The image above is placed here to document the "point within a circle" masonic symbolism on Zeph Daniel's former website,

Notice the "S" in the word "Reports." This letter has been fashioned to look very much like an upright infinity sign. The infinity sign is a satanic symbol:

Another Satanic symbol is the lazy eight or the infinity sign. The Seeker's Handbook states that this sign is the "Western counterpart to the YIN/YANG." [Emphasis in the original]. Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated page 254, by Dr. Cathy Burns.

According to, Los Angeles, California is "home to the largest concentration of Scientologists in any city in the world." It is interesting that Zeph Daniel, who used to live in Los Angeles, has chosen to use a symbol that is associated with Scientology. Some of Zephs's doctrines parallel Scientology concepts. 

The image below has been placed here for the purpose of documenting the fact that Zeph Daniel used the uruz/Aurochs rune as a font for his Channel Z page on his former website,



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