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Left Behind and False Mark of the Beast Doctrines

After I finished reading The Mark, the eighth book in the Left Behind Series, I became deeply burdened about Desecration, which was due to be released on Halloween Eve, October 30, 2001. I was  concerned about where the authors would take the Chang scenario, and what effect this would have on the readers' doctrinal beliefs. Just as I suspected, Chang's "dual-marking" was justified in the storyline! 

Perplexed readers have posed the "dual-marking" question to Jerry B. Jenkins on the now defunct free version of the Left Behind Message Board. They inquired of Jerry: "How is it possible for Chang to be saved after receiving the double mark?" Jerry' B. Jenkins' response to this often-asked question remained on their FAQ page for for a long time, but has been removed. ( later restored this page but I have pasted it for you below in case they remove it again.) [note: You may view the archived webpage HERE]

This question was originally stated on The Mark Global Chat on November 15, 2000:

Q: How is it possible for Chang to be saved after receiving the double mark?
A: "God looks on the heart," relates Jerry B. Jenkins. "He was a believer first, and thus, always."

Jerry B. Jenkins did not caution his readers and say, "It is only fiction, so do not take it seriously." He also did not warn, "You must understand that in real life, no Christian may receive the mark of the beast and escape the wine of the wrath of God, as stated in the Holy Bible."  

The authors also stated during The Mark Live Global Chat that they thought the scenario of a Christian being forced to take the mark of the beast was very credible! See: Authors Say Forced Mark is a Very Credible Scenario.


Left Behind Message Board: Reinforces Dangerous False Teachings

On October 27, 2002, during the satanic high week before Halloween, a "regular" posted to the authors' forum at the now defunct free version of the Left Behind Message Board. He stated that a Christian may end up with the mark of the beast by force or by deception and he will remain saved:

"If the MOB was applied upon a true believer, whether by deception or by force, that person would not lose his salvation. Now, if that situation is even allowed to happen, that is up to God." 

Jerry B. Jenkins was silent and did not correct this poster. Read about the mark of the beast attitudinal change plan here.


Discussion Guides Teach Left Behind Doctrines

The Left Behind website has downloadable discussion guides meant to be used for readers to study the doctrines taught in the Left Behind series. The teachings in the Left Behind Series are not being promoted as mere fiction:

The discussion guides can be used for your own study or in small groups. They can be very helpful in drawing out scriptural truths from the series. [bold emphasis mine] 

As we have already pointed out, each book also contains an abundance of teaching, most of it by characters using and explaining passages from the Bible. [bold emphasis mine] (Quotes source: Why Read Left Behind?)


For example, in the Discussion Guide For Soul Harvest, the writer used this opportunity to reinforce the visible "mark of the believer" teaching:

  • Fellowship
  • On p. 178, the doctor at Arthur Young Memorial Hospital, Floyd Charles, notices what he thinks is a bruise on Buck’s forehead, and Buck sees a smudge on Dr. Charles’ forehead too. Just a bit later that evening Tsion and Buck go through the same thing (see p. 193) until Tsion realizes that they have the seal described in the seventh chapter of Revelation—the servants of God being sealed on their foreheads—a cross visible only to other believers. Describe how a manifestation like this would transform fellowship among believers. Discuss the benefits and consider any difficulties that might arise as a result of such visible sealing. (note: this  has been removed.)

God's Wrath on Left Behind reveals the lengths the authors went to in order to convince the reader that Christians will have a visible mark during the Tribulation. God's Wrath on Left Behind points out the harm that that will come to anyone who accepts the "mark of the believer" doctrine. ( See God's Wrath on Left Behind, Chapter 8: By Their Marks Ye Shall Know Them?) 

The Left Behind Series is entertaining fiction that Jerry B. Jenkins now proclaims is "Truth with a capital T." God's Wrath on Left Behind proves that the Left Behind Series is not only unbiblical in many ways, it  is anti-biblical and anti-Christ. The "God" of the Left Behind Series is Satan in disguise, and the reader is unknowingly embracing him with open arms. 

Chapters in God's Wrath on Left Behind

  • The Anti-Christian Gospel of Left Behind

  • Entertainment: The Best Tool For Propaganda

  • A Certain Manner of an Affair is Nothing to Feel Guilty About?

  • Nicolae and Pro-Abortion Propaganda

  • Child Murder and Suicide: Options For Christians During the Tribulation?

  • Disappearances: The Best-Kept Secret

  • The Bible on the Mark of the Beast

  • By Their Marks Ye Shall Know Them?

  • Satan on the Mark of the Beast

  • Sex and the Left Behind Series

  • The Antichrist Foundation of the Left Behind Series

  • Merging With the Kingdom of Antichrist

  • New Age Markings on Left Behind

  • Satan's Soul Harvest

  • Essential Appendices:

  • The Gospel: How to Be Saved 

  • What Does it Mean to Be a True Christian? 

Note: God's Wrath on Left Behind is new material. The pro-abortion propaganda and the child-murder and suicide topics were briefly introduced on this website, but the book deals with these topics comprehensively and points the reader to the Bible for answers.

God's Wrath on Left Behind is now FREE (plus shipping)

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