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Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Pretenders

C. H. Spurgeon Marked His Sermons With  Luciferian Terms -- Page 4


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Square and rule (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "Man, with a giant like pride, would climb into the throne of the Almighty,and establish a contradiction to the will of God by making his own will,and not God's, the square and rule of his actions."(1)

Freemasonry: The widely known biblical story was used as part of the ritual for the Masonic Royal Arch degrees. Morrill, who died in 1878 at the age of eighty-nine, is listed as a member of Orange Mark Lodge No. 14 in 1825 in the proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Vermont. A published history of Norwich, Vermont, remembered him as “a firm believer in the mystic order, [he] governed his daily life by the square and rule. . . .” (2)

eternal energy
(Freemasonry, Theosophy, Hinudism, Ki/Chi)

Spurgeon: "All the complicated phenomena of human disease He comprehends, and along the dark labyrinth of human experience, His mighty word makes a way for itself. Undisturbed and even undelayed, the eternal energy enters the soul, for Jesus says, 'I will come and heal him.' " (3)

Freemasonry: "Boundless space, time, never-ceasing and eternal energy are some of nature's conditions, and through its ever-changing forms it is still and for aye never changing." (3a)

Theosophy: "But the main teaching of the central Hindu scriptures is about Brahman, which is a name applied to the Divine. They say that Brahman is the Absolute, the Infinite, the One Ultimate Reality. They say that it is not a Being or a Person but an impersonal “Principle,” the Principle of Consciousness itself, Life itself, Existence itself, the Eternal Energy pervading and underpinning this entire universe." (4)

Hinduism:  "Kali is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy." (4a)

Ki: "Ki is an eternal energy that flows through all things.To use ki you must be able to visualize something very well/ The key to using ki energy is called the Hera. It is located in your body 3 inches below your navel. Visualize it as a small ball of swirling energy. This is where all your energy is drawn from. You must visualize drawing energy from your Hera and projecting it out of your body." (4b)

living principle
(Theosophy, Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "It must be a matter which demands all our strength, so that when we are saved there is a living principle put within us which demands all our energies and gives us energy over and above any that we ever had before!"(5)

Theosophy: "Some modern metaphysicians have wisely agreed to disconnect the word Mind (pneuma) from Soul (psyche), the one being the rational, spiritual part, the other— psyche — the living principle in man, the breath that animates him (from anima, soul)." (6)

Freemasonry: "Freemasonry is not a mere pastime; nor a mere amusement. It is an active, living principle." (6a)


Mother Earth
(Greek mythology, Theosophy, New Age MovementGaia)

Spurgeon: "BLESSED were you, O Simeon, for flesh and blood had not revealed this to you, neither had it enabled you so cheerfully to bid the world farewell. The flesh clings to the earth—it is dust, and owes allegiance to the ground out of which it was taken; it loathes to part from Mother Earth. Even old age, with its infirmities, does not make men really willing to depart out of this world." (7)

Theosophy: "Notoriously Osiris was the Sun and theooo river Nile, the tropical year of 365 days, which number is the value of the word Neilos, and the bull, as he was also the principle of fire and of life-giving force, while Isis was the Moon, the bed of the river Nile, or the Mother Earth, for the parturient energies of which water was a necessity, the lunar year of 354-364 days, the time-maker of the periods of gestation, and the cow marked by, or with, the crescent new moon. . . . . " (8)


one motive power
(A force found in Theosophy, Hinduism, Self-Realization)

Spurgeon: "A stony heart may be turned to flesh but turn a divided heart into whatever you please, so long as it is divided, all is il! Nothing can go right when that which should be one organ becomes two! When the one motive power begins to send forth its life-floods into two diverse channels, it creates intestine strife and war." (9)

Theosophy: "Yet is desire, will, the one motive power in the universe. You see it as attraction everywhere. You find it present in chemical affinities and repulsions; it is playing in the magnet which attracts the soft iron; in every force of cohesion and disintegration; attraction and repulsion, the double-faced power in nature, it is the one motive power." (10)

Hinduism: "All the various movements that we see around us in society are caused by the various ideals in various souls trying to come out and become concretised; what is inside presses on to come outside. This perennially dominant influence of the ideal is the one force, the one motive power, that may be seen to be constantly working in the midst of mankind." (10a)

Self-Realization: "This perennially dominant influence of the ideal is the one force, the one motive power, that may be seen to be constantly working in the midst of mankind." (10b)


vitalizing spirit (Occult)

