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Alt.Suicide.Holiday: Bus Stop to Hell

Introduction (ASH) is an umoderated USENET newsgroup. This newsgroup may be read and posted to via a newsreader or the internet. [Warning]

Newcomers to ASH are typically greeted in this manner:

"Welcome to ASH, sorry you're here."

The ASH Bus Stop to Hell series proves that the ASH predators (posters who support the depopulation philosophy of the Church of Euthanasia) are NOT sorry you're there.

ASH's original charter, (written in 1991 by Andy Beals) reveals that the newsgroup was started for the purpose of discussing methods and reasons to commit suicide:

With the holidays coming up, this newsgroup will be a good resource
for discussing methods and reasons. [1]

Andy Beals sent the message that individuals who think about suicide but who just can't get around to it are weak:

Please note that this is NOT alt.angst. Alt.angst is for weenies who just
can't get around to doing it. [2]
Beals' charter also sent the unqualified message that spending large amounts of time with one's family at holiday time is a very good reason for suicide:
For those of you outside of the USA, our "Thanksgiving" day happens in
just two days.  It is a time when we're expected to give thanks [that
we're here in the USA] and to spend lots of time with our families -- a
very good reason for suicide. [3]

It is true that those with severely dysfunctional family relationships are often more prone to becoming depressed and even suicidal during the holidays, but Andy Beals provided no such qualification for his statement in his ASH charter message. He simply equated lots of time with family as "a very good reason for suicide."

The name, was reportedly selected because more suicides are committed at holiday time. (In addition to the more commonly-known reasons for the increase in suicides during the holidays, consider this: Since many holidays are disguised pagan/demonic celebrations, it follows that people are more likely to do mortal harm to themselves during these times.)

The ASH newsgroup has evolved over the years and has become a place to discuss, rationalize and condition people regarding suicide rather than being confined to "reasons to do it" and "how-to-do-it" discussions. The how-to's regarding suicide are still discussed on ASH but those who want in-depth instructions about how and where to cause one's demise are referred to ASH's sister newsgroup, alt.suicide.methods (ASM).

Like its sister group ASH, alt.suicide.methods is also filled with suicide conditioning. Today a poster started a thread called "Exemplary hanging method by man in Brazil" on this forum for the purpose of commending a dead man's "excellently" executed suicide via suspension hanging. [I visited the website for a few seconds to confirm the existence of the photos but I strongly advise against visiting this death-exalting website.] This writer heaped lavish praise on the dead man for the way he carried out his gruesome self-execution and sent the message that he died in peace and with dignity.

Satanists exalt death and mark their work in order to glorify the one who represents death: Satan. The original a.s.h. website (which is mirrored on the COE representative, Karin Spaink's, is marked with demonic death imagery. Two Skulls are at the bottom of the main page and the Grim Reaper is situated at the bottom of the second page on the website. The Grim Reaper is known by many in the satanic subculture as the Angel [demon] of Death.


 Hating the Light: Threats of Retaliation for Exposing ASH/ASM

Since the ASH and ASM newsgroups are not moderated, the core posters, who engage in suicide-related discussion seemingly around-the-clock, seven days a week, are not shielded from the scrutiny and exposure of outsiders. The ASH predators, who employ organized damage control tactics against anyone who threatens their agenda, have made ample provision for this eventuality.

In addition to the fact that I have been subjected to months of ridicule on both the ASH and ASM newsgroups, one of their outspoken alt.suicide.methods posters started the thread, "Attention Lisa Ruby," which contains the threat to sue me if I quote any of her posts in the unfolding critique or mention any of her pseudonyms. (This poster deleted her post.) Other key posters also tried to intimidate me into silence regarding their activities on public suicide newsgroups. Why are they trying to hide? The Bible addresses the reason for the ASH/ASMers' scramble to hide their deeds:

" loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. For everyone that doeth hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." (John 3:19,20)

Core ASHers vigorously contend that people have the right to kill themselves and that suicide is a legitimate desire and a legitimate action. While maintaining the stance that self-killing is an acceptable choice, they falsely claim that they do not encourage suicide. Their false assertion of neutrality is evidenced by their spiteful retaliation against those who not only discourage suicide but tell them it is wrong. (Note: The primary way that occultists/witches retaliate is by sending curses, (devils on assignment.) They have even publicized a death curse against me. Click on "view as tree" to read posts.)

Those who discourage suicide and warn about the spiritual ramifications of dying without God are represented on ASH and ASM as dangerous, mean-spirited, uncaring predators who are cruelly indifferent to others' pain and suffering. Those who condone suicide are presented as being kind, compassionate and understanding.

At this time, the core ASHers are continuing to promote suicide on their newsgroup. In response to this article they regrouped and added a new private ASH forum. On April 3, 2006, they invited posters to join a private board so they can continue their agenda out of the spotlight. The private board was plugged again on April 20thprobably in response to the ASH Bus Stop to Hell articles. They might succeed in building a "private ASH" which excludes those who are opposed to their agenda, but it is too late to hide. There is ample evidence that encouraging, advertising and even glorifying suicide has been going on in the ASH and ASM newsgroups for many years.

footnotes: [1], [2], [3] charter information

[This page has been removed from the internet]

April 8, 2006


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