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John Nelson Darby Waited for "The Coming One"

John Nelson Darby, founder of the Plymouth Brethren Movement and an early, integral player in the modern Bible versions movement marked his translation and his doctrinal writings with the title of the same "Christ" New Agers/occultists are waiting for: "the coming One."

The phrase, "The coming One" is used by New Agers all over the world as they seek to invoke their Christ to return to earth:

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May The Coming One return to Earth.

(Quoted from the Great Invocation:1940 and 2000)

Below are selected citations of John Darby's use of the Theosophical term, "coming One" in reference to the Lord Jesus Christ or Jehovah. Observe that John Darby marked his Synopsis of the books of the Bible repeatedly with the term, "the coming One," thus associating the title of Antichrist with the true God of the Holy Bible.

We at the close have all the responsibility. The vision and the blessing was from Him who is, and who was, and who is to come. "Who is" is the immutable being of God. Thus time is brought in in connection with Him who is eternal - the coming One - who is, was, and is coming. (1)

One who was (had revealed Himself in previous ages to the earth or to men, to the Abrahams and Moseses of old time), and at the same time was the coming One who would make good everything revealed of and by Himself. (2)

The axe is at the root of the trees, the fan is in the hand of the coming One, the wheat is gathered into God's garner, the chaff burnt up. That is, there is a close of the history of God's people in judgment. (3)

True faith, in the midst of such a system, never rises so high as the glory of the coming One, the true rejected David, but it loves Him and cleaves to Him. (4)

Innocence, man without law and lawless, promise coming in as a thing apart, man under law, under priesthood, obedient royalty with law, sovereign unlimited royalty over the world, prophets to recall to law and to foretell the coming One and judgments, and at last the Seed of promise, grace in the world — this is history, history as it appears in fact in scripture, yet principles of dealing with man which test him morally in every way, and bring out the whole state in which he is, in which I am, before God; yet the connection of one part with another no one of the writers could have had in his mind, or does not refer to. (5)

They celebrate the Creator-God, the governor of the world, the God of the Old Testament; what He is outside Christianity, consequently for the world, whether the world or Israel; the Almighty, Jehovah, the coming One, the God who is coming, as He is the God who was. (6)

The character of God here is Jehovah, the Ancient of days, who is, and who was, and is the coming One. (7a)

{*The reading is this: "I am Alpha and Omega, saith the Lord God, the One who is, and who was, and who is the coming One, the Almighty."} (7b)

But the whole statement is all a blunder. This age is before Messiah, "the coming one" when He is revealed, but two only are admitted in the passage. (8)

He presents Himself in Nazareth, His natural home on earth as the fulfilment of the coming one in its moral blessing. (9)

And this is one great truth of what I may call the translation of the name in the Apocalypse; not "who was, and is, and is to come," but "who is" (o on), "who was" the God known of old, the promiser withal, and who is the "coming one" o erchomenos, when He will be Ancient of days, and Most High, possessor of heaven and earth, and His name known (even that Jehovah, and Jehovah alone, is so) over all the earth. (10)

John Nelson Darby waited for "the coming One," (who is also identified as "the Christ", World Teacher and is coming in the flesh) and looked forward to what Theosophists refer to as the "consummation of the age."



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[Note: The phrase, "the coming One"—in reference to Jesus Christ or Jehovah—is found in the writings of other Brethren theologians as well.]

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