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Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Pretenders

C. H. Spurgeon Marked His Sermons With  Luciferian Terms -- Page 3


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the Spirit of fire
(Counterfeit Holy Spirit, Witchcraft, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Hinduism, Kundalini, Shamanism etc.)

Spurgeon: "The low estate of the Church, is that to be laid at God’s door? It is true that the Church is not as full of life and energy and power and spirituality and holiness as she was in her first days, and therefore some insinuate that the gospel is an antique and an effete thing; in other words, that the Spirit of God is not so mighty as in past ages. To which the answer is, “Is the Spirit of the Lord straitened? Are these His doings?” If we are lukewarm, is that the fault of the Spirit of fire?" (1)

Counterfeit Holy Spirit: "Rodney brown yells “the fire, the fire” as he imparts a fire power to others. Many others do the same. Steve Hill charging through the crowd screams: “Fire--Fire--Fire--Fire!” Steve Hill uses the mantra technique, repeating “More, Lord!” and “Fire! Fire! Fire!” To pass on the spirit at the Brownsville “revival.” He then transfers by “touch” this “spirit of fire” to someone else." (1a)

Freemasonry: "Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Mason, K.T., in his book, Initiates of the Flame boldly admits Freemasonry is from Hell; "Those who follow the path of faith (or the heart) use water and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Sons of Cain, who was the son of SAMAEL , the Spirit of Fire. Today, we find the latter among the alchemists, the Hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons." [p. 20]" (2)

Witchcraft: "Be sure that you close a circle around you, as you’ll be invocating the spirit of fire. Doing so is rather easy, but you need to do it WITH INTENTION." (2a)

Hinduism: The spirit of Fire (or Heat), which stirs up, fructifies, and develops into concrete form everything (from its ideal prototype), which is born of WATER or primordial Earth, evolved Brahma -- with the Hindus. (2b)

Shamanism: "Long ago, Shamans with mastery of fire could embody the spirit of fire. During rituals, these shamans rleased flames from their mouths, noses, or whole bodies." (2c)

Spirit of light (Theosophy, Divination/Necromancy, Spiritualism, Witchcraft, Gnosticism)

Spurgeon: "The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of peace. He gives us peace. He is the Spirit of holiness and sanctification—rather, He is the Spirit of light—He kindles light in our souls. He is a sacred fire." (3)

Theosophy: "The Pymander instructed Hermes Trismegistus that "God is not Light but the Cause of Light." The Algonquians carried this idea one step further in speaking of the Great Spirit whose potency is the breath of life and whose descent is "the light which reveals creation". As the Spirit of Light He shows himself in the visible sun which is "the eye of the Great Spirit.' " (4)

"When the evoked spirit of light manifests with dejected or irritated countenance, we must offer him a moral sacrifice, that is, be inwardly disposed to renounce whatever offends him; and before leaving the oratory, we must dismiss him, saying: 'May peace be with thee! I have not wished to trouble thee; do thou torment me not. I shall labour to improve myself as to anything that vexes thee. I pray, and will still pray, with thee and for thee. Pray thou also both with and for me, and return to thy great slumber, expecting that day when we shall wake together. Silence and adieu!"' (4a)

Spiritualism: "Our Father, infinite Spirit of light and of love, whose name we call God, but whose wondrous power, whose ineffable spirit, filleth every atom of the universe : thou wonderful, thou immortal source ot light and love, we praise Thee." (4b)

Witchcraft: (Activating the pentagram ritual): "During the activating ritual next corner is the corner of coins/pentacles, light a candle and call upon Spirit of Earth, after that Spirit of Light, Spirit of Fire and finally The Spirit of Air and back to the Spirit of Water saying: "My pentagram us now open" (4c)

