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The High Spiritual Cost of a False Water Baptism

Counterfeit Water Baptisms are Spiritually Dangerous

The following are examples of counterfeit water baptisms:

  • If a Freemason or witch who posed as a "pastor" or elder baptized you (such as what happened to my husband and me in 1982) this is an occult baptism, disguised as a Christian baptism.
  • If like my husband and me, you were so desperate to be baptized by non-witches (or non-cultists or non-Catholics, etc.) you showed up at a church and were baptized by an elder you had never met and who had no idea of your Christian testimony or lack of one (nor you his), then you were not scripturally baptized. Water baptism is not just a water immersion ceremony. It truly matters who administers this church ordinance.

Why did our family show up at a friendly, but worldly church that baptized strangers based on nothing more than their verbal profession of the Christian faith? Because at the time we lacked discernment and did not know where else to go to be baptized considering the fact that our first baptism, conducted at "Plainville Baptist Church" a pseudo Baptist church that we later learned was run by a family of witches/Freemasons.

Jeff Bailey, the pastor of Grace Baptist Church (the church we went to after we left "Plainville Baptist Church") did not want to baptize us because this would upset the coven posing as a church, Plainville Baptist, who cursed us as well as other Christians they "baptized." Jeff Bailey was already aware that the leadership of this fake church leaders engaged in some highly unethical practices, (he helped them cover up, too!) but he knew that if he baptized us, he would be publically acknowledging that our prior "baptism" was not valid. So he did what too many pastors and laymen do when God gives them a spiritual test: he compromised.

We believe Jeff Bailey was not willing to baptize us when we became members of Grace Baptist Church because it would have made the "Plainville Baptist Church" leaders angry. So he declined to baptize us. In this and other ways he protected the image of the false church.

Years have passed. Sadly, Jeff Bailey's yoke with this occult-marked "church" appears to be complete. He has hired leaders of the occult-marked "Plainville Baptist Church" to teach at his Christian school, Grace Baptist Christian Academy.

From our perspective, we greatly desired a water baptism that was legitimate in the sight of God. Therefore we were intent on getting baptized the right way and by a true Christian minister. We thought that as long as we could find a church that preached salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and not of works that was willing to baptize us, we would have a scriptural baptism in the sight of God. We thought wrong.


Why it Matters Who Baptizes You

Baptism is the "answer of a good conscience before God." (See 1 Pet. 3:21). Therefore, the person who baptizes the Christian must himself have a good conscience before God. Freemasons, witches and non-occultist compromisers do not meet this criteria.
Baptism involves touch for a spiritual purpose. Carefully discern who you allow to lay hands on you (and your children) for a spiritual purpose. If the pastor who baptizes you is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing, then that baptism will cause you spiritual harm.
Many Christians have received demonic assignments into their lives by permitting the wrong person to baptize them or lay hands on them for prayer.

Don't allow anyone you don't know well enough to be sure of their Christian testimony to baptize you in the name of the "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" or "in the name of Jesus." The wrong person will baptize you in the name of another "Jesus" and cause you to receive "another spirit." (2 Corinthians 11:4)

Also beware of the sudden laying on of hands. Do not lay hands on someone suddenly (1 Tim. 5:22) and don't allow anyone to lay hands on you suddenly. The "altar call" provides false brethren the perfect opportunity to do so. Here's how:

When the altar call is given male and female witch infiltrators will go to the altar and and select a Christian to "pray" for. They establish a point of contact by embracing the Christian or patting him or her on the back. These "prayers" are really curses (demonic assignments) and a Christian should not put himself or herself in the position of receiving them.

Also, do not ever stand in a line (or sit in a pew as the case may be) and allow an unproven person, (1) (for example a visiting preacher or substitute pastor) to pray for you. This is commonly done in Charismatic congregations and is an easy way for witches to send demons on assignment (curses) into the lives of the Christian.

You might ask how is it possible for a Christian to be spiritually harmed if he is simply waiting his turn to be prayed for? If a Christian seeks a spiritual or physical healing from the prayers of an unproven spiritual leader he will receive from that stranger what the stranger desires to give him (even a curse) because he has given him the opportunity to do so. "Neither give place to the devil." (Eph. 4:27)
Do not allow anyone to lay hands on you for prayer, baptism, etc. who you are not certain is a true Christian. Obey God's word and do not allow unscriptural, "sudden" laying on of hands.)
IMPORTANT: We are not urging believers to have several water baptisms. We believe the Bible indicates that a Christian should have one scriptural water baptism. Those who were "baptized" as babies and/or who were "baptized" into cults/false churches such as Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventism, etc. did not receive true Christian baptisms.

How Would You Know if a Wizard and/or Freemason Baptized You?

If you suspect your baptism was conducted by a Freemason and/or witch (2) in church leader's clothing, pray and ask God to show you if this is the case. People who suspect this usually have a reason. Some people have reported to me that they have literally felt something strange happen to them while they were being baptized, such as feeling heat or something similar. Some just have an uneasy, creepy feeling about the man baptizing them and don't know why. Try to find out if the person provides clues about himself via his books, associations, sermons or website. Witches always give themselves away. It you realize you made the mistake of allowing a Freemason and/or a wizard baptize you, you are not alone. Many Christians have made this serious mistake, including Gary and me.

If you were baptized shortly after your salvation and have come to realize that the person who baptized you was not a godly Christian minister and/or marked himself for the occult, you can remedy this situation. Ask God to forgive you allowing yourself (and your family) to be baptized by (name the person and the institution).
If you were baptized by an occultist you received a curse. You need to renounce your counterfeit baptism and break the curse placed in your life by way of this baptism. An example of how to renounce your baptism is as follows:

"In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce my water baptism administered by (name the person and persons invovled and the name of the institution) and break the curse(s) placed on my life by submitting to this baptism. The evil spirits that entered my life by way of this false baptism must leave me in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I shut the spiritual doorway opened by this counterfeit baptism."

You also need to pray in this manner for every person in your family who also received a counterfeit water baptism: your wife, children, and anyone else under your spiritual covering and protection.
Regarding your children, you need to renounce allowing them to be baptized by the occultist/institution and break all curses placed on this children because you allowed this to be done.
Lastly, close the "doors" (spiritual "place") given to the devil via the false baptisms so the evil spirits will not be able to return.


Baptism: The Answer of a Good Conscience Toward God

While water baptism does not impart the Holy Spirit's work of regeneration, it is the answer of a good conscience toward God 1 Pet. 3:21). Baptism is a public declaration of one's faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Genuine water baptism does not impart the Holy Spirit but, a false baptism by a witch/Freemason posing as a Christian minister can indeed impart evil spirits.

While water baptism does not impart spiritual rebirth, the Lord Jesus Christ commands his followers to be baptized, so carry out his command as soon as you possibly can. Be sure to obey this command in good conscience because you do this to publicly identify yourself with Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to help you to honor him in water baptism that is pleasing in his sight.

IMPORTANT: Deal with a "baby dedication" that was conducted in a false church the same way you would a counterfeit water baptism. Renounce handing your baby over to be "dedicated" and order the evil spirits that were assigned to your child via the individuals who administered the baby dedication to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and close the spiritual "doorways."



(1) For to this end also did I write, that I might know the proof of you, whether ye be obedient in all things. 2 Cor. 2:9

(2) It is possible to be both a Freemason and a wizard (male witch).


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