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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

"God is Evil" Conditioning Posts

The ASH insiders are just as dedicated to preventing desperately unhappy people from coming to salvation through Jesus Christwho is the only one who can set people free from the power of darkness as they are to promoting what they hold is the person's right to choose suicide.

A major way the core ASHers and ASMers seek to maintain control of their forums is by unceasing attempts to debase and defame God and the Holy Bible and anyone who posts as God's ambassador. (Non-Christian posters who disagree with their agenda are also on the receiving end of their wrath.) The main reason that this core group of anti-God posters degrade and blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ and insult me to what is probably an unprecedented degree is because they are strongly opposed to their readers being rescued from Satan's clutches and his bus stop to hell "solution."

Genuinely suicidal people are often more aware of their need for God and more concerned about what happens after death than people who are not currently in crisis. Indeed, one poster plainly stated that he wanted to learn about Christianity because  he wanted to find out what would happen when he died:

There were reasons for me to want to learn about Christianity and the Bible. One of them and probably the most important, is that because I've been suicidal, I wanted to learn as much as I could about what would happen when I died. I wanted to know what hell would be like, if it existed. Another reason is that the Christian religion is so pervasive throughout our society, and affects our lives in more ways than people realize. For instance...why are there seven days in a week? Could it be because the Bible teaches the world was made in seven days?  There is a pervasive influence, like it or not....our holidays, traditions (marriage),  gov't (God given rights) learning about the religion I have come to understand more about our society in general. (See post #17)

The last thing the ASH controllers want is for people to bring their broken hearts to Jesus Christ, who came to heal the brokenhearted. They are committed to keeping their readers under the control of Satan who came to steal, kill and destroy. They adhere to this goal by not only posting the never ending refrain, "God does not exist," "Jesus Christ is a mythical figure" and remarks like "If God was all-powerful he could have made a better world" they link to websites that blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ and his Holy Bible and employ vicious defamation campaigns and even death curses against me for seeking to introduce suicidal people to the only one who can make them spiritually and emotionally whole: the Lord Jesus Christ.

These particular ASHers point their readers away from God and toward Satan by promoting devilish philosophies that impugn the character of God. Below is a description of a "God is evil" conditioning post on

This poster presented God as an unfeeling force in the universe who is nothing more than the sum of the physical laws of the universe. [This is exactly what the high-level Masons believe. Actually God created the physical and spiritual laws of the universe as well as the universe itself!] This writer stated that God has no conscience (no sense of right and wrong) because if he had a conscience, he would not give human beings the ability to suffer. God must be evil because he knew that his creation (including people) would be subject to pain and suffering. (See post #26)

Posters who knowingly serve the ASH agenda promote satanic doctrines. Below are some examples.

ASH insiders say that Christianity is based on fear and that God is a fabrication. "Ashen Souls," a long-time poster, sent the message that Christians serve an all-powerful, vengeful, psychotic "god,"a beast who does not really exist:

Fear. It's what Christianity is all about. If they didn't have a god
that was all-powerful, all-jealous, all-venegful, and basically
psychotic, nobody would take it seriously. (post #16)

Luckily, no such beast exists.

"Bosom Buddy," who used to be a core ASH/ASM poster, also revealed his satanic worldview by remarking that if God is so good, why did the angels rebel against him? Then he went on to suggest that the angels were right to rebel against such a sadistic God. He ended his post with the remark that the rebels [devils] might be good beings who have had bad publicity. (#21) Not surprisingly, this poster stated that Jesus Christ never existed. miracles cannot and do not happen (#7) and Christianity is an evil, murderous hoax. (#47)

Satanists promote the lie that Satan is not evil and that he loves people:

Most people have been deceived about Satan, they class him as Evil, Satanic all call him the Devil, Lucifer all something to do with the occult. Satan (God) is our father in Heaven who loves you with all his heart.

Quote source: Learn About the Love of Satan [1]

While ASH's satanist agents defend their master's suicide agenda, they accuse the God of the Bible of heinous crimes against mankind such as murder, rape, pillage, plunder, slavery, and child abuse. [See post #11]

Below is an excerpt of a "God is evil" conditioning post. This poster attributed malice to the God of the Bible and said that his punishment of evil individuals is in itself evil. (This is satanic doctrine.)

