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USA/Patriot Act: Precursor to the Tribulation

The United States Must Be Neutralized to Bring in the New World Order

The rest of the world, by and large, has already been groomed to accept the New World Order.  The United States, while being governed by high-level officials who have been pushing for the NWO for decades, is still being held back by the general populace from fully implementing global government. Once the people of the United States consent to the removal of their freedoms (for any reason), there is nothing standing in the way of the satanic one world order regime. 

The residents of the United States, not just citizens, but all residents, must immediately demand that the USA/Patriot Act be overturned. The USA/Patriot Act makes it legal for the government (or their agencies) to detain any person in the United States without due process, to search and seize residents' homes without any warning or court order, and much more. All in the name of anti-terrorism, of course. 

We have a choice. We can submit to the New World Order, which is the government of the beast of Revelation, or we can resist and obtain more time. Yes, eventually they will succeed in bringing in the New World Order, the Bible makes that clear. But we must not sin and hand our country over to them so they can bring in the New Global Order sooner rather than later.

The satanists who are anxiously awaiting the rise of that Wicked one want you to submit to the USA/Patriot Act so the tribulation will begin sooner. They want the right to legally kill Christians, Jews, patriots and anyone else standing in the way of global government and the one world religion of antichrist. If you don't resist, you are submitting to them and submitting to whatever they want to do to you and your families.

The immediate future of the United States of America is in the hands of the people who live here. Congress signed this act into being, and they must overturn it due to the pressure of the grassroots efforts of millions of people. I am sure some in Congress want this overturned. Let us give them the ammunition they need to have this done.

The USA/Patriot Act, a diabolically inspired piece of legislation that was signed into law just prior to the  start of the satanic high holy week (October 26, 2001), has been submitted to by the United States populace for almost one year. Our time is running out. We must act now at the grassroots level to demand that this New-World-Order-enabling legislation be repealed. 

We must work together to accomplish this. We must organize and get the word out about the USA/Patriot Act. So far I don't know of anyone who has worked out some kind of system to actively solicit signatures for the Repeal the USA/Patriot Act petition. While we must fight real terrorism, it is wrong to attempt to accomplish this by taking away the Constitutional rights we have always had as a free nation. I hope you will print out the petition and gather signatures too. We can all work together to get the USA/Patriot Act repealed.

I assure you that the New Worlders at the highest levels of our government are highly organized. They calculated that the USA/Patriot Act, which blatantly overrides the Constitution, would easily slide though Congress in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. They chose the right crisis,  the right time, and the right name for this legislation. Anyone they deem to be a potential terrorist can be legally detained without due process.

To help them find these so-called terrorists who they might claim to be you or me, (see the quote  near the bottom of this article) they came up with the TIPS program (operational this fall) which provides a single phone number in which any person residing in the United States may be turned in as a suspected terrorist. The government is actually recruiting people to volunteer for this fascist program:

Operation TIPS would offer its hotline service to workers involved in the transportation, trucking, shipping, maritime, and mass transit industries. Industry associations and groups in these areas will be invited to receive information about the hotline so their workers can participate in the program if they so choose. Other industry associations involved in the above-mentioned industries could also seek participation by contacting the Department of Justice. See: Operation Tips

The repealing of the USA/Patriot Act is necessary to ensure the safety of the real patriots, the citizens of the United States who value our Constitutional freedoms and who refuse to give them up. The real patriots will eventually die if this Act is not repealed. This is not sensationalism, but fact. 

The FBI, courtesy of the USA/Patriot Act, may incarcerate without due process any person they --not by court order-- deem to be terrorist material. It is on record on the Council on Foreign Relation website that the FBI condemns Christian patriots as being one of America's most serious domestic terrorist threats:

FBI officials say right-wing militants—including skinheads, neo-Nazis, militia members, and the so-called Christian Patriot movement—now pose America’s most serious domestic terrorist threat.

The CFR has made it known how the FBI views Christian patriots. They consider us to be a "serious domestic terrorist threat." According to the USA/Patriot Act, we can be legally taken from our homes and detained without due process. Right now. 

The Council on Foreign Relations is dedicated to influence Americans to see people and events their "New Word Order way."  Is it any wonder the CFR website reports that Christian patriots are "America's most serious domestic terrorist threat" on their website?  This article is a must read: THE ILLUMINATI AND THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS 

"The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life." See: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the New World Order

Yes, and the Council on Foreign Relations is using their influence right now to tell the Americans that Christians are a dangerous terrorist threat.. They are infiltrating the New World Order anti-Christian bias  into American minds. (The Left Behind Series is accomplishing the same thing by making Christians look like terrorists.)

update 9/24/02 

Next step in The Plan: register citizens to track their movements... 