Gnosticism: "According to the Hindus, the Deity in the shape of Æther pervades all things. It is the invisible, but, as we have said before, too tangible Fluid. Among other names this universal Proteus--or "the nebulous Almighty," as de Mirville calls it in derision--was termed by the theurgists "the living fire," the "Spirit of Light," and Magnes." (4d)


the Spirit of light and fire (New Agers raise the  power of "the Spirit of light and fire to "ascend")

Spurgeon: "He that professes to be a believer, while he has never received the truth in the power of it, as sent home by the Spirit of light and fire, has need to begin again, and learn the first rudiments of the faith." (4e)

New Agers seeking ascension: "I AM the raising power of the Spirit of light and fire which lifts me to the victory of my ascension and is the full-gathered momentum of victory of the saints and ascended beings of all ages to ascend back to the very heart of God and the immortal consciousness thereof. So help me, God!*" (4f)

divine substance (Kabbalah)

Spurgeon: "Oh, that we more often remembered the distinction of the Divine Persons without dividing the divine substance! It becomes instructed believers to remember that one blessing comes from the Father, another blessing from the Son, and a third blessing through the Holy Spirit. There are times when it would seem as if the one blessing must come through the three Divine Persons, that there must be a manifestation of the whole Trinity to produce the result." (5)

Kabbalah: "In the Sepher Jezireh, the Kabalistic Book of Creation, the author has evidently repeated the words of Manu. In it, the Divine Substance is represented as having alone existed from the eternity, boundless and absolute; and as having emitted from itself the Spirit.* “One is the Spirit of the living God, blessed be Its name, which liveth for ever! Voice, Spirit, and Word, this is the Holy Spirit;”† and this is the Kabalistic abstract Trinity, so unceremoniously anthropomorphised by the Christian Fathers." (6)

seven heavens
(Ancient Babylon Mythology)

Spurgeon: "What will be the joys of heaven when we shall meet those who were turned to righteousness by our holding forth the word of life! Our heaven will be seven heavens as we see them there." (7)

Ancient Babylon: "The mythology of seven heavens is ancient — at least as old as ancient Babylonia. Originally, the number may have been taken from the celestial bodies that are nearest to earth, including those planets visible to the naked eye: the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. In later mythologies, the heavens seem to represent different levels of paradise for those humans who have reached ever-increasing levels of piety. The idea of there being seven heavens is not universal, of course; the Maori have between two and fourteen heavens; Polynesians have nine. And some cultures that started with seven later expanded. "(8)

The Sacred Three (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "Brethren, did Christ die for you? Yes or no? If He did, then, in the name of common honesty, live unto Him, for you cannot be your own—He has bought you with a price. When you were baptized in the name of The Sacred Three, did you mean it?" (9)

Theosophy: "When thou hast passed into the seventh, O happy one, thou shalt perceive no more the sacred three, for thou shalt have become that three thyself. Thyself and mind, like twins upon a line, the star which is thy goal, burns overhead. The three that dwell in glory and in bliss ineffable, now in the world of Mâyâ have lost their names. They have become one star, the fire that burns but scorches not, that fire which is the Upâdhi of the Flame." (10)

flaming ones

Spurgeon: "We have still not exhausted the occupations of the angels. These which I have already mentioned are rather contemplative—worship, song, study, and beatific vision; but the flaming ones above have occupations which are connected with earth. For instance, they feel sympathetic joy." (11)

Satanism: "Demons who belonged to certain orders often specialize in certain abilities and powers. In my own experiences, I have found our Personal/Guardian Demons are the ones we go to for nearly all of our needs, even those outside of their offices. Sometimes, our Guardian Demons will seek assistance from other Demons for us. Also, if we work hard for and are dedicated to Satan, Demons can come to us on their own, offering their help in times of trouble. This has happened to me. Here is some info on the hierarchies and powers: The Order of The Powers, also known as The Seraphim; Flaming Ones, specialize in revenge/justice issues and the defeating of one's enemies, the teaching of astrology, the healing arts and divination. They specialize in guarding things and in defense, both here and on the astral. They are of the element of fire." (12)

secret fire (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "Even the Jews judged Him to be near to fifty when He was scarcely thirty years of age, so worn and haggard did He look, that “Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief.” He smiled and He cheered others. He wore a cheerful countenance among the sons of men, that He might not make those who saw Him, sorrowful, and deep down in His heart there glowed a secret fire, a wondrous joy that He was redeeming His own chosen." (13)

