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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

ASH's "We Don't Encourage Suicide" Stance: Mind Gamess

ASHers claim to be pro-choice in regard to suicide, but the actions of many belie their stance. While they advocate suicide or "self-deliverance" as a valid "choice," they also claim that they do not encourage suicide. The ASHers' dishonestly narrow definition of what it means to "encourage suicide" is as follows:

Encouraging suicide means that you directly tell a person to commit suicide. Anything else that you do that causes a person to feel positive about suicide or that facilitates suicide does not count as suicide encouragement.

The alt.suicide.methods (ASM) newsgroup, which exists for the purpose of discussing "how to do yourself in" or how to exit this life, is filled with suicide tutors who are fond of saying that nobody encourages suicide on their forum:

"We only share information [about how to commit suicide,] that is all!"

It is telling that those who continue to live are the ones who provide detailed instructions about how to kill oneself. While it is usually impossible to know how many years a suicide tutor has been assisting with suicides (they tend to change their user names to hide their not-so-surprising longevity) some posters have used the same pseudonym for years.

Some ASM posters provide medical instructions to inquirers for what they perceive to be the altruistic reason of making sure that those who seek to "catch the bus" don't botch (survive or survive with any degree of impairment) their suicide attempts. These posters insist that they don't encourage suicide simply because they refrain from making such blunt statements such as: "I hope you commit suicide," "Why don't you go kill yourself," "You do need to commit suicide," and so on. Providing instructions on suicide method for the purpose of ensuring the death of an individual is assisting suicide. Those who do so--regardless of their motives--are participating in the death of another person.


Those who Discourage Suicide are Said to Cause Suicide

Some ASHers accuse those who discourage suicide of causing people to commit suicide. They maintain that if you don't affirm a depressed person's desire to kill himself you are against him personally as an individual. One of their favorite mind manipulation ploys is to say that when you tell people that suicide is wrong (and that demonic affliction is behind their urges to die) you are actually priming them for suicide. They say that if you tell a person who cuts herself that she is being demonically afflicted and needs to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ who has the deliver her from the power of darkness, that you are driving her to suicide!

It follows that certain ASHers encourage suicide by affirming and condoning suicidal feelings and inclinations. For example, a new poster started the thread, "suicide obsession is like my drug," in order to share her compulsion to obsess about suicide. An ASH regular (who posts under a "death" user name-see post #6) reinforced the poster's suicide ideation by sending the message that his own decision to commit suicide has been an empowering and liberating experience and that his stress level has been greatly reduced ever since he made the decision to commit suicide. Now do not misunderstand me. It is possible to empathize with a poster's constant suicidal musings without reinforcing this behavior.

ASH insiders present people who share the gospel with the suicidal as evil predators who drive people toward suicide. They do everything they can to influence readers of their forum to discount as rubbish all references to God and the Bibleunless of course, such references are deprecatory in nature. It is not surprising that the satanic Church of Euthanasia, whose satanic depopulation philosophy is promoted on, uses the same tactics. I have dedicated an article to this subject called "God is Evil" Conditioning posts.

In the economy of ASH amorality, if a poster validates a person's desire to die and commiserates with him about his perception of a hopelessly ruined life, he is actually encouraging him to live. This is exactly what they communicate on their forums, in an attempt to defend their indefensible "ministry." While it is true that depressed, isolated people need a place to share their innermost feelings and burdens, it is not true that affirming their desire to kill themselves points them away from suicide. To validate suicide is to encourage suicide!

Another way that many ASHers encourage suicide is to remain silent when a regular poster indicates that he or she is finalizing suicide plans. I have observed suicidal posters send obvious calls for help on the forum and watched the ASH insiders ignore them. ASH predators know when a person is serious about committing suicide and their expression of indifference or posting of inflammatory remarks serves to push the despairing "over the edge." I have observed this calculated behavior several times on the forum.