Spurgeon: "Why, he has not a “spirit” with which to discern them; he has only a soul and body, but the third principle, implanted in regeneration, which is called in the Word of God, “the spirit,” he knows nothing of, and he is therefore incapable, seeing he is dead and is without the vitalizing spirit, of doing what you say he does." (11)

Occult: "Moreover, I tell you in few words, that you cannot obtain a metallic body except by perfectly joining these three principles into one. Know, also, that all animals are, like man, composed of flesh and blood, and also possess a vitalizing spirit, but are destitute of the rational soul which the Creator gave to man alone. Therefore, when animals die, they perish for ever. But when man yields up his mortal life into the hands of his Creator, his soul does not die. It returns, and is united to the glorified body, in which, after the Resurrection, soul and spirit dwell together once more in eternal glory, never to be separated again throughout all eternity." (12)


energy of the body

Spurgeon: "Oh, all my graces, heaven-begotten as you are, praise Him who did beget you! You children of His grace, sing unto your Father’s name, and magnify Him who keeps you alive! Let all that in is me be stirred up to magnify and bless His holy name! Then let us wake up the energy of all those powers—the energy of the body, the energy of the mind, the energy of the spirit." (13)

Kabbalah: "The subtle energy of the body is also one and the same as the divine energy, or Shakti, of the cosmic universe. The patterns and dynamic of that field of universal forces is mirrored within the personal microcosm. They are magically linked, and one can affect the other." (14)

energy of the mind (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "Oh, all my graces, heaven-begotten as you are, praise Him who did beget you! You children of His grace, sing unto your Father’s name, and magnify Him who keeps you alive! Let all that in is me be stirred up to magnify and bless His holy name! Then let us wake up the energy of all those powers—the energy of the body, the energy of the mind, the energy of the spirit."

Theosophy: "The astral plane, the second aspect of the personality, is the correspondence to the form-building aspect of the Trinity, the second aspect. The creative imagination “pictures a form” through the ability to visualise and the thought energy of the mind gives life and direction to this form. It embodies purpose. Thereby a rapport or line of energy is constructed between the mind and the astral vehicle and it becomes a triple line of energy when the soul of the disciple is utilising this creative process in some planned and definitely constructive manner." (16)

The life divine (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "There is a freemasonry among us, and the outside world watch us a bit, and by-and-by they pick up certain of our signs; but there is a private sign which they can never imitate, and therefore at a certain point they break down. A godless man may pray as much as a Christian, read as much of the Bible as a Christian, and even go beyond us in externals; but there is a secret which he knows not and cannot counterfeit. The life divine is so totally new that the unconverted have no copy to work by. In every Christian it is as new as if he were the very first Christian." (17)

Freemasonry: "These seven gates answered to the seven Degrees of Initiation; and these corresponded in turn to the seven planets, through
whose spheres or orbits the Candidate was supposed to pass. The
last represented the final deliverance of the soul and its
re-absorption in the Life Divine." (18)


sacred fire
(Kundalini energy, Ascended Masters)

Spurgeon calls for sacred fire to descend: "If, with the Spirit just poured out, there were spots in their solemn feasts; if in the first glory of the Church’s sky there were wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness and darkness forever, how much more in these days of the Church’s weakness, when we have need enough to cry, “Descend, O sacred fire, descend again; for without You Your Church shall die”?" (19)


Ascended Masters project Sacred Fire to the earth: The Beloved Ascended Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and Jesus the Christ, and others of the Ascended Host will project the Sacred Fire to the Earth when they are called upon to do so. The Mighty Elohim of Purity and the Mighty Elohim Hercules also project the Sacred Fire which takes on varying shades of Blue, Violet, Indigo, and Gold depending upon the Purification and Healing required and we can include them when we enter into our daily calls to the Sacred Fire." (19a)


Kundalini: "Kundalini energy is a form of energy that works in unison with the Form, the Manifested, and the Physical Body. Spiritual schools regard Kundalini energy as a sacred fire that requires awakening and which eventually allows spiritual practitioners to register inner experiences as well as attain higher levels of consciousness." (20)

glorious Master (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "You have felt too acutely to slumber in indifference. Your bleeding spirit cries for consolation—may my glorious Master give me words in season for you." (21)

Theosophy: "—Salutations to that glorious Master, who by giving knowledge of the Self, burns up the bounds of the accumulated Karma of many births. Salutations to such a Master." (22)

bright spirits (Theosophical term that actually refers to demons)

