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The Power Hour Promotes Scientology Magazine

The Power Hour Promotes Scientology Solution for Child Protection Racket

Like Alex Jones of, The Power Hour is promoting the Church of Scientology, not by a verbal endorsement, but by allowing their spokesmen to recruit for this dangerous New World Order organization by offering Scientology's solution to  major social issues.

Joyce Riley and Dave VonKleist interviewed Thomas Whittle, editor of the Scientology publication, Freedom Magazine, on the May 18th edition of The Power Hour radio broadcast. Whittle presented a legitimate problem (the Child Protection Racket) and an illegitimate solution (Scientology). This interview (which included no warning from the professed Christian hosts about this provably satanic NWO organization) serves the ultimate purpose of all Scientology public relations endeavors: recruitment. 

Thomas Whittle offered The Power Hour listeners two free issues of Freedom Magazine:

Editor of Freedom Magazine THOMAS WHITTLE exposes the entire "Child Protection Racket" as he explains how it is destroying children and parents alike - - - - at the expense of making the Mental Health Industry, psychiatrists, and drug manufactures extremely rich.

FREE for TPH LISTENERS: Freedom Magazine (published by the Church of Scientology International) is offering completely free to anyone who heard today's broadcast by calling their Los Angeles office of 323-960-3500 or email
This Current Issue: "The Child Protection Racket"
AND past issue: "Desert Storm Blows Back with a Fury"

(Quote source:
This Week's Show May 15 - May 19, 2006)

The "Child Protection Racket" is a monstrous problem in the United States but using this deeply emotional issue as a lure to entice listeners to contact the Church of Scientology (a NWO front) for the solution to this problem is unconscionable.


Note: The fact that The Power Hour chose to, at this writing, post some links to my Scientology articles on their website does not legitimize their promotion of the Scientology solution for the Child Protection Racket problem on their radio broadcast and website.

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