"GOD has prepared an ETERNAL lake of fire for Satan, demons, and the wicked on Judgment Day. They will all be commanded to burn in this fire for eternity. Is this not sick and evil? Is this not a hateful, get-even attitude? Instead of making these individuals cease to exist altogether, he would rather cause them severe pain. Evil is defined as morally bad or wrong; having no remorse; anything that maliciously causes harm and
pain. Is not casting these "evil" individuals into an eternal fire to cause
them harm and pain not evil? Sure, GOD may have the last laugh when Judgment Day comes, but he will have to live with the fact that these individuals will be in severe pain. This behavior is in fact sick, evil, childish and stupidity!" 
(See post #1)

Similar posts are all over ASH.

The tone of the following post is typical of ASH:

"Why do you believe in this Christian/Religious claptrap? There is no God or Gods, no Jesus Christ, no Angels, no Satan, no Demons, no Heaven, no Hell, no Reincarnation and no afterlife. These things are all just fictions! The truth is so simple, and self-evident. You are born, you live and then you die. That's it! There is NO proof otherwise!" (See post #14)

They do not want anyone to believe Satan exists and that he has the power to demonically afflict people, effectively driving them to suicide. Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ is off-limits on ASH because He is the only one who can save from sin and its penaltyhell. They do not want you to know that Satan and his demons are real because demons are involved in every suicide.


COS Cardinal is Aware that Demons Drive People to Suicide

Karin Spaink, webmaster and Cardinal of the Church of Euthanasia (COS), is aware that demons cause suicide and even dangled this knowledge in front of ASH readers in a veiled fashion. On a thread that she started on on October 14, 2001, she indicated that while she was compiling a list of gods and goddesses of various religions, she came across a god of death that is associated with suicide called Ahpuc.

Ahpuc Mayan god of death, associated with suicide, death by hanging, beheading, and human sacrifice. [2]

A "god" is another word for demon. The Mayans called the suicide demon Ixtab:

The suicide goddess was called Ixtab. She is always represented with a rope around her neck. The Mayans believed that suicides would lead you to heaven. Hence, it was very common for suicides to happen because of depression or even for something trivial. [3]

This Ixtab demon is also known as the goddess of the noose and gallows:

Ixtab is the Maya goddess of the noose and the gallows. She is also the protector of those who committed suicide. It was believed that those who committed suicide or died by hanging, together with slain warriors, sacrificial victums, priests, and woman who died in childbirth, went straight to eternal rest in paradise. [4]

ASH promotes the demonic doctrines of the ancient Mayas! There is a fascination with the subject of asphyxiation on ASH, and those who are contemplating a hanging death are invariably assured their self-killings will be rewarded with peace and rest.

The ASH and ASM insiders mark themselves for their master by using demonic, death-oriented user names and by evidencing their extreme contempt for the Lord Jesus Christ by posting the worst blasphemy I have ever encountered. These individuals strive to keep people who are on the verge of suicidewho are compelled to cut their bodies and obsess about suicide all their waking hoursfrom believing that they are being afflicted by evil spirits! Stridently, and while hurling vile epithets, they have sought to counter every post that I have made to try to warn people about this matter.

Satan and suicide go together. Always. The ASH and ASM insiders, even while covertly lacing their posts with occult doctrines, are committed to obscuring this fact. They direct their readers away from God and toward psychiatry and the mental health system which is dedicated to placing people on powerful psychiatric drugs which brings them into a state of numbness and apathy. This is exactly the state that the new world planners need the majority of the populace to be in.

Many ASH suicide proponents, who conspicuously mark the content of their posts for Satan and who detest the Bible, nevertheless have enough scripture knowledge to engage me in debate. [For the sake of the readers I have answered some of their questions, but I do not expect to get through to the ASHers who challenge me regarding the Bible because the Bible is a spiritual book. It is understandable to those who are led by the Spirit of God; the natural man cannot understand the scriptures and the satanist scorns them.] They then attempt to twist my responses in an effort to "prove" that God is a hateful villain and the Bible is not true. Their tactics match those of Satan's followers.


[urls are provided for the purpose of documentation only.]

[2] Mayan Deities
[3] Mayan gods and goddesses
[4] Mayan Deities

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