Spurgeon: "Gabriel flies, [Sic] at his Lord’s word, whether it is to Mary, or to the shepherds, or to the King; it matters nothing to the angel whether he descends to smite the hosts of Sennacherib, or to be the guardian of a little child; it has been well said that if two angels were dispatched to earth, and the one were to rule an empire amidst all terrestrial splendor, and the other were to perform the drudgery of a kitchen servant, the angels would have no choice as long as they knew their Lord’s mind; whichever God wills, they will, for those bright spirits consider not themselves, but only the good pleasure of their God!" (23)

Theosophy: "For the evolution of Spirit into matter could never have been achieved; nor would it have received its first impulse, had not the bright spirits sacrificed their own respective super-ethereal essences to animate the man of clay, by endowing each of his inner principles with a portion, or rather, a reflection of that essence. The Dhyanis of the Seven Heavens (the seven planes of Being) are the NOUMENOI of the actual and the future Elements, just as the Angels of the Seven Powers of nature — the grosser effects of which are perceived by us in what Science is pleased to call the "modes of motion" — the imponderable forces and what not — are the still higher noumenoi of still higher Hierarchies." (24)


omnipotent energy (Kundalini)

Spurgeon: “What are You doing?” The operations of His grace are attended with such omnipotent energy that He is able to say to men, “A new heart, also, will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh." (25)

Kundalini Yoga: "Kundalini, the sleeping serpent as it is also know, is the potent energy well in each of us and the yoga that teaches one to move the Kundalini energy is Kundalini Yoga. The base of the spine is the house to this omnipotent energy." (26)


sacred energy (used in Theosophy, Hinduism, witchcraft, Shamanism and others)

Spurgeon: "If his faith diminishes, then depend upon it, the vital spark burns low; let faith ebb out, and the life-floods are ebbing too; let faith roll in with a mighty sweep, in a floodtide of full assurance, then the secret life-floods within the man are rising, and filling the man with sacred energy." (27)

occult laws of healing: "38. The Law of Healing. This law concerns the ability of one to channel energy (prana – chi – holy spirit) which radiates from the Source we call God. The purpose of this channeled energy is to either improve self or another by removing blockages or instilling the sacred energy which pulsates from the Source of God." (28)


the Great Unchangeable (Kabbalah)

Spurgeon: "He is not composed of any substance or material, but is Spirit—pure, essential and ethereal Spirit—and, therefore, He is immutable. He remains everlastingly the same. There are no furrows on His eternal brow. No age has palsied Him—no years have marked Him with the mementoes of their flight. He sees ages pass, but with Him it is ever now. He is the great I AM—the Great Unchangeable. Mark you, His essence did not undergo a change when it became united with the manhood." (29)

Kabbalah: "42. We now come to the consideration of the first Sephira, or the Number One, the Monad of Pythagoras. In this number are the other nine hidden. It is indivisible, it is also incapable of multiplication; divide 1 by itself and it still remains 1, multiply 1 by itself and it is still 1 and unchanged. Thus it is a fitting representative of the great unchangeable Father of all." (30.)


energetic energy (witchcraft, paganism)

Spurgeon: "That wonderful photograph of his internal being which we have in the book of Psalms, shows us that he was a man of intensely fervent love to God, a man whose nature was vital to a degree of sensitive and energetic energy seldom, if ever, exceeded." (31)

Feng Shui:
"Yin is the passive and quiet energy and represents darkness, cold, creativity, fertility, intuition and femininity, Yin is known as the moon energy. Yang is a more outward energetic energy and represents light, hot, active, logical and masculinity, Yang is known as the sun energy." (32)

the Supreme Judge (Masonic)

Spurgeon: "And that God should thus come among men, and put on human flesh and blood—and that in His wonderfully complex person He should bear the consequences of our sin? It is a miracle that God should, by suffering, magnify His own law and that the Supreme Judge should Himself bear the curse, instead of the culprit, and thus vindicates the principles of eternal rectitude." (33)

Freemasonry: "The horrors and punishments of Tantalus, as described in the Phaedo and the AEneid, with al 1 the ceremonies of the judgments of Minos, Eacus, and Rhadamanthus, were represented, sometimes more and sometimes less fully, in the Mysteries; in order to impress upon the minds of the Initiates this great lesson, -that we should be ever prepared to appear before the Supreme Judge, with a heart pure and spotless ; as Socrates teaches in the Gorgias." (34)

energy of prayer (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "The soul should not always be in the exercise of prayer, but always in the energy of prayer; not always actually praying, but always intentionally praying." (35)

