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Fake Name and Fake Picture

This picture is found on the main page of Below this picture, Terri's altered name, "Terry" appears as well. If you look closely at this small picture, you will be able to notice some of the grotesque alterations without having to look at the larger photo! 

note: As of 03/06/04 the misspelling of Terri's name has been corrected. 

Terri's name was misspelled on for approximately four months— November 2003 to March 2004. You can verify this by visiting and typing in in the search box. Then check the archived pages from November 2003 through March 2004.  Here is an archived page with Terri's name spelled with a "y."


Terry Responds
to her Mother's
Playful Attention

Below is the same picture doubled twice using the free IrfanView software. All pictures posted here are best viewed with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. 

Terri's right eye looks like it has been plucked out, and only a socket remains!

Terri's eyes and left brow have black and blue markings--as though she had been beaten!

Look at Terri's trach scar. A symbol that appears to be a number has been written in purple to the left of her scar.

Whitish green has been added to the bridge of Terri's nose. This looks unnatural and unhealthy, even deathly.

The upper half of Terri's left ear is paper white and blackened in areas. The bottom half is flesh-toned.

There is a large black dot on Terri's largest tooth. Terri has no lips in this hideous altered picture. Yes, she has been made to appear as if she is already in a state of severe dehydration.

To the right of Terri's white upper portion of her ear, is a ghost figure drawn into the background. Two black eyes and a mouth are clearly visible. This ghost  is visible in the small picture as well. 

Terri's thick, lush hair is made to look thin and balding in this doctored photo. See the white color drawn in her bangs to make her look as though she is bald in that area. 

Terri's acne is severe in this picture (she did not look like this on the family's video from which this was taken!) and abruptly stops half-way down her neck.

Terri's lower lip has been erased and the inside of her mouth has been blackened. Her upper teeth are protruding and jagged. Notice the large black dots drawn above her teeth! All of these deliberate alterations serve Scientology's purpose to cause people to think she is already dead.

Terri's left eyebrow stops abruptly and some reddish/purple sores has been added to her eyebrow. A dark line has been drawn in the crease of her eye. Her eyes look black and blue. 

There is a large white dot on the lower corner of Terri's nose.

The right side of Terri's face has been outlined in a black line. The color changes to white and then black again.

Terri's hand looks like it has gangrene or is in the early stages of decomposition. Notice the two connected black dots on her hand.

Mrs. Schindler's mouth has been moved to her chin area and a purple/black splotch is there in the place of her mouth.

Mrs. Schindler's nose has been whitened at the top so that it is  pointed.

Mrs. Schindler's ear looks discolored (black and white lines drawn in) and grossly deformed.

These are the most obvious alterations that can be seen at this degree of enlargement.

Please view the five minute video the Schindler family took of Terri on August 11, 2001. This is the video this picture was taken from and hideously altered.

This doctored photo is even being circulated by the Associated Press!


edited 07/22/04


Damage controllers will tell you that these alterations are pixel distortions. Pixel distortions do not form numerals and letters.


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