Theosophy: "Once the heart has discovered within itself its own secret fire, it can, through various forms of daily meditation and oblation, activate that fire. Whether one calls this the fire of devotion, of tapas, of wisdom or truth, these are only different aspects of that which is ultimately the fire of the Mysteries." (14)

active energy (Freemasonry, witchcraft, Kabbalah, Kundalini,
Theosophy, Voodoo, Rosicrucianism, Santeria, sex magic/tantra, Kundalini/yoga, acupuncture, karate, vibrational medicine, channeling, energy healing, Reiki, chi/qui, yin/yang, etc.)

There is ample evidence that the term, "active energy"in reference to supernatural poweris the power of Satan.

Spurgeon: "God is near each one of us, observing us with exactness, perceiving the secret intents of our hearts. He is near us, feeling for us, and thinking of us. He is near us in active energy, ready to interpose and help us." (15)

Freemasonry: "Every Mason knows that a broken vow brings with it a terrible penalty. Let him also realize that failure to live mentally, spiritually, and morally up to one's highest ideals constitutes the greatest of all broken oaths. When a Mason swears that he will devote his life to the building of his Father's house and then defiles his living temple through the perversion of mental power, emotional force, and active energy, he is breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery." (16)

witchcraft: Wands are usually wood and come from living trees. As such, they preserve some of the dryad spirit of the tree, and this active energy or personality aids the witches own will on the trans-material planes. (16a)


Kundalini/yoga: This dormant energy is called kundalini shakti, and the relatively small amount of active energy is called prana. Yogis of both paths use their active energy to try to awaken their dormant energy. Yogis of both paths have a positive view of the world—they view it as a manifestation of the divine force. (16b)

All-seeing eye Freemasonry, Symbol of Satan (Spurgeon also used the Masonic terms: Eye of God and Eye of Providence)  Also see: Charles Spurgeon's God of the All-Seeing Eye

Spurgeon: "If, then, the all-seeing eye of God takes in at one glance the wide regions of death—and wide they are, wide enough to startle any man who shall try to range them through—if, I say, with one glance God seeth death and seeth hell through, with all its bottomless depths, with all its boundlessness of misery, surely, then, he is quite able to behold all the actions of the little thing called man's heart." (17) 

Freemasonry: "The Blazing Star (Pentagram) has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-Seeing Eye, which to the Egyptian Initiates was the emblem of Osiris, the Creator." (18)

Symbol of Satan: "The Eye of Horus was a powerful protection symbol from Ancient Egypt. It is also known as the Wedjat .The Eye of Horus was a sacred symbol said to protect anything behind it. It is the “All seeing Eye”. It is a symbol of great god power. [Horus is Satan.]" (19)

divine memory (also divine thought, divine decree, divine heart)

Spurgeon: "Thus God has enrolled the names of His people. They are written—where? In the earth? No, the wicked are written in the earth, but the names of the Lord’s people are written in heaven. In the divine decree that never changes, in the divine heart that never alters, in the divine memory that never fails, in the divine thought that never forgets, all the names of the godly are written." (20)

Theosophy: "In essence this memory of Nature must be the Divine Memory, far away beyond human reach ; but it is assuredly reflected into lower planes so that, as far as events on these lower planes are concerned, it is recoverable by the trained intelligence of man!" (21)

All-Seeing One (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "Happy is the man, having seen this same Jesus appointed to be the prophet of His people, delights to sit at His feet and receive of His words, reason, affection, contemplation, and will—finding perfect rest in Him. He, with his eyes open, follows the All-Seeing One and with his mind illuminated, becomes a disciple of the Eternal Light." (22) 

