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These links to external sites are in no particular order and have not yet been placed in categories.

Please be discerning when visiting any website on the internet, including the ones I have linked to. If you are concerned about the content of any website I have linked to, please contact me.



Texas Mom Who is a Nurse Fights to Regain Custody of Daughter Taken Away After Gardasil Vaccine Injury

Lead Bullets Technology

Why I Left Roman Catholicism

Masonic Child Abuse by Design Please help our brethren in North Korea

Cipro is Poison

Stop the Thyroid Madness

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA  Barbara is a government whistleblower and journalist. Good information here.


Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America
available online to read at:
This is the most-censored story in America! Also available in
PDF, NOOK e-book or Kindle e-book

external link: Prayer is an Answer by Mary Hostak

Dogs Deserve Better   

Freedom Fences

Unchain Your Dog .org  "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast. . . "

The Southern Baptist Convention and Freemasonry

This site has a cell phone radiation chart that is updated weekly

Media Spotlight

Personal Stories of Vaccine Damage and Death


VIDEO: Microwave radiation dangers in your home

VIDEO: Bill Gates admits Vaccines are used for human depopulation.

VIDEO: Iodine Insufficiency and Cancer - Jorge D. Flechas, MD

Emissions from Smart Meters, dated January 1, 2011,Transmitting Smart Meters Dangerous to Health; Say No to Smart Meters! Cell Phone Radiation Protection Education Part 1 of 12

IODINE: Solution to Health Problems -- Iodine Medical Conference --Guy E. Abraham, MD; David Brownstein MD; Bernard A. Eskin, MS, MD; Jorge D. Fleschas MD and others

Iodine- Why you need it, why you can't live without it
Thursday, May 27, 2010 5:46 PM
Presented by David Brownstein, MD  
(Beware of podcasts that advocate the use of homeopathy and other New Age healing methodologies.)

external link Hephzibah House Survivors' Testimonies BEWARE! 200+ women have come forward to share their experiences at Ron Williams' home for girls, Hephzibah House. Due to the mind control and abuse they suffered at Hephzibah House, many believe to this day that God hates them and as a result, have nothing to do Christianity. Does your church support the Ron Williams' "ministry"? Find out. Have your pastor read the testimonies of the survivors. (Disclaimer: Jeri Massi also works to expose Hephzibah House's abuses. However, you must beware of her teachings which include a mixture of astrology and Christianity. This is occult/Christian syncretism.)

video  Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World --The dangers of Aspartame

video  Sugar: The Bitter Truth

National Vaccine information Center

King James Bible Links  

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


The Heimlich Maneuver for Drowning

What is "Subtle Energy" in Energy Healing? (The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view this article) I recommend this particular article. I am not familiar with the entire site and therefore cannot recommend it as a whole.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Webster's 1828 Online Dictionary LINK HAS BEEN UPDATED

new! We recommend only the King James Authorized Version.

new! Daily Scripture Cards--Print out these cards and paste them on index cards for bible memorization. A template for making your own cards is included.

Straight Talk Ministries

The Cause of Our Conflict slideshow by

Expendable Elite

Jesus is the Light of the World  Great articles for family devotions

Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Amish Deception

The Age Old New Age Movement This particular page is worth reading. It is a good explanation of the New Age movement. We have not examined and do not recommend this site as a whole.

Thomas Library of Congress

King James Bible Links

Ralph Epperson's Conspiracy Catalog

Audio Bible

The Ten Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

Vaccinations: Deception and Tragedy

Tribulation Central is committed to examine the pre-tribulation rapture compared to the scriptures. I urge you to challenge your mind and examine the contents here in these articles and what others are saying in theirs. Jerry Giese's articles are easy to understand. This is a good site to visit if you are investigating the scriptures regarding the return of Jesus Christ. Disclaimer: Jerry does not use the King James Bible exclusively, so please look up the verses in the King James, which is the real Bible in English because it is translated from the Received Text.

P.A.V.E. (People Advocating Vaccine Education) To help the public make informed and intelligent decisions about childhood and adult vaccines. (Note: We do not offer medical advice, only valuable educational resources for informed decision-making).  

Diane Dew's A Love I Could Not Deny:  This Christian woman (now deceased) compiled some wonderful Bible outlines that she sold at cost. Many are online as well. They are based on the nnnnKing James 1611, and really useful when you need to find Bible verses on a given topic.  

Unmasking Pre-Trib Fallacies-  An online book which exposes faulty reasoning behind the pre-Trib rapture position. All the major pre-Trib arguments are examined and shown to be based, not on the Bible, but on mere logical fallacies. To preview click here.

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