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 Special Bond Between Mother and Daughter Mocked

A special bond between mother and daughter

Below is the same picture sharpened once and doubled twice in IrfanView:

I am citing the most obvious alterations. My purpose it to help you see that these pictures are definitely altered. I am not attempting to cite every single alteration that has been done.

An 8 has been drawn on Terri's chin! (See: Scientology and the Number 8)

Mrs. Schindler's nostrils are enlarged and blackened. Her left nostril has been drawn so that it is jutting away from her face!

Terri's skin is sticking to the underside of her mother's arm!

Just like the alteration in the picture displayed on the index page of, Mrs. Schindler's mouth has been removed.

A creature that resembles a vampire has been drawn in the hair on the back of Mrs. Schindler's head. Recessed eyes, a nose, mouth and claw-like "hand" are clearly visible.

Below Mrs. Schindler's elbow is the site where a (reddish in color) demon face has been clearly drawn. It looks like three spikes on the top of the demon's head are jutting into her elbow.

Terri's nose has also been grotesquely altered. The bridge of her nose is  straight all the way down (this was done with a black line) and extends to a pig-like "snout" nose with huge nostrils. This is clearly not Terri's nose.

Notice the whitened area around Terri's eye.  Someone is trying to make her look already dead.

Terri's arm has been made to look mottled (a sign of dehydration) by the addition of black and shading.

Terri's hand has been altered to look smaller and more ineffectual than it does in real life. Terri's hand does curl due to the lack of therapy, but it is not that tiny.


modified 4/18/05


Back to's Altered Pictures Manipulate Public Opinion Against Terri and Her Family


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.


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