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Alt. Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

Ash Scapegoat Shields Other Suicide Encouragers From Scrutiny

One notorious resident ASHer, (poster at who has been posting to ASH for over five years, appears at first glance to be at odds with the ASH suicide agenda. A closer look at his posting history reveals that he has exceeded ASH's narrow definition of what it means to encourage suicide and also seems to prey on suicidal posters by engaging in manipulative mind games. His unkind verbal exchanges with suicidal individuals have earned him the reputation on ASH as being a dangerous predator. He has even in so many words urged posters to commit suicide, which is the only alleged "no-no" pertaining to suicide encouragement on ASH. He enjoys religious debate but his deprecatory remarks about the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible and Christianity further the ASH insiders' agenda.

ASHers and ASMers who themselves facilitate suicide by providing suicide methods advice and assistance with suicide plans label this long-time regular as a sociopath and suicide encourager. Why is this particular ASHer, whose posts reveal that he furthers the ASH agenda, vilified by his fellow ASHers?  My opinion regarding this particular dynamic on the ASH/ASM forums is as follows. It could be that this poster's scapegoat  role shifts the readers' focus from the rest of the core ASHers who also encourage suicide but are "nicer" in the way that they go about it. By being as "bad" as he can possibly get away with, he defines what is inappropriate on ASH, thereby casting the other ASHers and ASMers in a much better light because they encourage suicide in "nicer," more subtle ways and are not verbally abusive to suicidal posters. The more the ASHers rail against this individual, the safer they are to continue the ASH agenda.

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