Theosophy: "The three Sandhyas thus stand for the energies of the Trimurtis, Vishnu, and Siva. The union of these three energies is known collectively by the name of Sandhya Devi or the energy of prayer." (36)


everlasting Freemason  In reference to God (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "There will be nothing there that is trumpery or temporary; everything there is the best of the best, most suitable for the inhabitants, and most glorious to behold. The very streets are paved. with gold, exceeding rich and rare. The best builders of earth cannot be compared to the great Builder above, the eternal Architect, the everlasting Freemason who has built those many mansions where his saints shall dwell forever." (37)

Freemasonry: "May the present instance of mortality remind us of our approaching fate, and draw our attention toward thee, the only refuge in time of need! that when the awful moment shall arrive that we are about to quit this transitory scene, the enlivening prospect of thy mercy may dispel the gloom of death ; [Sic] and after our departure hence in peace and in thy favor, we may be received into thine everlasting freemason's [Sic] monitor. 97" (38)

the eternal architect (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "Now that Jesus is there we have a friend on high whom we have known and who has known us who an introduce us to all its inhabitants and acquaint us with all its joys. His presence is the light and the glory of the celestial city. My place will be prepared when I am safe in His arms, leaning on His gentle breast. There may be much work for the builder before all the plans and purposes of the eternal architect are completed." (39)

Freemasonry: "WM: – My Brothers, we are no longer in the profane world .May our Works remain in conformity with Universal Harmony, and may it have no other aims but the Glory of the Eternal Architect, the continuance of True Masonry, and the benefit of all Beings." (40)

the great Builder (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "There will be nothing there that is trumpery or temporary; everything there is the best of the best, most suitable for the inhabitants, and most glorious to behold. The very streets are paved. with gold, exceeding rich and rare. The best builders of earth cannot be compared to the great Builder above, the eternal Architect, the everlasting Freemason who has built those many mansions where his saints shall dwell forever." (41)

Freemasonry: "The Great Architect soon begins to hew and saw upon us, trying to make or shape and polish us into perfect ashlers. He works upon us through the years to take out of us our imperfections. At last, when our roughness has been smoothed away, our imperfections hewn out and we have thus become perfect ashlers, then is when the Great Builder uses us and gives us our place in this building of life which He is constructing." (42)


heavenly magic

Spurgeon: "I have said, and I cannot help saying it often, “My dear friend, I cannot comfort you as I should like to; I have never been exactly in your circumstances, and therefore I cannot enter into your peculiar grief; but I would remind you that one Person of the Divine Trinity has undertaken the office of Comforter, and He can do what nobody else can.” You must sometimes have felt the power of a single text of Scripture laid upon a wound in your heart; it will staunch the bleeding, and heal by a sort of heavenly magic." (43)

Theosophy: "In this regard, there is much to be said for the way of the Paramitas, those simple Buddhist virtues that enable us to "cross over" to the other shore of enlightenment. These are universally taught in every great tradition and can be practiced anywhere: charity, harmony of thought, word, and deed, patience, equanimity, diligence, and rightmindedness.* When rooted in a deeply felt altruism, and like a "light rising up" from us, they work a heavenly magic that touches the whole of cosmos." (44)

the divine presence (Contemplative prayer, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Spiritualism, Paganism, Santeria, etc.) In like manner as occultists, Spurgeon identifies "the divine presence" as energy!

Spurgeon: "Men try to forget the divine presence by calling its energy by strange names; they speak of the power of gravitation, but what is the power of gravitation? We know what it does, but what is it? Gravitation is God’s own power! They tell us of mysterious laws of electricity, and I know not what. We know the laws, and let them wear the names they have, but laws cannot operate without power. What is the force of nature? It is a constant motion from the great fountain of power, the constant out-flowing of God Himself—the perpetual going forth of beams of light from Him who is “the Great Father of Lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow.” (45) 


Witchcraft, Voodoo, Spiritualism, Paganism, Santeria, etc.: Prayer to Holy Death; Lord, before Your Divine Presence God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I ask for your permission to invoke the Holy Death. (45a)