Government Poised to Begin ID Program for Travelers and Transportation Workers 

This is exactly what Communist governments do. They track their citizens' comings and goings. We must not submit to the overthrow of our Constitutional form of government. Write to your congressmen using regular mail. Demand the repeal of the USA/Patriot Act and demand the abandonment of the I.D. program. 

You have the right to insist the Constitution be honored as the law of the land, not something that may be discarded in incremental stages (as it has been for many years) as each new crisis gives the government the "reason" to do so. This ID Program will not prevent terrorism. It is only an excuse to track Americans. Any clever terrorist can obtain false IDs:

"There's really no way to prevent smart terrorists from getting these smart cards if it's opened up to the public," Hudson said. "Identity theft and false IDs are a way of life for almost all smart terrorists and criminals." --Paul Hudson, executive director of the advocacy group Aviation Consumer Action Project

Tracking Citizens Will Make it Simple For the Government to Arrest and Remove "Problem" People (people opposed to their NWO agenda) in Public

Airports come first of course, but later all Americans, using all forms of transportation, will be required to show an ID card. How easy it will be for government officials to remove "problem" people (such as Christians and those in the patriot movement) from airports, train stations, and bus stations. Arrests of "problem people" would be simple to carry out and would go unopposed by others who would feel so much safer to see so many potential terrorists disappearing-- there whereabouts possibly unknown.  

Please do not misunderstand. They are likely to detain people connected with terrorism. But that does not make it right for them to arrest and detain Christians and patriots, who they have falsely labeled as serious terrorist threats. The FBI has already lumped Christian patriots together with neo-Nazis and said they "now pose America’s most serious domestic terrorist threat." Arrests are coming for Christians. They have made that clear.

Courtesy of the USA/Patriot Act, due process would no longer hinder them from quickly ridding the country of many so-called "dangerous" people. Bystanders would assume those taken away were somehow connected with terrorism and be relieved the United States is becoming a much safer place to live: as long as you believe and do what you are told. 

Please sign the petition to the U.S. Congress for the immediate and total repeal of the USA/Patriot Act

Signing the petition does not mean that you necessarily agree with the political beliefs of CORA (Committee of Radical Attorneys.)  We disagree with most of their political views. It is simply a way to decisively cast your "vote" for the repeal of the blatantly unconstitutional USA/Patriot Act.

You may copy this article and email it to people and post it on forums. Please work with me to hold back the New World Order. It can be done, and it must be done. God is giving us more time before the tribulation begins if we will do what is necessary to receive this gift of time from Him.  

Jerry Giese, of Tribulation Central, explains Homeland Security:

To fill you in about Homeland security. Part of it's plan is to move 22
agencies under FEMA. Fema Will be renamed Homeland Security. Homeland Security is supposedly aimed toward fighting terrorism.

I am providing some links and excerpts from other articles.

And from another Article:

Bush's new Department of Homeland Defense: the scaffolding of a police state

The consolidation of agencies such as the Coast Guard, the Immigration and
Naturalization Service, the Transportation Security Agency and others-22 in
all, from five separate government departments-represents an unprecedented
concentration of police powers at the federal level. The new cabinet level
department would become overnight the third largest in the federal
government, in terms of manpower, with 170,000 workers, behind only the
Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
As outlined by Bush, it would carry out four main functions: border and
transportation security, emergency and disaster preparedness, the
development of countermeasures for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare,
and the centralized storage and analysis of information on potential
threats, to be supplied by the FBI, CIA, NASA and other government spy

Here are some Links that will provide additional Information:

Homeland Insecurity by Jeff Elkins

Homeland Security Bill Raises Constitutional Concerns
By Jeff Johnson\Politics\archive\200207\POL200

Bush's new Department of Homeland Defense: the scaffolding of a police state

So far, Homeland security has been passed by Congress. It still needs to be
approved by the Senate. They are trying to come up with their own version. We need to be in prayer, to say the least. Jesus wasn't just making up "brother against brother." We see many in the Christian Right who are leading masses into the great apostasy. 

As far as comparing Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, I can't really
tell, but they're both under the guise of fighting terror while they are
carrying us further into a police state. Under Homeland Security, even the
State and local police come under the control of the Federal Government.
As far as a cabinet  level position, I think it involves appointing a
secretary of Homeland Security  as part of the Presidential cabinet.


For your further investigation:

Uniting and Strengthening America Act - text of the bill (USA/Patriot Act) presented in October 2001 to the United States Senate

The USA PATRIOT Act: What's So Patriotic About Trampling on the Bill of Rights?

USA Patriot Act Needs Dismantling  

In the Senate, only one member opposed the grotesquely misnamed "USA Patriot Act": Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold. At the time, Feingold described the legislation as a "truly breathtaking expansion of police power." Almost a year later, he says, "I would cast the same vote today, but even more confidently, as we see how law enforcement is beginning to use the new powers in the bill and how the Department of Justice has proceeded on a variety of fronts not directly addressed in the bill."


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