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Compare this page with the one presently on amazon.com. I saved the "Editorial Reviews," "About the Author" and "Book Description" sections of this webpage in July, 2004 in case the part about the beer brewing was removed. It was. Amazon.com removed the "About the Author" section after I began writing articles in August about the satanic markings on Zeph Daniel's website and teachings. 

Zeph's decision to use satanic markings on his former and present websites (and in his teachings!) makes Christians highly accountable to God. There is no longer any excuse for sin. The Lord Jesus said:

If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin. 1 Jn. 15:22

Abstaining from the appearance of evil includes abstaining from the teachings of those who bring forth corrupt fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Matt. 7:18

Editorial Reviews
From the Publisher
Comments from Zeph E. Daniel, author of Lamb: I wrote Lamb because I couldn't find any literature showing the connection between the spiritual battle for men's souls and our world institutional system, which has incorporated satanism as a kind of sacred order. I found books on government conspiracies, Illuminati rituals, Freemasonry, and all the rest, and was told that they had influence over governments, intelligence agencies and military, but I did not see where the rubber meets the road. I did not see how Johnny advanced up the corporate ladder, or why others had failed. Conclusion: you have to do the wrong thing to get the right result, and the ends justify the means. I wanted to get to the root of satanic corruption.

I suppose we had all suspected as much, but in the world there is a kind of mass denial that goes something like this: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If we all shut up, maybe we'll all get to realize our dreams.

I saw so many fall into drugs, suicide and mental illness when their dreams failed to come true, when the end justified their victimhood. I figured out that you almost have to be born into privilege to really reap the rewards of the social order, and if you're an outsider, then you had better be good at dirty deeds.

The spiritual battle, or Satanic world, is kind of like the mafia--once you get in, you never get out.

Jesus Christ laughs at this, and as a minister of the Lord, I have pulled out of the fire many folks--all they need to do is give the Lord's offer an honest try--He does the rest! And He delivers all who confess to Him and lay their lives down for Him out of one fire, and into His All-Consuming-Fire--the fire of Redemption, Love, Honesty, Integrity, Christlikeness, Power, Glory, Majesty. You can't beat it.

But I was also dismayed at how many people who profess to be Christians are really satanists, enslaved to the world system, and spouting empty prayers to Jesus in churches worldwide. Some of the largest Evangelical churches actually indoctrinate the youth into satanism to ensure they fit well into society, thus insuring money into those coffers. That's evil. And yes, these churches are strongholds for Luciferian organizations like Freemasons or other orders that worship dirt.

The Lord gave me the gift of prophecy--that is our ministry on the web--and contained in LAMB are prophecies yet to come due. Because every other prophecy He's given me has been accurate, I believe this novel will in the end be non-fiction, which is a scary thing.

When I first wrote it friends of mine looked at me and the project in a mocking way--now they can't wait to get their hands on it.

Actually, I believe it's almost late in coming out. A year ago this novel would not be accepted. But a novel that contains prophecy of the chastisement which is imminent--big demand.

I also believe that this novel is a warning: It will shake a lot of people out of their delusions about the world and cause them to return to their first love, Jesus Christ.

This novel is also a warning to the Powers That Be, that the Lord is not mocked. What you sow, so shall you reap.

It is a novel of hope for the lambs out there, who don't think they have a chance. It actually shows them what they have to do to be right with the Lord, and reveals the mystery of Angels.

In fact, I was surrounded by Angels when I wrote this story--and one in particular, who bring on devastation to the world. The Holy Spirit gave me the words to this book, and I was amazed to see what was written. LAMB is a book written from another dimension to readers out there, a life raft, a rescue mission...

Truly, this is it--we have prophesied on our website about the economic slide, wars and the mini-chastisement called the Mean Season (May thru September)--and it is shaping up to be just what was prophesied.

Next we will have earth changes. And this book shows exactly how this will happen in the city of Angels, Los Angeles.

If I didn't have the Lord right now during this chaotic time I'd lose it, and I think any sane person would. Even if you are given over to the evil of the world, you're probably pretty nervous--because the system you relied on is about to implode.

Truly, we are at the brink of the End. And this book, an Angel said to me, is Code for the chastisement, and shows the world why the Lord will tolerate man's ways no more.

I pray, Lord have mercy upon us all. And always forgive your fellow man--for they know not what they do. They do not know, many of them, that they are doing evil. They need prayer--and none of us should hold a grudge who is truly in Christ. We have been forgiven a multitude of sins--which we did not have to pay for. We must forgive them, or risk being blamed for the sins we are exposing. If you don't do this with love in your heart, if you hate your fellow man, then you are no better than the worst.

About the Author
Zeph E. Daniel lives in Santa Fe with his beloved wife, and three cats. Between brewing beer and his ministry, he writes novels.

Book Description
Who is Lamb? Man or angel? Self-destructing rock star or messenger of The Lord? Subject of mind control or catalyst of the end times? Fall guy or sword of God?

What is Lamb? More than fiction, it is code. Hope, prophecy, warning, journey through the end times—it is all this and more. Lamb is the word of God clothed in unforgettable story. The Powers That Be will try to silence Lamb…and they will fail. Lamb is the harbinger of God. Hear him, and his message will ignite your soul.



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