ASHers maintain that you cannot talk a person into suicide if he does not want to die. That may be true, but you can definitely condition suicidal individuals to take that final step into eternity by reassuring them that suicide is a "right" and that it is acceptable to God. The thread, "Encouraging Suicide is Not Free Choice," is one example of such conditioning. A person said in post #9 that he was taking a college course on the subject of death and dying and wondered if God was using the course to help him "make the transition." Suicide pacts (offered by those who are not truly suicidal) are also regularly advertised on ASH.


 ASM Regular Encouraged Poster to Shoot Herself

The "Depression and Suicide" alt.suicide.methods thread, which was started on June 17, 2006, is an example of  blatant suicide encouragement that is typical of the suicide forums. The poster queried the ASM forum for a workable suicide method:

I feel tht i have had enough i have nothing happy in my life. i have
already slashed my wrists but they have stopped bleeding, i want to
know how i can cut myself so that i can bleed to death. i feel that i
have nothink to live for. any suicide methods are welcome as i havent
found anythink that has worked yet.

"Doesnt matter" responded with some lethal advice in a speedy seven minutes:

Slitting yourself won't work. Go for the shotgun! [post #2]

After the poster replied that acquiring a gun was not possible, "doesnt matter" suggested another way to die:

Suspension hanging? [post #4]

The poster was willing to try to kill herself via suspension hanging if she had more information so "doesnt matter" provided a link to a how-to-hang-yourself page on the ASH archives website, which is hosted by the Church of Euthanasia's cardinal, Karin Spaink. [post #6]

The ASHers/ASMers who knowingly promote the COE agenda are committed to (1) providing precise and sure-to-work suicide tutoring, conditioning and encouragement and (2) preventing people from believing that suicide takes a person from distressing earthly circumstances to an eternity in hell that is immeasurably worse than the pain they are presently enduring and that can be alleviated by the power of God.

Some ASHers are convinced that my warnings about the terrible fate that awaits those who die without being reconciled to God are "causing a lot of pain to vulnerable people." One ASHer wrote:

She's also causing a great deal of pain to vulnerable people.
But I'm almost certain that she enjoys causing pain to people.

Actually, lovingly warning about the reality of hell is the kindest thing you can do for an individual who is about to put himself there.


Suicide and Satan's Rewards

Suicide by hanging is a recurring theme on the Google Groups suicide forums. The Church of Euthanasia (COE) Cardinal, Karin Spaink rightly revealed that gods (demons) are involved in suicides. Ms Spaink also revealed what it takes to become a martyr of the COE and how COE members can receive bonus points. Her comments reveal that she is aware that suicide is serious business in the satanic realm. See: Karin Spaink's Martyr of the COE Remarks

I believe that Karin Spaink's remarks indicate that those who commit suicide due to the the Church of Euthanasia's influence will become martyrs of the 'church' and I am certain that whoever has a part in causing suicides will receive bonus points (increased rank in Satan's kingdom). Those who aid Satan in his quest to kill and destroy human beings will be compensated in this world, but they will receive the unending wrath of a holy and righteous God in the next.


Soliciting For Suicide

Soliciting for suicide partners is a frequent practice on ASH/ASM. The most commonly stated reason for seeking a suicide partner is to help make one's 'exit' less lonely or less frightening. The sad irony is that suicide sentences the one who commits it to an eternity of loneliness and fright in outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The poster who lures another into making a suicide pact is accountable not only for his own rejection of God's rightful authority over his life but also for enticing another to take that final, irrevocable step into eternity. Below are some examples of suicide solicitation. (I chose not to provide links to these threads.)

