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Demons Revel in Florida Hearsay Evidence Law

Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida legislators chose July 1, 2005—the date Demon Revels commenced—to make effective a change in Florida's evidence code that made hearsay evidence legal.

The Empire Journal's timely July 4th article, "New Florida Hearsay Evidence Law Adversely Affects Disabled" (1) revealed that effective on July 1st, Florida’s Evidence Code was changed to admit into a court of law the hearsay testimony of an incapacitated person’s spoken declarations from guardians (even those with conflicts of interest, like Michael Schiavo had), beneficiaries or heirs.

The "Florida Hearsay Evidence Law" was passed less than two months after Terri Schiavo's forced dehydration killing which was made possible because interested persons carried out an illegal court order. The new law could not have been passed without the precedent that Judge George Greer achieved by illegally admitting Michael Schaivo's and his relatives' hearsay evidence into his unique court of law that was consistently decided according to "the rule of Terri's case."

The "Florida Hearsay Evidence Law"which if not overturned will bring about mass deaths due to hearsay evidence provided by politically correct, court-appointed guardianswill affect all elderly and disabled people in the state of Florida. And yes, it will eventually affect all Floridians...and all Americans.

Things Have Changed—Drastically

The Florida Statute 90.602 did not allow into court the hearsay testimony of an interested person (a person with something to gain):

90.602  Testimony of interested persons.--

(1)  No person interested in an action or proceeding against the personal representative, heir at law, assignee, legatee, devisee, or survivor of a deceased person, or against the assignee, committee, or guardian of a mentally incompetent person, shall be examined as a witness regarding any oral communication between the interested person and the person who is deceased or mentally incompetent at the time of the examination.

But things have changed due to the precedent that was achieved with the cooperation of Judge George Greer, who was lauded and awarded for the way he handled the Terri Schiavo case. The new "Florida Hearsay Evidence Law" did away with the former moral and commonsense stance of not admitting into evidence the testimony of persons with conflicts of interest regarding what their incapacitated or mentally incompetent charges supposedly said when they were able-bodied.

Now the Florida courts are allowed to grant—to any person they choose to bestow such authority—the right for an interested person to testify in the following way: "Jane said that she did not want to receive medical treatment or food and water if she ever became unable to take care of herself." 

The Florida courts now admit such hearsay testimony and can effectively empower court-appointed—and often court-compliant— guardians to make life or death decisions for people who are mentally incompetent or otherwise unable to communicate on a level the judge is satisfied with. 

[Note: Terri Schiavo DID effectively communicate her desire to live but Michael Schiavo's illegally admitted hearsay evidence prevailed over Terri's impassioned pleas to live. Michael Schiavo's hearsay evidence had to prevail; they needed the precedent so they could later pass the "Florida Hearsay Evidence Bill" into law.]

Scientology Holidays Surround Florida Hearsay Evidence Law

House 0523 (the Florida Hearsay Evidence bill) was filed on January 25, 2005, a Scientology Holiday:

Criminon Day, to celebrate the 1970 founding of Criminon, the prison rehabilitation program.(2)

Gov. Jeb Bush signed the House 0523 bill into law on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at noon and it appropriately went into effect on a day that death-loving demons and their followers revel in—July 1st.

It is interesting to note that May 25th (the day after the "Florida Hearsay Evidence" bill was signed into law) is a Scientology holiday:

Integrity Day, to mark the 1965 release by L. Ron Hubbard of his studies on ethics – the reason and contemplation of optimum survival. (3) 

[note: Hubbard's ideas of integrity, survival and ethics have to do with life in a globalist society.]

July 2nd (the day after the "Florida Hearsay Evidence" law went into effect) is also a Scientology holiday:

Advanced Organization Founding Day Australia-New Zealand-Oceania, to celebrate the opening in 1983 of the Advanced Organization and Saint Hill in Sydney. (4)




2, 3, and 4 Holidays of Scientology

Saved copy of House 0523 bill

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