Freemasonry: "To this All-Seeing One he is accountable; to none other must he account. This Spirit passes with. him out of the Lodge and measures the Mason in the world." (23)

as above, so below
(Theosophy, witchcraft)

Spurgeon: "Higher than the heavens is the Most High, and so high ought our praises to rise. Above even the power of cherubim and seraphim to express it, the glory of God is revealed and is to be acknowledged by us. Let thy glory be above all the earth.. As above, so below, let thy praises, O thou great Jehovah, be universally proclaimed. As the air surrounds all nature, so let thy praises gird the earth with a zone of song." (24)

Theosophy: (Helena Blavatsky):"As above, so below"; harmony is the great law of nature. (IUi330) Such are the questions often put to us, and they have to be considered from every aspect. To the first of the two queries the answer is: — We believe it because the first law in nature is uniformity in diversity, and the second — analogy. "As above, so below." (SDii699) "As above so below"; this apparent dualism is quite in keeping with all esoteric systems. — "Daemon est Deus inversus." (25)

What does "Daemon est Deus inversus." mean? "Daemon Est Deus Inversus (Latin) Daemon is divinity inverted; more commonly, the Devil is God inverted. An ancient Hermetic, and later Qabbalistic, aphorism referring to that polar power which is required by the equilibrium and harmony in nature. The One, when manifested, becomes Two, and from the Two are unfolded or evolved all the sequence of manifest existence." (25a)

witchcraft: “As Above So Below, As Within So Without, As The Universe So the Soul” …This Saying  originates from the old Hermetic Axiom,” As above, So below, As below, So above” and is credited to the Thrice Great Hermes Trimegistus, and is a quote from the Emerald Tablets & Kybalion. (25b)

divine order (Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "He seems to mean again, “Charm me with the beauties of holiness; let me so see the example of Your dear Son, that I may be fascinated by it, and compelled to do as He did by the divine order and behest of His example.” (26)

Freemasonry: "Another has said: "Freemasonry is an institution founded on eternal reason and truth, whose deep basis is the civilization of mankind, and whose everlasting glory is supported by those two mighty pillars - Science and Morality." "A beautiful system of morality, veiled to allegory and illustrated by symbols." But, my brethren, is it not something more; is it not, in the true and comprehensive sense of the term, a religious institution, resting upon the Holy Writings and the Divine Order of things?" (27)

communicate energy
(New Age, Occult)

Spurgeon: "There must be actual strength and energy imparted to a swooning soul, and, glory be to God, by His own Holy Spirit, Jesus can and does communicate energy to His people in the time of weakness! He has come that we may have life, and that we may have it more abundantly." (28)

New Age/Occult: "The true Observer is a fair witness without prejudice for or against any culture, religion, race or gender. "Their objective is to see clearly through all events, through space and time by means of the cultivation and use of the intuition." They communicate energy between the plane of intuition "which is the plane of illumination and pure reason" and
'the plane of illusion and glamour, which is the astral plane.' " (29)

awakened energy (Kundalini)

Spurgeon: "I have now given you two meanings for the phrase, to seek the Lord with all our heart—it indicates an undivided objective and the entireness of our faculties in the search. But, thirdly, it signifies, mainly, awakened energy. “When you shall search for Me with all your heart you shall find Me.” It includes the getting out of that dull, sluggish, indifferent spirit which seems so common." (30)

The Power of Kundalini: "Kundalini arises in response both to energetic shifts in the body and to a deep longing of the spirit or consciousness to know Truth or God or simply to end personal suffering. It cannot be forced or passed on by someone else, except in rare cases where the individual is very ripe for awakening. But energy processes, yoga, Qigong, meditation, being with another who has awakened energy, and a sincere desire to open the heart all can play a part in awakening by making us grace-prone (as Adyashanti has labeled the readiness for awakening)" (31)

divine grace
(Kabbalah) Spurgeon and the Kabbalah both teach that divine grace is a force.