These individuals who advertised for suicide partners live close to the COE headquarters:

Hi, I'm interested in finding one or more suicide partners -- I think I
have a better chance of actually going through with it and setting up a
reliable method if it's a joint effort. I'm in the Boston, Massachusetts area, but could travel. Email or respond here if interested, thanks. (post #1 Looking For a Suicide Partner)

I'd really like to ctb, but all the methods seem either too painful, too unreliable, and/or too complicated to implement -- at least to me. But maybe with a partner, I'd have more success. Any chance there's anyone in the Boston, Massachusetts area who'd like to join forces? Respond here or email, thanks.  (Post #1 Looking For A Boston Area Suicide Partner)

Some are willing to travel to find someone to join them in suicide:

hello, I am looking for a suicide partner to discuss plans and to spend those last moments with.  I can travel anywhere in the united states. (post #1 Suicide Partner Needed)

Most hope that partnering with another will ease their fear to do what is totally unnatural:

I think having a suicide partner would be nice. I think it could ease some of the fear. But yeah, it could cause problems if one doesn't make it, is rescued or whatever. I wish it were easier to suicide... (Post #1 I Wish I Had a Suicide Partner/s)

Some posters seek information about how to find a suicide partner:

Where exactly does one find a reliable suicide partner? In Japan, it seems to be some readily available method to search out a sucide buddy? Anyone got any good info? (post #1 Suicide Partners)

Even young teens solicit for suicide partners:

I hope somebody will answer to this although I guess there aren't many people from Brussels in these newsgroups. I am thinking about jumping from a building. If you are from Brussels, please reply, seriously. In case you
think that a 15 year old teen shouldn't commit suicide, better don't reply. (post #1 Suicide Partner For Brussels)

Tragically, this poster was not aware that suicide is the entrance to hell rather than the exit:

I'm a guy from germany, 26 years old and I want to leave this f-----'
hell. I'd like to leave with somebody at my side who comes from
germany, netherlands, belgoum or somewhere from scandinavia. It's no
joke and I'd like to go next weekend. If you also want to leave this
world, send me an email and we will organize our last act. (Suicide Partner)

ASH/ASM regulars also post news reports of people who have died in suicide pacts. These news postings are yet another example of suicide conditioning.

Update: See the first post in the thread, How to Spot a Predator for information about a predator who lures his victims in via suicide pacts.


Suicide Announcements

Suicide announcements are an ASH conditioning mainstay. Announcements that posters are about to kill themselves or have taken their lives make suicide more real and more attainable in the minds of genuinely suicidal readers. Responses to "I'm ready to CTB" announcements are usually, "Wish you luck" or "I envy you." Suicide announcements do not have to be authentic to produce the desired conditioning effect. As long as the core posters hold that a suicide report is genuine, the conditioning takes root in the readers' minds. Suicide reports on ASH are generally taken at face value, with no proof provided. Since any user name can be reported to be dead, a suicide report is not a confirmed suicide. When I commented on this irresponsible suicide reporting, I was descended upon with much anger.

I noticed that three suicide announcements were posted to ASH within a one week time frame. No obituary or other proof of death was provided, only hearsay. One individual's suicide was initially "confirmed" by a password-protected memorial website. Further details have been disclosed and I am now fairly certain the young man who posted to ASH for a time actually took his life. However, please note that a memorial website alone is not a verifiable confirmation of the death of a particular ASH poster. Anyone can put up a website with a picture of an individual with his friends and family and claim that the person on the website was an ASH poster who killed himself. Since the website is password protected, it would be easy to hide a fraudulent memorial website.

ASHers typically announce a suicide by starting a thread with a statement to the effect that an ASH poster has CTB'd (caught the bus). (I have even seen the use of the phrase, "passed away" in reference to suicide which conditions the reader to view suicide as a normal death. A suicide is a forced self-killing, not a natural death!) ASHers typically express a sense of loss when they have been told a fellow ASHer has "caught the bus" but they usually post remarks that reinforce the lies that suicide was the "best option" and the one that took his life has ceased to exist or is now at peace.

ASH's resident poster mentioned here keeps a record of every poster who commits suicide following his/her interaction with this newsgroup. While the suicide recorder insists that these suicides are authentically documented, I am unable to verify this assertion because he insisted on dispensing the information to me via email attachment, which I chose not to open. I am disturbed that he feels compelled to record ASH-affiliated suicides because core ASHers consider these deaths to be success stories. Whether genuine or fake, suicide announcements have a profound effect on and alt.suicide.methods readers.


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