Contemplative prayer
: "Contemplative prayer is a process of inner transformation, a conversation initiated by God and leading, if we consent, to divine union. One’s way of seeing reality changes in the process. A restructuring of consciousness takes place which empowers one to perceive, relate and respond with increasing sensitivity to the divine presence in, through, and beyond everything that exists." (46)

human magic (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "It was not by any human magic that Moses divided the Red Sea, and made a way for the ransomed nation to march through its depths. No one knew better than he that the instrument that branded the breast of the Red Sea, and left a dry mark where it fell, was the rod of God, not man’s." (47)

Theosophy: "Thus under the title of Magic was taught every Science, physical and metaphysical, natural or deemed supernatural by those who are ignorant of the omnipresence and universality of Nature. Divine Magic makes of man a God; human magic creates a new friend." (48)


absolute essence (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "As to His absolute essence, eye cannot behold the Lord, but He chooses to make an apparition of Himself—appearing among men in such a form as may come under the understanding of their senses." (49)

Theosophy: "The Universe is the periodical manifestation of this unknown Absolute Essence. To call it “essence,” however, is to sin against the very spirit of the philosophy. For though the noun may be derived in this case from the verb esse, “to be,” yet IT cannot be identified with a being of any kind, that can be conceived by human intellect. IT is best described as neither Spirit nor matter, but both." (50)

vital force (s) ( Prana, Chi)

Spurgeon: "Is it not certain that the energetic souls of Luther and Calvin have left vital forces behind them which still throb and pulsate? Perhaps the Reformers are doing as much today as they did when they were alive. "(51)

Spurgeon: "As long as ever those hands of his can, with a death clutch, keep hold of that floating piece of timber, he does not consider himself lost! Fond hope still whispers in his ear, “Hold on, you are not lost yet. Some ship may cross this way, providence may guide its path here and you may yet be delivered. Hold on, you are not lost while a sinew retains its might, while there is any vital force in your frame.” (52)

Prana: "Prana is the vital force which pervades the whole cosmos. Prana literally means ‘breath’ and ‘air’ as well as ‘energy’ and is the exact equivalent to the term ‘chi’ in Chinese Tao. Though closely related to the air we breathe, it is not exactly the same thing. Prana is more subtle than air and can be defined as the energy essence that is within everything in the universe." (53)


sons of Light  (Freemasons. Theosophists, Gnostics and Kabbalists call themselves "sons of light/Sons of Light")

Spurgeon: "So this scribe makes no exception of any kind, but says, “I will follow You wherever You go.” Oh, if he had only meant it in its highest spiritual sense, what a blessing this man would have had resting upon him! Of the glorified spirits above it is written, “These are they who follow the Lamb wherever He goes”— “Foremost of the sons of Light, Nearest the eternal Throne.” (54)

Freemasonry: "Freemasons are emphatically called the Sons of Light, because they are, or at least are entitled to be, in possession of the true meaning of the symbol; while the profane or uninitiated who have not received this knowledge are, by a parity of expression, said to be in darkness." (55)

Theosophy: "Let there be Sons of Light," or the Noumena of all Phenomena...these Beings are the Sons of Light because they emanate from, and are self-generated in, that infinite ocean of Light, whose one pole is pure Spirit lost in the absoluteness of Non-Being, and the other pole, the Matter in which it condenses, "crystallizing" into a more gross type as it descends into manifestation. Matter is, in one sense, the illusive dregs of that Light whose Rays are the Creative Forces, yet has in it the full presence of the Soul thereof, of that Principle which none -- not even the Sons of Light -- will ever know. S.D. I, 522. (481)" (56)

Gnosticism: "A son of light looked down from high and saw him. He said to rich brethren, O my brethren, sons of light in whom no flaw or loss lives, I looked down into the abyss." (56a)

Kabbalism:  "In Essene apocalyptic the Sons of Light will battle the Sons of Darkness." (56b)

the Great Teacher  (Antichrist, title of Lord Maitreya. the great teacher of the Buddhic light)

Spurgeon: "We see before us small beginnings and grand endings. One man is called by the voice of Jesus, and then another. The house in which they dwell is consecrated by the Lord’s presence, and by-and-by, the whole city is stirred from end to end with the name and fame of the Great Teacher." (57)

About New Age leader Lord Matryea: "The Messages of Lord Maitreya, given in this book, are the landmarks and guidelines on the Path to the Divine Wisdom. They contain both knowledge and the energy of the Great Teacher, calling us to action. Only we ourselves can show our ability for further evolution with our own achievements and our own efforts." (58)


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