Spurgeon: "There are two very powerful forces in the world which have been here ever since the time when Eve partook of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Those two forces are sin and divine grace." (32)

Divine grace is a manifestation of the cosmic free will in operation. It can alter the course of events in a mysterious manner through its own unknown laws, which are superior to all natural laws, and can modify the latter by interaction. It is the most powerful force in the universe… “It is a descent of God into the soul’s zone of awareness. It is a visitation of force unexpected and unpredictable. It is a voice spoken out of cosmic silence – It is ‘Cosmic Will which can perform authentic miracles under its own laws.’” – Paul Brunton [5]" (33)

energy of the Spirit

Spurgeon: "You must live in the spiritual world where all is new. You must converse with God, a thing unknown to you before. You must converse with His Son to whom you have been a stranger. You must feel the power and energy of the Spirit working in you, a matter which you have never known till now or there is no hope for you." (34)

Tarot: "This expansion takes place through the realisation that there is more to life than the outer form. As we explore beyond those physical, emotional and mental aspects in us that we call the personality, we find another energy that is not so easy to define and which seems to move us at a deeper level; this is the Soul. It is by being receptive to its mystery that we can start to connect to the universal collective energy of the Spirit." (35)

Ever-Blessed One (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: Remember, too, that we must give the Lord our love, or else that love will go somewhere else. We are so created that we must love something or other. If the Ever-Blessed One does not win our love, the world, the flesh, or the devil will gain it. (36)

Theosophy: It is declared in that when darkness of ignorance has gone, when the pairs of opposites have been transcended, then in meditation nothing remains save the ever-blessed One alone. (37)

vital essence (Theosophy)

Spurgeon: "What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries unto Me from the ground.” Then Cain knew that blood could not be idly spilt, that murder would be avenged, for there was a tongue in every drop of the vital essence which flowed from murdered manhood, which prevailed with God, so that He would interpose and hold a solemn inquest." (38)

"(3) The Vital Essence -- This is the third element necessary for the composition of the human body. Having endowed it with substance and form, If we would have it a living thing we must add vitality. But life is inherent in all things, and Theosophy recognizes no such thing as dead substance, therefore the reader must understand by this third principle, individual as opposed to universal life, or that which distinguishes organic from inorganic matter. Prana is the name given to it by the Hindus . . . " (39)

eternal ray

Spurgeon: " 'Tis midnight on the mountains' brown, The cold round moon shines deeply down; Blue roll the waters, blue the sky Spreads like an ocean hung on high Bespangled with those isles of light, So wildly, spiritually bright; Who ever gazed upon them shining, And turning to earth without repining, Nor wish'd for wings to flee away, And mix with their eternal ray." (40)

Occult: "All the unhappiness of earth is caused by the fact that that eternal ray which must ultimately be reaccorded with the Creator finds impediments in its development." (41)

ray of light

Spurgeon: "I perceived how near He was while my eyes were looking a long way off for Him, looking up into heaven or into my own soul; but of this I am conscious at this moment, that I never could under any ministry have been enabled to spy out my Lord Jesus, if it had not been that the Holy Spirit cast a ray of light upon Christ, and opened my eyes so that I could perceive Him." (42)

Theosophy: "In Scriabin’s Theosophical retelling, Prometheus does not steal the fire but is given it consciously by Zeus in order to produce “the ray of light” in humans. Thus Prometheus is like Lucifer, the “light bringer” who imparts the mind with the capacity to understand the causes of progress and regression." (43)

Energy of the Holy Spirit (Reiki witchcraft)

Spurgeon: "If even for a human controversy, quiet thought is a fit preparation, how much more is it necessary in solemn pleadings with the Eternal One? Now, let the deep springs be unsealed! Let the solemnities of eternity exercise their power while all is still within us. But how does it happen that such silence renews our strength? It does so, first, by giving space for the strengthening Word to come into the soul and the energy of the Holy Spirit to be really felt." (44)

