plainville, Massachusetts was not a genuine church. We were close to being spiritually destroyed for lack of knowledge but you don't have to be. (See: Exposing Satan's Snares in the Church)


What About the "Greater is He That is In You" Promise?

After we broke away from the manipulation of these black-magick witches we began the process of untangling ourselves from the spiritual stranglehold they had over us by years of access. This included the necessity of dealing with the curses (evil spirits sent on assignment) they placed in our lives through years of opportunity.

We learned to rely on the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer to combat their spiritual onslaughts and, due to the nature of this website (exposing ministries that mark themselves for Satan's service), we remain dependent upon God's help (Eph. 6:10-17) to quench fiery darts from other quarters.

Note: It is common for Freemasons and witches to run "churches." They practice witchcraft against Christians on a more widespread basis than you might realize. Most Christians are under the impression that they are automatically protected from the effects of witchcraft, sorcery and other devices of the devil because God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. Yes, God is much greater than Satan"greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world" but if a Christian gives place to the devil by engaging in a spiritual yoke with Satan's workers (even unknowingly) he has broken the hedge and given the serpent the opportunity to bite him (Ecc. 10:8).


Some of the Ways Witches Harm Christians

Witches who run phony churches (and their helpers who play the role of "church members") can easily send demons into the lives of unknowing Christians in order to accomplish specific assignments (curses). They obtain spiritual access by gaining personal access to the targeted Christians. Some of the advice below also applies to long distance contact with witches who run pseudo "Christian" websites and forums.

Below are examples of ways that witches can get close to Christians in order to spiritually manipulate them. They will not necessarily use every scheme listed when targeting an individual or family; I am simply sharing some things they have the ability to do if they have the motive and the access. By the way, to send a curse simply means to send demons to a person to carry out a specific assignment. (Curses are what make the occult world go round and it is fundamental to how they operate.) They have used most of these tactics to get close to me and my family for their malevolent purposes:

  • baptizing you and/or your children --I guarantee you they curse you when they "baptize" you.

  • giving you bread and wine/grape juice ("Lord's Supper") --Another prime way they curse you

  • laying hands on you to "pray." --Yet another opportunity to curse Christians

  • "prophesying" over you or your children  (Curses are often delivered through the guise of "prophesying.")

  • Shaking hands with you -- if the witches already have a curse prepared for a particular person, they have the ability to deliver it in this manner. I know a Christian man who received a cursed implant in his hand via a handshake with a deacon at Grace Baptist Church.

  • caring for your babies in nursery (They can and do place curses on the babies' lives and open them up for continuous demonic affliction.)

  • taking charge of your children in Sunday School and Junior Church (Unbeknownst to the parents, the pseudo Christian workers will make light of the Bible, subtly mocking its teachings. This was going on at both Plainville Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church. This was a huge red flag that we should have heeded!)

  • dedicating your baby to "God" (In reality, the witches dedicate your baby to Satan by cursing the child when they lay hands on him or her. Just because they use the term "Father" or "Jesus" does not mean they are referring to the God of the Bible. (Notice that David Meunier opens his public prayers with "Father" rather than Heavenly Father at the beginning of his public prayers. The witches' "Father" is not in heaven.)

  • serving you meals/refreshments (Offering cursed food is a very common tactic.)

  • hosting a "church" sponsored Halloween celebration for your children. They curse the candy they give to the children. Halloween is in reality the witches' highest sabbat. Some witches go so far as work to teach members that Halloween is really a Christian holiday.

  • cutting your hair or doing your nails. Years ago Lora Meunier arranged to come over to my home and cut my hair for free. I should have wondered why she did this. She had no personal relationship with me. They needed a lock of my hair to use for a particular curse and they got it.

  • giving/selling you (or your children) medicine, anointing oil, herbs, honey, or vitamins (A family from Plainville that I was close with for many years was having problems with their son. The coven leaders provided cursed herbs to give to him. The outcome was spiritually disastrous for the son and his parents.) By the way, There is no such thing as a genuine Christian ministry that sells anointing oil.

