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Bill Schnoebelen's "With One Accord Logo": RUNE

William (Bill) Schnoebelen, an author and speaker who "spent sixteen years as a teacher of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick" (1) incorporated at least one rune into his One Accord" logo.

Mr. Schnoebelen's  "With One Accord" website has been recently redesigned but you need to be aware that the strange logo he used to uniquely identify his ministry for at least nine years contains at least one rune.

Below is the logo that was on William Schnoebelen's website from 1999 through at least early 2008. (2) Note the gothic-looking symbols that stand in for W, O, and A which are the beginning letters of the name of his ministry, "With One Accord."



While doing research about runes and other occult markings on Michael Pearl's No Greater Joy's publications, I was required to identify some runes. While looking at the Barddas runes I recalled the angular symbol that serves as an "O" in William Schnoebelen's former "With One Accord logo." The symbol that is serving as an "O" in William Schnoebelen's logo is a Barddas rune.

Compare the diamond-shaped symbol in the "With One Accord" logo with the third Barddas rune on the third row below:

I am currently unable to identify the symbols that are used in place of the "W" and the "A" in the With One Accord logo.



(2) See:*/


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