Teacher of Reiki witchcraft:
"Reiki may reduce the negative side effects of medical interventions, as well as encourage the overall healing process. Reiki, the energy of the Holy Spirit, complements and supports whatever medical procedures are being utilized for the patient’s well-being, not only by balancing the divine healing energy, but also by visibly witnessing to God’s presence in time of crisis and need." (45)


the Eternal Light (Cabala, Gnosticism, Freemasonry)

Spurgeon: "I am perfectly satisfied to see the Eternal Light through his own chosen medium, Christ Jesus. Apart from that medium, the light might blind my eyes. "No man hath seen God at any time." Who can look on the sun? What mind can look on God? But Christ does not hide the Father; he manifests him." (46)

Cabala: "The Cabalists gave a prominent place to light in their system of cosmogony. They taught that, before the creation of the world, all space was filled with what they called Aur en soph, or the Eternal Light, and that when the Divine Mind determined or willed the production of Nature, the Eternal Light withdrew to a central point, leaving around it an empty space, in which the process of creation went on by means of emanations from the central mass of light. It is unnecessary to enter into the Cabalistic account of creation; it is sufficient here to remark that all was done through the mediate influence of the Aur en soph, or eternal light, which produces coarse matter, but one degree above nonentity, only when it becomes so attenuated as to be lost in darkness." (47)

Gnosticism: "The eternal values embodied in the world's religions express the essential requirements for the consciousness to enter into that light and fully realize the purpose of living. In other words, the heart message of every religion seeks to awaken the Consciousness and eliminate suffering, so that the eternal light may be known through our own direct experience." (47a)

Freemasonry: "Later, Christi is called "the Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Christ is therefore a type of the spiritual sun, the light-bearer, the light-bringer, called by St. Paul a priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek. In other words, a priest of the Sun, or of the Solar Mystery, or of the Eternal Light." (47b)

Great Supreme (Masonic)

Spurgeon: "Falsehood is the wickedness—I dare not call it the infirmity—the wickedness of little natures. But as for the Great Supreme, you cannot conceive Him acting in any manner that is otherwise than straightforward, upright, and truthful. He is essentially a God of truth and righteousness. He must be so." (48)

Freemasonry: "Our Father, who dost rule the heaven and the earth, and all that in them is : Thou Great Supreme, who art the Author of every good and every perfect gift : deign to guide us in our endeavor to combat darkness, and to direct the mind and thoughts of this our brother at the threshold, in the solemn approach to the innermost mysteries of thy holy Temple, where we seek for truth, for the full understanding of the divine lessons contained in thy "Word," and the final attainment of the salvation of the soul immortal." (49)

Master of the Universe (Masonic -- Also compass of the universe, empire of the universe)

Spurgeon: "He might have traversed the leagues of the Atlantic, he might have crossed the broad Pacific, if he could but have kept his eye on Christ, and ne’er a billow would have yielded to his tread, but he might have been drowned in a very brook if he began to look at second causes, and to forget the Great Head and Master of the Universe who had bidden him walk the sea. I say, the very reason of Peter's doubt was that he looked at second causes and not at the first cause." (50)

Freemasonry prayer:
"Supreme Grand Master of the  Universe: We would reverently invoke Thy blessing at this time: Wilt Thou be pleased to grant that this meeting, thus begun in order, may be conducted in peace, and closed in harmony. Amen. Response: So mote it be." (51)


Divine Messenger (Occult/New Age term for "Christ")

Spurgeon: "They heard Him declare wonderful truths such as never fell from the lips of anyone but the long-promised Messiah, the Divine Messenger, who was sent of God."(52)

Occult doctrine: "It was necessary for Jesus to personally experience the death of the age of Aries and the age of the birth of Pisces within His own consciousness before he could serve as the divine messenger of the New Age." (53)


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