  • giving you pictures or mirrors to hang on your walls Years ago while we were members of Plainville Baptist (coven) A woman who was a member of Plainville Baptist Church who pretended to be my friend, came to my home and unexpectedly gave me a gift: a large mirror that perfectly matched my living room. This woman actually hung the mirror on the wall right after she gave it to me. The witches used this mirror for some magical purpose. As soon as we realized this we destroyed the mirror and removed it from our home.

  • selling you a vehicle or fixing your car. It is common practice for witches to assign demons to the car in order to cause a car "accident." If you have information about them that will damage their "church" facade that is all the more reason for them to do this.

  • arranging for you to rent or buy an apartment or house (Harold Crowell talked my husband into having us rent a house the witches had specially prepared beforehand with portals so they could easily astral project into it to get to our children, send evil spirits through it, etc.)

  • babysitting your children and/or keeping them overnight (This makes it so easy for them to do anything they want to your child.)

  • taking you on vacation with them (This is a prime way for them to observe your family interactions so they can better know how to manipulate you for their purposes.)

  • having you stay on their grounds for a seminar or conference ATI (Bill Gothard's Advanced Training Institute) is a good example of this. Pay attention to Bill Gothard's remarks about communicating with the spirit of one's unborn baby or a husband communing with the spirit of his wife, etc. These are occult markers. (Harold Crowell's family attended Bill Gothard's homeschooling seminars and used Gothard's curriculum for his family.)

  • photographing you (They use the photograph as a magical link in order to conjure a curse.)

  • investing your money/giving you financial aid: Both of these are easy ways to send demonic assignments (curses) into your life. Also, I know a handicapped young man who lost many thousands of dollars when he permitted Harold Crowell to invest it for him. I witnessed the anguish this man suffered when Harold casually told him that the market went down. This man believes Harold stole his money.

  • administering personality tests: This enables them to know better how to manipulate you. Harold Crowell administered the DISC, a behavior assessment test, to several couples, including Gary and me.

  • counseling: Back when we were members, Harold Crowell, in his playacted role as "pastor" conducted personality testing and counseling sessions with Christian couples. I believe he used this privileged information to help him profile his targets. With the use of witchcraft and the test results he managed to seduce a number of Christian women in his "congregation" (including me) into having a sexual relationship with him. The goal of this was to transfer demons to the women, priming them for initiation into the coven. Harold Crowell also used (and continues to use) his skill of personality assessment to gain the trust of elderly people so he can control their estates after they die.

  • infiltrating your family by becoming your daughter's "boyfriend" or your son's "girlfriend." Fornication is the next step, which enables the witch to gain spiritual control over your (teen or adult) son or daughter. (The witch will skillfully turn your son or daughter against you so as to prevent you from threatening their agenda.) After the marriage takes place, the witch will manipulate your son or daughter to eventually abandon the Christian faith outright or to accept a counterfeit Christian faith in preparation for their ultimate inititiaton into witchcraft. I have talked with a few people who were devastated when they realized they were tricked in this manner. If this situation is occurring in your family, fast and pray. God can deliver them out of seemingly impossible situations. There is nothing impossible with God.

  • giving financial settlements for crimes they committed against you. Any Christian who allows himself/herself to be bought into silence has made a deal with the Devil. Why? Because this silence enables the witches to continue to prey on other Christians. They also commonly attach a curse to the settlement check which activates as soon as it is cashed.

  • influencing you to use their (often Freemason) doctors, dentists, financial advisors, etc.

  • giving you things (examples: clothing, toys, watches, perfume (I refused the perfume), jewelry, watches, a Bible, even a pet) Giving cursed objects as gifts is one of their favorite ways to "minister" to Christians.

They will also take something that belongs to you to use as a point of contact (magickal link) to do a spell or curse such as an article of clothing, hair, fingernails, blood, photo, bodily fluids, etc.

If a witch has a specific agenda they will also take blood from children and/or give them injections. (My daughter recalled them doing to this to her.)

Important: Witches usually "cage" and attach "cords" to their targets. The spiritual "caging" is done so that their victims will never question the integrity of the witches no matter how many illegal and unethical things they do. The cords also enable them to easily astral project into their homes. Please know that anything that witches can do can be "undone" by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Some of the Ways Witches Infiltrate Churches

Witches who pose as pastors gain spiritual entrance into real Christian churches by asking the pastor if they may occasionally use their baptistry and church grounds for a service. One time is enough to give them demonic access. (This is how Plainville Baptist Church infiltrated Grace Baptist Church of Attleboro, Massachusetts.) They also send affluent witches over to the targeted church, hoping the pastor will be impressed with their money and make them deacons, Sunday School teachers, etc. (The pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Jeff Bailey) was impressed with the money and promptly made a witch a deacon.) This deacon is the same man who put an implant into the man's hand that I mentioned earlier in this article.

