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About Gary and Lisa Ruby

Gary and LisaGary and Lisa Ruby came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1982. I (Lisa) was saved in January of that year after reading a library book that contained the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shortly after my conversion, Gary and I began attending Plainville Baptist Church of Plainville MA, an organization that represented itself as an Independent, Fundamental Baptist church. Soon after we began attending services, Gary also repented and placed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As newborn babes in the Christian faith and having had no prior experience with a Bible-based church before, we were ignorant as to how a real church should operate and thus were blind to the signs that Plainville Baptist Church did not function like a church. Because of our complacence and the manipulation we were subjected to we remained in this Masonic/witchcraft-marked establishment that poses as a church for over ten years.

Despite the harm they inflicted upon our family, God did not allow our time spent there to be in vain. We discovered the tactics witches use to mark themselves for their master and how they prey upon Christians. Much of this knowledge is shared in the Exposing Satan's Snares in the Church section on this website. These articles WARN about the various ways occultists pose as Christians and mark their ministries for Satan. We were deceived but you don't have to be! 

As we repented from all known sin and compromise, God's mercy abounded toward us. As we began to seek Him through his word we began to search for a real church a biblically operated one. We sought a Baptist assembly because we were most familiar with Baptist teachings. We did find a church, but a move brought us to the place of having to search for another one.

We visited many churches and paid careful attention to the teachings. This brought us to the shocking realization that the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ is not being taught in most churches in the New England area. After gaining internet access in 1998, we learned that the falling away is by no means confined to our region New England. Lukewarm, worldly, entertainment oriented "Christianity" is widespread even in the so-called Bible Belt. (In 2007 we relocated to South Carolina.)

God's word teaches that believers who assemble together must "speak the same thing," have no divisions between them and be "perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment." See 1 Cor. 1:10.) Due to the fact that we have not found a body of believers who are likeminded, we assemble together at home as a family. We read the Bible as well as sermons and books written by godly men and often sing hymns and pray together.

We no longer regard ourselves as Independent Baptist because after reading the King James Bible without study notes or commentaries, we no longer hold to certain Baptist beliefs, such as unconditional eternal security, the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and the teaching that the miraculous spiritual gifts no longer exist in the church.

Even though we don't regard ourselves as Dispensationalists, we share some views with Independent Baptists, especially those who read the last bible translated wholly from the Received Text: the King James Bible. Many of them, like us, are alarmed about the doctrinal changes in modern corrupt Bible versions. We hold to the doctrines of the Christian faith and reject New Evangelicalism/Ecumenism. (See modernism.)

We do not agree with the modern Charismatic, Ecumenical, Emergent, Neo-Evangelical, Hebrew Roots, and other unbiblical movements, nor the humanism, rock music, contemplative prayer, fleshly and demonic goings-on that are counterfeit spiritual gifts, etc. We believe that all the spiritual gifts exist in the true body of Christ even though we have not seen them all in operation. We are very cautious about this and believe that spiritual gifts should be proven to see if they are of God. Real spiritual gifts are from the Holy Spirit. False spiritual gifts stem from the flesh or evil spirits. If you have willful sin in your life, and are in a worldly, compromising church, you will not be able to tell the difference.

I began to write articles for the website in June, 2001 shortly after I began investigating the Left Behind Series. (I used a .org extension at the outset but later changed to .net.) I (Lisa) do the actual writing of the articles.

(Note: Please remember that this is a website. It is not a church. If you choose to read this site or my book you need to know that it was written by a woman (Lisa) with the full agreement of her husband. If you are convinced that God does not ever lead women to publish information to minister to Christians then you might be tempted to quench the Holy Spirit in response to some articles published here. Please don't prevent yourself from learning from research that might not be published elsewhere. If you are saved you are under authority of God and if the Holy Spirit is using this site to make you aware of something that needs to be changed in your life, you must obey him.)

God has given Gary messages to share. He will be doing these in audio format.

We are a couple who have covenanted with God to obey Him completely and without reservation. As we keep our covenant, He will guide our steps now and in the perilous times to come. We are committed to share with those who have "ears to hear" what we have learned and are continuing to learn that is especially relevant in these latter days. Of particular concern is the fact that Luciferians have gained leadership positions in the church and in every institution that calls itself Christian, and are bringing in doctrines that are bringing about the falling away of the church from the faith of Jesus. 

Few are speaking out without holding back due to the fear of reprisals. It is time to speak out. Hell is an unquenchable fire where the worm never dies. We must co-labor with Jesus Christ to prevent people from going there and expose those who operate from within the church establishment who are sending them there. 

May you hold the beginning of your confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ steadfast until the end.

Gary and Lisa (Yeager) Ruby

Photo updated August, 2016.

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