These are some of the ways witches gain the ground to send evil spirits into the lives of God's people for the purpose of causing their spiritual (and oftentimes physical) downfall. In order for the coven to cause the ultimate downfall of the Christianinitiation into witchcraft sexual contact with the target must be gained. Generational witches have enough evil spirits at their disposal to send to their target to make it highly likely this will happen. Please know that if a coven does not have powerful enough demons at their disposal to get a certain job accomplished, they will pay someone else to do the dirty deed.

Therefore, don't allow anyone in so-called Christian ministry who mark themselves for the occult (or who fellowship with those who do!) to spend time alone with your spouse or children.

Important: Resist their promptings to reveal personal information about yourself or your family. They love to use "counseling" and "prayer requests" as a means to gain better insight into what is troubling the Christian so they can fine tune their manipulations and spiritual assaults. (By the way, witches commonly send curses through phone calls, emails, letters and money.) 

For those of you who have been told that Christians are immune to influence from curses (demons sent on assignment) please know that if you are involved with witches (in or out of a religious setting) you are giving them permission to do you spiritual harm. ("Neither give place to the devil." Eph. 4:27). That is why it is is critical to heed God's warning about how to know whether or not professed Christian leaders are in reality ravening wolves: by their fruits you will know them.



(1) “It looks like a church,” said Pastor Dave, who serves as chairman of the town’s finance committee. “The publicity of it will [give] a better air to our church. It looks like a church building. That doesn’t make a difference to me, but it does to a lot of unsaved people.”


Note: David Meuner used to be Assistant Pastor for Prior Lake Baptist. Perhaps that is the reason Prior Lake Baptist Church removed the article.

(3) Quote source: The Sun Chronicle removed this news article after I published this article to the internet.

(4) This coven hosts a "church" event they call a "Harvest Party."  Back when we were attending there, they had the children "bob for apples," a practice that witches associate with the goddess, Pomona. Harvest in reference to Halloween means harvest of souls in their eyes. It is no wonder infiltrators came up with the idea for Christians to have "harvest parties" on October 31st or thereabouts.)

(5) The word "witchcraft" in the Greek is "pharmakeia" and means magic, sorcery, or witchcraft. Many times drugs or potions are used in the casting of spells, and thus the word "pharmakeia," from which we get our word, pharmacy. quoted from "Explanation of Some Occult Terms" (page 2) -- booklet by Dr. Cathy Burns.

Note: There is nothing wrong with being a pharmacist by profession. There is something wrong with making "a mock at sin" (Prov. 14:9) which is what founder Thomas Bonifield did every time he joked from the pulpit about "selling drugs" to get through seminary.

Thomas Bonifield was not laughing when he was arrested for filling forged prescriptions in the mid 1980's. After he hired John Wall, who Tom said was a $100,000.00 Boston attorney—which the congregation was strongly encouraged to help pay forall charges were dropped.

(6)  Quote source:  The Sun Chronicle removed this news article after I published this artice to the internet.



Plainville Baptist Church "Pastor" David Meunier is on the Grace Baptist Christian Academy Faculty!

It appears that the leader (Jeff Bailey) of Grace Baptist Christian Academy of Attleboro, Massachusetts does not want the public to know that integral players of Plainville Baptist Church are teaching children at their school. Why do I make this statement?

  • The webmaster of the Grace Baptist Christian Academy of Attleboro, Massachusetts website removed the "faculty" link sometime in late 2013. This link provided names and often photos of the people they hired to teach at their school, such as Dave Meunier, who was listed as a physics teacher. They have re-vamped their website( and faculty information is no longer available.

If you are entrusting your children to the Grace Baptist Christian Academy of Attleboro, Massachusetts, you have the right to know who is on the faculty -- whether the teacher is a volunteer or paid and is teaching every day, once a week, or once a month.


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